So You Think You’re A Gladiator – A Simple Arena Guide For New Players

It takes a lot of skill and practice, but it’s not hard to get started with arena fighting in Runescape. While the game’s free-to-play status makes it easy to get started, the learning curve can be steep for those who are unfamiliar with the keys to success in the game’s gladiatorial combat. With a little practice, though, you’ll soon be equipping your best gear and getting ready to fight in the arena.

A gladiator is a combatant who battles in the arena. Although the word gladiator has become a catch-all term for all kinds of fighters, including the sword-wielding warriors of Roman times, the word more accurately applies to those who fought in the games held in the Roman Coliseum. (If you’re in this latter category, you’re probably a bit busy right now. You may want to come back later.)

Before you read this wall of text, I want to clarify a few points to avoid confusion or assumptions:

  1. I’m not a fan of World of Warcraft, which means I don’t know every nook and cranny of the game. I have been through three expansions (Cata, BFA, SL), so my knowledge is limited. If anyone has anything to say about this, please do so in the comments.
  2. These are basic tips for surviving in endgame arenas. I say survive because the endgame meta for this expansion revolves around BURST DAMAGE, meaning battles can last from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. In older expansions, like Mists of Pandaria, the meta in arenas revolved around which healer would run out of mana first. If anyone used to watch the WoW Arena Championship, you know what I mean. This has led to a decline in the popularity of the arena, as well as other factors that I won’t go into here. After Shadowlands brought honor/conquest merchants back into the game and changed classes to better serve the burst damage meta, the popularity of PvP, including arenas, increased. RBGs give inexperienced players a buffer when it comes to little things like using spells, tracking skills, etc. Arenas, on the other hand, do NOT. In this post, we will look at this issue in a simplified way.
  3. There is no need to hate, scold or accuse anyone in the comments for sharing something. This is a useful post that everyone can participate in. It’s not for YOU or ME, it’s for NEW players or players who don’t have much PVP experience. I’m not doing this out of spite for bad games. I only do this to help others, and your only reason for commenting should be EXACTLY the same. If you see incorrect information being posted in this thread, please calm down and let us know what is correct and what is incorrect. NEGATIVE OR INFLAMMATORY POSTS WILL RESULT IN THIS THREAD BEING CLOSED.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’ll give some advice to beginners on how to survive in arenas. With the influx of new players and the return of players thanks to SL’s PvP, many people are struggling to succeed in ranked arenas. This new meta allows NO minor glitches, as the fights happen in the blink of an eye. If anyone has played SL Arena before the convoc nerf and before the rogue nerf, you know what I mean. Yes, damage is very important in this meta, but it’s also important to anticipate damage and manage any useful spells. For now, I will fix the minor issues and come back to this post if anything needs to be added.

The first five things I cover at this point are DISPELLS, opponent BUFFS, DEBAFFS, BUFFS that stack PRIORITY, and ADONES.

EKEL – Each class in the game (some are trait-dependent) has a disgust skill that removes certain effects that strengthen enemies or handicap allies. It is extremely IMPORTANT to find a way to implement the scattering capability in the rotation or to place it on an easily accessible key ring, such as B. on a wrench or spanner. Look, I understand. IcyVeins of Wowhead told you that a Fire Mage or Weapon Warrior is the best DPS in the game, and you just got a 200 gear. You want to see big numbers and get excited, but how do you get excited when your opponent isn’t taking damage, mitigating damage or healing? That’s why dissipation is so important. You can find online skill usage guides specific to your class and specialization, two reliable examples are IcyVeins and Wowhead. I realize that all this research can be tedious. But welcome to the world of MMORPGs, where knowledge is as important as skill. The more you know about the game and how the classes work, the easier it is to anticipate and deal with events. Just ask your friendly neighbor, the disciplining pastor. They literally have to know the game down to the smallest detail to be good at what they do.

DEBAFFS are negative effects that your opponent imposes on you, such as. B. Unstable Condition or Shadow Talk : The pain. There are different forms: Magic, poison, curse and disease. DPS usually have an exile skill that only targets ONE or TWO of these types of magic, while most, if not all, healers can exile ALL of one or more allies’ magic, depending on the spell used.

ENEMY BUFFS are abilities that give enemies a buff that makes them harder to kill, such as B. Thorns from a druid or elemental breath from a shaman. Each class has a way of improving themselves in some way, and in the heat of battle a paladin can maximize the use of the divine shield or a druid can use regenerators and wilds, which can turn an acceptable situation into an outright catastrophe.

If you’re new to the game and playing it without addons, you’re missing almost half of the information the game is trying to give you, including information about when spread buffs are applied to enemies. Have you ever fought a druid as a melee character and wondered why your health runs out if the druid doesn’t attack you? It has to do with Thorne, and Thorne gets expelled from school. But don’t worry, I’ll leave links below to the addons I think will be useful to new players, and how to install them.

Prioritizing the use of buffs is something many people don’t talk about, but it’s a very simple concept to understand that can change the course of a fight from acceptable to unwinnable in many situations. This is how it works. If multiple buffs have been applied to an enemy target and your dispel can only hit one or two at a time, it hits the buffs with the longest remaining duration. You cannot EXCLUDE and choose which buffs to remove, as there is an order in which the game decides which buffs are removed by your opponent. Here’s an example:

You fight a druid, and three buffs are applied to the druid: Spines – 5 seconds remaining / Regrowth – 6 seconds remaining / Feral growth – 7 seconds remaining. As a shaman, your dispel skill is called Purge, which removes two useful magic effects from your opponent. Thorns is a buff that MUST be dispelled, so you try to dispel it, but it’s still on your opponent, so you have to use Purge twice. Why? This is because the spines have the least amount of time left, and the game assumes you want to resolve the buffs that have the most time left. To follow this rule, the game dispels Wild Growth and Vegetation and leaves Thorn with the opponent, as the game considers this the least important buff. That’s why in arenas, whether it’s 2v2 or 3v3, it’s important to have a healer with you, because healers can nullify most, if not all, of your opponent’s buffs. For example, the 2 seconds you save by not having to delete twice can be used for more practical purposes. B. for rotation control. This may not seem like a big deal, but remember that this is a BURST DAMAGE META: EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

I know that’s a lot, especially if you’re new to MMORPGs and haven’t yet realized how difficult these games can be. I had trouble learning too, just like everyone else here when they started playing MMORPGs. Please, for the love of God, take the time to learn the ins and outs of the PvP scene. You’ll be knocked out in an instant, and the last thing we want is to intimidate new players into not trying this game. Blizzard knows how disturbing this information can be and therefore allows the use of addons, external utilities that reveal information normally only available in the base game. For example:

DBM, or Deadly Boss Mods, is an addon that informs players of the upcoming arrival of certain raid or dungeon boss mechanics in the game. In raids and Mythic+, knowing when something bad is going to happen and anticipating it literally makes the party stronger or more powerful, but in Heroic/Mythic Nathria Castle, a small DPS mistake can destroy an entire party and force a reset.

At the same time, people don’t want to watch an entire video or analyze how boss fights work on a forum. Many people don’t even read the guides that explain how the boss works and everyone’s role in fighting it. That’s what the DBM is for. It won’t tell you everything word for word, but it will tell you everything you need to know, for example. B. DELETE FIRE or FLIGHT FOR BOSS or STRIKE FOR BOSS. This addon is so important in PvE content that most raid and/or Mythic+ groups won’t take you if you don’t have DBM installed. Yeah, it’s that bad. And they can see who has a DBM and who doesn’t. Trust me, if you’re the only one in the fire, it’s a good sign.

Anyway, I’m now going to focus on PvP addons that visualize everything I’ve been talking about in this thread to make your life easier as a PvP beginner. I’m also going to add a cosmetic addon for PvP to determine what target you’re aiming for, because in the heat of battle you want to have all that information in front of you. Trust me. If you have to look all over the screen in the middle of a fight, you’re going to mess up because your attention will be drawn to the wrong place: the fight that’s going on.


sUI – is a versatile wizard that enhances and simplifies your user interface, making it very thin/smooth and providing useful information, such as. B. Health bars with colors representing the person’s level, etc. It also lets you know if a nearby hiker has gone into stealth mode or if a hunter has gone into camouflage mode, which is vital information for firearms hunters or demon hunters with spectral vision.

Ability Team Tracker – is an addon that allows you to track the great abilities of allies, such as B. Shaman’s Rise or Paladin’s Wrath of Retribution. This is a MUST in 2v2 or 3v3 games because it allows for non-verbal communication between players. If your paladin ally isn’t around but is using Wrath or Vengeance, this addon will let you know, and help you combine high damage skills or bypass them for better consistency over time.

RSA – – Have you ever been in a group and seen someone say something like ABC123 interrupted +? That’s what this addon is for. This is just useful for non-verbal communication, as it allows you to know WHO played the interruption, to WHOM it was played, and HOW the skill was interrupted. It has minor uses, but it’s the feature that makes RSA a must-have for PvP addons.

weizpvp – – This is NOT a required addon, but it is very useful if you have trouble seeing fine details on screen. This gives you an exclusive PvP feature that creates a Call of Duty-like crosshair that you aim for in arenas or RBGs. This is especially useful in battles to capture the flag, such as Warsong Gulch. Once you’ve targeted the EFC, this addon allows you to see the EFC regardless of location. But, don’t get me wrong. Allows you to NOT see enemies when you are invisible. It’s easier to know who your target is and where your enemies are.


To install these addons after downloading, go to File Manager and follow this exact folder after extracting and copying the : CAUTION: THIS REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED WOW DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPUTER.

My computer -> Windows (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> World of Warcraft -> Interface -> Addons

When you get to the addons folder, paste in all UNZIPPED files that you have and restart the WoW client. Once you log back in, ALL ADONS in the folder will automatically be activated and run as you wish. If you want to see which addons are active in the game at any given time, press the ESC key and navigate to Addons. All addons that are marked are active. Any addons not marked are inactive.

I really hope I can help someone with this wall of text I’ve given lmao. I’ve been where you are. There are so many of these games. And they take a lot from one person. It sounds like a lot, but I promise you that if you put these things in your head, they will come to you naturally over time. And everything I mentioned here separates the good players from the best.

I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures in Azeroth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get gladiator in wow?

Contrary to popular belief, achieving the rank of gladiator in World of Warcraft is not a matter of grinding away until you hit the level cap. You can no longer go into the arena and have a good chance of getting it, as Gladiator requires 3600 honor points and being Rank 11 in PvP. To get the points you need to get Gladiator, you have to participate in PvP, and you’ll need to have a certain amount of points to get Gladiator. If you have been wishing to get into Shadowlands in Warlords of Draenor without having to run the whole flag-and-epic-objective-kill-things-in-a-bunch-of-different-ways-to-earn-prestige-until-you’re-gladiator grind, then you may have been hoping for a change in the next expansion, Legion. It turns out your wish may have come true!

How do you get gladiator in Shadowlands?

The gladiator achievement is one of the most popular and coveted in Shadowlands, the new arena-based WoW battleground. Achieving gladiator status can be a challenge, but we’ve got some tips to help you make it to the top. Gladiator in Shadows lands is not easy to get, but with some practice and effort you can achieve it. To start off with, there are three different kinds of gladiator: the melee, the ranged, and the healer. Each one has different tactics and skills needed to make it to the top. The melee gladiator is the most common type of gladiator, but for a reason, because this is the most versatile one. The ranged gladiator is a marksman with a long range, and he is great with long-range attacks and escaping.

How do you make an Arena team in Shadowlands?

Adapting to the Arena style is one of the biggest challenges for new Shadowlands players. In Arena, teams can be as small as three players, so not only do you have to play well, but you also have to communicate well with your team. Here are some tips for playing in the Arena: While you can queue up for Shadowlands as a one-player team, it is generally a lot more fun to join a group of friends and battle it out against other people. The problem that you might face, though, is that your friends might not be interested in playing with you, and you don’t know how to recruit others to play with you. The bad news is that there is no easy fix to this problem. There is no single location where you can go to play Shadowlands, so if you want to play it you need to convince your friends to join you.

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