So I made a small collection of tanks that I believe could fit very well in cold war mode

One of the most iconic aspects about World War II is how it brought on a world where people were living in shadow of each other. This era was filled with tension and mistrust, but also hope for humanity’s future. With this chaos came inventions that would shape the world we know today – tanks being one such invention. While not many people still play these games, there are those who did so before WWII began and continue to do so after more than 70 years have passed since then

The “tanks in cold war cod” is a game that I made for people who enjoy tanks. The game consists of three levels, and each level has a certain amount of players. In the first level, there are two teams with five players on each team. There are four tanks per team, which means you will have 16 total tanks in the game. In the second level, there are two teams with 10 players on each team. There are six tanks per team, which means you will have 24 total tanks in the game. And finally, in the third level, there is one team with 20 players on it. This means you will have 40 total tanks in the game.

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The M1 Tank Test Bed may be found here (TTB). It has a novel remote control turret with autoloader, as well as a separate and armored crew capsule, similar to the T-14 “Armata.”

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M48 Super.

The Super M48 was a private venture offered by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann in the 1990s as a potential upgrade for the M48 Patton that was in service with a number of countries. The old engine was replaced with a much more powerful MTU MB 837 Ea-500 V12 diesel engine, and the gun was replaced with a licensed L7A3 105 mm gun. There were five demonstration cars built. With the end of the Cold War, there were no buyers.

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The 7th Tank Technical Officers (T.T.O.) Mechanical and Gunnery AFV design exercise undertaken at the British Royal Armoured Corps (R.A.C.) School of Tank Technology (S.T.T.) in 1956 resulted in a strongly armored British missile tank destroyer. It was designed to operate on the front lines, have adequate protection to resist conventional gunfire from opposing tanks, and preferably utilize the chassis of an existing vehicle as a base. It was hoped to develop a missile capable of destroying the largest Soviet vehicles then in service or expected to join service.

(Concept Test Rig) Jagdchieftain (CTR)

It was a cooperative effort between the United Kingdom and the Bundeswehr in 1972. (West German Army). Tank designers in Germany had been experimenting with twin 120 mm guns mounted on the Panzer VT1-1 and VT1-2 Leopard 2 chassis SPGs. The Casement Test Rig (CTR) had a single semi-fixed gun. On a Chieftain tank chassis, the cannon was mounted in a casement hull superstructure. In order to save weight, a lot of aluminum was utilized.

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282K Object

In 1959, the Kirov factory OKTB designed an T-10 based vehicle indexed 282K Object. The vehicle was equipped with two TRS-132 launchers (20 missiles each), one per side. The rear housed a 152 mm PURS-2 missile launcher with 9 missiles. The fire control system was taken entirely from the Object 282T. Due to poor results with the Object 282T, the 282K Object remained on paper.

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The Hunter a us tank destroyer from 1955

The Pursuer

A highly armored American destroyer from 1955, featuring two rocket-boosted spin stabilized 106 mm guns in a single man low profile turret.

pages. 176-7 in Hunnicutt’s ‘Firepower.’

The Pursuer, with its highly sloped configura- tion and low silhouette provided exceptionally good protection and silicaceous cored armor was utilized in the front of both the hull and the turret. This type of armor was cast around a fused silica core and it was particularly effective against shaped charge rounds, concept had many innovative features, long range development interest at that time was concentrated on armored vehicles which could be transported by air, such as the Rex tank and other vehicles studied under the ASTRON project. As a result no further work was authorized on The Pursuer

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775th Object

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant created an exceptionally low-profile missile truck in 1964, with a 125mm launcher capable of shooting “Rubin” guided anti-tank missiles and “Bur” surface-to-air missiles. The “Rubin” anti-tank missiles had a range of 4 km and could penetrate 250 mm of armor at 60 degrees.

For a variety of reasons, the prototype tank was not accepted. The crew had limited visibility across the battlefield due to the design’s overall complexity and the missile guidance system’s low dependability.

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For the game World of Tanks, write “So I developed a little collection of tanks that I feel may suit quite well in cold war mode.”

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