Soulfire is a byproduct of Forced Evolution through Nuclear Transmutation and Decay [Theory]

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It’s the Hive, that would definitely be weird. But at the heart of their magic is only science
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. –
Ana Bray

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, and I’ve been thinking about the science of beehive magic since Stasis was discovered to be an underclass of Darkness. Some time ago I read an article titled The Soul of the Hive, a product of sword logic and necromancy as a means of feeding the worm god. This post is about my understanding of Soulfire as essentially a byproduct of beehive magic, in the same way that perfect crystals are a byproduct of stasis.

What we can conclude is that the hive is unable to control the darkness by conventional means, but has established an ongoing symbiotic relationship with Worm. This worm essentially gives the hive biological immortality and the ability to possess paracausal abilities, but at a price. They have to kill constantly to feed their worm.

If they don’t kill enough to satisfy their worm, the worm literally feeds on the soul of its host. The worm tracks in the Dreadnaut are proof of that, where dead slaves have their chests opened to reveal the bright green tracks of the worms that ate their hosts.

To complicate matters, the hive has an elaborate tithing system, whereby this tangible product of murder becomes a kind of tax that must be put back into the chain.

You, Thrall, each of you will scratch, scream and kill everything you can. You need to kill enough to feed the worm, and a little more to make it grow. Give the rest to the sidekick you command. You, the community, carry out your trials in battle. Take enough kill to feed your worm, and a little more to grow, and take the tenths you direct. Then give the rest of your tithe to the knight or wizard you command. This is how you pay your respects. You, knights and wizards, lead your followers into battle. Take enough destruction to feed your worm, and a little more to grow, and the tithes of your followers.

Then take another serving, as much as you dare, and use it to your advantage. But if it’s too much, your colleagues will kill you and take you away. Then give the rest of your tithe to the Ascended One you serve. The Ascendant will be that of the Beehive who collects enough tribute to enter the World of the Dead. They will pay tithes to those above them. And so the tribute will flow down, up, so that Savathun, Sivu Arat and I will be fed by the great river of tribute, and we will use this surplus to feed our gods and study the depths. This is how all worms will feed – as long as we continue our crusade.

The important thing to remember is that material substance is transferred throughout the chain. The hive feeds its worms with the light from its victims. As Sawathun said, we must drink the worm poisons so that we can feed on death and also on ourselves. This is how we should understand the fire of the soul – it is the tangible product of murder. Worms feed on death. But more than that, it’s a tangible byproduct of the logic of the sword.


Be a sword: clan, hungry, cyclic, ontological –

We actually have a good description of how Sword Logic works in the dark:

Let me give you a present. Let me tell you about the power of sword logic:

The Shredder or Boomer is a powerful weapon, but it kills acyclically. See? It sends damage and takes nothing back. The bolt’s not going anywhere. But the sword is like a bridge, a crossroads. The sword binds the wearer to his victim. It connects life with death. And when the braid is done, the sword remembers. As Boomer’s fire turned into Axion and Neutrino Dispersion, the sword continued, hungrier and sharper.

So unlike the usual weapon of the hive, the Ascending Sword works cyclically and ontologically. He sends damage and takes something back. It binds the wearer to the victim and a transfer of life force takes place. The Hive essentially extracts light from its victims, and that becomes a source of energy.

Ir Anuk drew a sword-shaped star from the sky. Together, the wizards accused him of having a murderous power and created an Annihilator Totem with which they broke Vex.

This notion of energy comes later, but essentially the light of the souls of those killed by the logic of the sword is the deadly power of Ir Anuk, and it is only by sacrificing our own paracusal light that we can prevent the discharge of totems.


Light dwells in all places, in all things.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone in the Destiny universe carries light in the form of a soul. Even those who are not being watched. As Dredgen Yor said before she shot her Thorn victim, you have no light other than the spark of your pathetic life. But the spark is something.

As I mentioned in my article, light is not a fundamental force, the soul or life force in Destiny is essentially based on light and has its own life cycle. It can be seen as the body (cellular bond), the mind (power or animated force) and the soul or immortal essence of a person that remains in nothingness after death.

For those who have read my post on stasis, you will understand that stasis acts as a kind of reverse sunlight, both affecting the bosonic fields of matter. Bosons are force particles that carry amounts of energy in the form of light and heat. Thus we can understand that both systems thermodynamically manipulate the sun, increasing entropy, and decreasing entropy.

A spark can give life… Or to go. – Bow

I also explained that the energy of the arc is a fermionic field whose quanta are fermions (electrons, quarks, neutrinos). The energy of the arc excites fermions, e.g. electrons, such that the energy exceeds the binding energy of the atom and the atom or molecule is thus ionized. As I said, it is the basis of electricity and also the process that binds molecules in the chemical process and thus plays an important role in the formation of complex matter such as cells, DNA and the building blocks of life.

When we use the energy of the arc, we go to the limit: We charge our souls with the energy of the arc until the electrons sing, then we send this chaos through the arc to our enemies. Although the bow has tremendous destructive power, it is also considered a life force.

So I started thinking: If the arc acts as the force of life, binding matter together and enabling the basis of chemistry to produce complex substances such as cells and DNA – then surely there must also be an equal but opposite force of darkness that has the power to deconstruct the bonds of matter and tends towards simplicity rather than complexity.


The hive had imposed evolutionary rituals. And what we found indicated transformation through corruption, degradation and rebirth – the weapon of sorrow was real. –
IX : Soft toy

As many have said, the magic of the hive seems to work this way. It is said that the magic of the hive corrupts the victims and causes decomposition. Noqris kept the remains of Hola for so long that he had

ate the grooves in the bone tissue in his arm. Hive corruption in the Xol cave even began to change the physical properties of the rock as hive corruption spread.

Last season, Rathborne started to exhaust Savek after making contact with Kryptolith.

She tore her eyes from the obelisk and examined her body in the thin morning light. His dry skin is flaky. The connective tissue was shrinking at his joints and a painful scab had formed around his lower jaw. She was exhausted from lack of sleep and ether. His hunger was a void that slowly filled with green mist.

Savek even started whispering
Unmaking of 7. Woe to the disciples of Dredgen Yor found in his possession. This book essentially describes the denudation of the self to separate the formless part of the soul or consciousness from the body. A slow and painful process.

Sunless and deadly batteries

At this point, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between how beehive magic works and some real-world technologies. It was clear that some kind of energy transfer was taking place, some kind of reverse arc that was draining the light from the victims instead of charging them. The same phenomenon can be observed in an electrochemical battery cell.

Electrochemical cell

A conventional battery contains two electrodes of different metals (zinc and copper) immersed in an electrolyte (usually sulfuric acid). The anode
is the electrode whose oxidation robs the metal of electrons, and the cathode

is the electrode that accepts electrons.

The electrolyte is the catalyst for the electrochemical reaction and the anode is subject to galvanic corrosion – the core fire is a by-product of forced evolution by nuclear transfer and decay [theory].

galvanic corrosion. When the electrons are removed from the sacrificial metal, they are absorbed by the cathode and an electric current begins to flow.

Sacrifices must be made to gain power –

Necrotic contraction

Proof of this could come from the encounter with the Sunless Cells, where we follow the Alak-Hula energy marker from the forts to the Hanging Crypts. Eris says I feel a powerful spell. The runes in the hive keep the back door closed. And then Ghost says that according to my scans, the runes draw power from those towers. If you take me there, I can break it down and open the door. The spell is weakening. Let’s go to the other battery!

Once we reach the crypt that houses Alak-Hal, Eris says that the sunless cell

Prison is a misnomer. He holds his victims, tortures them and then turns them into chitin for his ships. While the bond may have weakened, the question remains: were the prisoners in the Hanging Crips slowly stripped of their life force for the power of Dreadnaught until only chitin remained?

In any case, the connection between the magic of the Hive and the operation of the battery was clear. But even though the hive’s victims were the anodes of a swirling, slowly dissolving, luminous killing battery, it was also clear that the hive’s victims were not immersed in vats of sulfuric acid. It was clear that some other factor had caused his decline.

Concentrated conversion catalyst that reacts to both light and dark. Wormhole –


This is where it gets really interesting. In essence, we can understand the magic of the Hive as transmutation through corruption, degradation and rebirth. Transference was the key word that would eventually reveal the truth about the magic of the hive and the fire of the soul. The worm tracks were undoubtedly essential to this black magic and would serve as a catalyst.

We can start by seeing the life cycle of beehive magic.

  • Rituals, signs and spells are used to summon the dark forces.
  • The victims of this hive magic are either slowly corrupted or die quickly.
  • Death by hive magic is accompanied by green flames.
  • It extracts a tangible energy source that can later be synthesized to feed the worm, produce weapons, or serve as fuel for its own growth.

It was also clear that this force was working in the opposite direction of the arc. Instead of putting energy into the atom until the particles are excited and released past the binding energy, the magic of the basket will do the opposite and reduce the orbit of the particles in the fermionic field, causing particles like electrons to lose energy.

I believe I have found a scientific phenomenon that meets all of the above conditions.


Electron capture, also known as inverse beta decay

What we essentially observe is a form of nuclear transmutation

Nuclear transmutation due to reverse radioactive decay known as electron capture – Soulfire Electron capture is a byproduct of evolution forced by nuclear transmutation and decay [theory] Electron capture. (See the AmandaHolton ElectronCapture 01 Part 1 v2 diagram – Soulfire – a byproduct of forced evolution through nuclear transmutation and disintegration [theory])

Electron capture is the process by which the nucleus of an electrically neutral atom accepts an internal atomic electron. In this process, the atom changes to an element with a lower atomic number and energy is released in the form of an electron neutrino. This ejected neutrino carries the energy of total disintegration and therefore possesses this one characteristic energy.

This process occurs naturally during radioactive decay, but what happens when we send living matter through this process?

Carbon is the major component of all known life on Earth and accounts for about half of all dry biomass. That’s why we are known as carbon-based life forms. While some of the carbon in our bodies is radioactive (carbon 14 is used in carbon dating), the majority (98.93%) is the stable isotope carbon 12.

Carbon 12 has six protons and six neutrons. What happens when we subject the stable carbon in our bodies to forced electron capture? Carbon is converted into the unstable isotope boron-12 (atomic number 5) and emits electron neutrinos in the form of beta radiation. This unstable isotope has a short half-life and decomposes rapidly into a stable gas, helium 4. Here is a diagram of the isotope decay chain.

If the decomposition energy is high enough, it leads to an exothermic reaction of the boron molecules. What does Bohr look like when he’s on fire?

Green light.

(The images show the green light – drill – the fire of the soul is a byproduct of evolution forced by nuclear transmutation and disintegration [theory]).

So, in essence, what we perceive as the fire of the soul is an apparent exothermic reaction caused by the nuclear transmutation of the carbonaceous matter of life as its bonds weaken and the strongest bonds are formed. Just as combustion creates a red light that burns carbonaceous material, releasing heat and energy and reducing it to ash (a simpler form of pure carbon), so the magic of the hive quickly breaks down through nuclear transformation, creating a green light when the organic carbon is converted to boron.

This releases electron radiation and helium (beta and alpha), which are then captured by the hive and used as an energy source or synthesized into soul crystals for later use or donated to the worm.

Of course, this is all just a theory. But if you learn from this, it is that the fire of the soul is essentially a paracausal fire resulting from the violent transformation and dissolution of the victim’s body and soul.


Worm feeding and metabolism

We can also compare this phenomenon with another phenomenon familiar to us in everyday life. Beehives and worms, like their technology, are often organic in nature. It stands to reason, then, that darkness was used to fuel the worms’ biological metabolism.

Metabolic reactions can be divided into

catabolic – the breakdown of compounds or anabolic – the building up (synthesis) of compounds (such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids). Normally, catabolism releases energy and anabolism releases energy.

So the Beehive essentially consumes its light supply through transmutation, but can then use the light to synthesize it into simpler, more tangible and useful forms, such as crystal. Like meals, stomach acid breaks down food into simpler chemicals, some of which is converted into carbohydrates for energy, some of which is re-synthesized as protein for muscle building, and the rest is stored as fat for later use.

The symbiosis between the hive and the worms is almost the same!

Alchemy of the Arcane

So essentially, this dark alchemy is a transmutation and dissolution caused by the darkness and by the worms responding to the rituals of the Beehive. The victims slowly dissolve and the composition of their bodies is transformed into simpler elements and clearer forms. This process releases light, energy and matter, which the hive collects. Therefore, this killer energy is used to charge the basket
technology and feed the worms.

We see it in Necrochasma as

A weapon that feeds on the aggressiveness of its owner, advancing further and further as the evil eye concentrates, its hunger increasing as it eats through bone and flesh. The weapon burns green by feeding on our light and emitting a stream of arcane energy spheres.

We see this when we possess the thorn and devour the remnants of the
soul left behind by our transmuted victims. This is seen in the necrotic properties of Necrotic Grip (necrotic or cytotoxic poisons are those that cause cell and tissue damage after involution. This can lead to inflammation, damage and blistering).

But what is even more remarkable is that we see this with something very simple on Titan.


Alcan dust and Alcan spores.

We all know about this planetary source, but have we ever wondered how it works or where it comes from?

Alkane dust – archaeological flora and crystallized methane synthesized from beehive materials.

Alkane Spores – An Arctic hydroponic experiment fused with seeds that attempts to investigate the origin of beehives.

Defeat enemies on Ness to collect the remains of organosynthetic buildings – Collect Titan alkane spores to catalyze it into a new form

In Greek, the seed is spora, so I immediately associated the seed with the wormhole. But what’s interesting is that we understand what Alcan is. Alkane is a hydrocarbon composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms, arranged in a simple tree structure in which all carbon-carbon bonds are joined.

Methane is the simplest alkane.

In case you don’t know: Titan literally contains oceans of methane and it is almost impossible for terrestrial flora to grow on Titan (see

Life on Titan). Indeed, plants consist mainly of complex carbohydrates that require oxygen and thus depend on water (H2O).

In essence, I believe the Alkan tracks are archaeological traces that have come into contact with the rituals of the hive and the dark forces of the worm. This essentially caused a forced evolution that simplified the chemistry from a complex carbohydrate dependent life form to a reduced form dependent on simple carbohydrates.

Indeed, the logic of the sword transformed the flora into a simpler final form, able to survive the harsh conditions of methane-rich titanium.


Thanks for the read. As always, it’s my own theory, but I’d like your opinion on it.

I must say that the process is so elegant that the science involved seems almost poetic. It may be reproducible.

Necrotic capture

TL;DR: The Soulfire is a byproduct of the magic of the hive and the logic of the sword, using darkness to paracustically fuel the nuclear transmutation of stable organic chemistry. The mechanism to achieve this is reverse beta decay, also known as electron capture. In this mechanism, instead of charging the binding energy of electrons as in an electric arc, the energy of an electron is reduced until it is captured by a proton and transformed into a neutron. The element is converted to a simpler element and releases energy, alpha particles and electron radiation, which are then captured by the basket and synthesized for worm metabolism. Since all life and organic chemistry is based on carbon, carbon is converted to unstable boron, releasing decomposition energy. The exothermic reaction, which is quite intense during transmutation, burns the boron, producing a green flame, and this is perhaps the explanation for the fact that the fire of the soul burns green. In any case, it is the logic of swords in action that reduces the chemical and elemental complexity of life, allowing the bearer to extract the light released in the process of transmutation and rapid dissolution.

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