Star Citizen August Monthly Report

August’s Star Citizen Report is here, and the team just can’t seem to get their act together. The game has been stuck for the past week, and the RSI forums are filled with posts about the problems players are having with the game. This report is going to be as long and boring as all the past reports have been, so you can skip down to the juicy stuff if you don’t want to read the boring parts. I promise everything will be worth it.

The month of August has come to a close, and with it comes the end of this month’s monthly report. Thanks to all those who supported the campaign, and I hope you enjoyed the latest updates.

Heres my monthly report on the Star Citizen project.

Hello, and welcome to the Star Citizen Monthly Report… It’s August, and the countdown to CitizenCon 2021 has officially begun… kind of… I mean, it’s on the 9th of October, but the work that CI is doing is in part oriented towards that event… that said, CI has lately said that some topics will not be discussed in order to be kept as surprises. We will, however, examine and summarize what CI has been working on in recent weeks and what they are now focusing on… at least according to this Report.


a work of art (Ships)

The Constellation Taurus was readied for release by the US-based Ships team, which also fixed problems that affected other ships in the fleet.

They also pushed through additional vehicles, including both Crusader Ares versions, which are now in the final phases of development. The Drake Vulture was still in the whitebox phase, but a brand-new vehicle was in the works, and the next variation was moving towards greybox.

The damage, LODs, and final art for last month’s yet-to-be-announced ship were finished in the UK, and the team is now putting the finishing touches on it before sending it off to Tech Art and downstream teams.

Exterior damage meshes and a final polish pass were applied to the Redeemer. The outside LODs are presently being worked on, while the interior is undergoing its last art pass, with the cockpit, turrets, and lower level approaching completion. And in this month’s report, we got a great picture of the ship.

While the Sabre’s cockpit and lighting were finished up, another new yet-to-be-announced vehicle (that the team is eager to reveal) went from whitebox to greybox.

The Retaliator is getting updates & the first round of interior gold-standard work is coming to a close, with the interior spaces corrected for metrics and AI navigation. New ship item compartments were added and the cockpit received a pass too.


Another unnamed ship has entered the greybox phase, according to The Ship Team:

“It’s going through the pipeline nicely now that certain problems with its external systems have been addressed. This one is being worked on by a variety of artists, and each section of the ship’s interior is progressing nicely.”

Finally, development on a new fuel arm for the MISC Starfarer started in preparation for the upcoming refueling function.

For the Crusader Ares, the Weapon Content Team finished the two Size 7 Behring weapons.

A new Size 3 bomb for the A2 Starlifter and a version of the mounted weapon turret for a future spacecraft have both begun development.

a work of art (Environment)

Pyro’s planets and moons are still being polished by the Environment Art team.

The team worked on the greybox phase for the rest stop and Grim HEX medical facilities in Montreal. 

The hospitals in Area18 and Lorville are nearing completion. These places are considerably bigger in scale, and they will need to be adapted and revisited in order to achieve their full potential.

According to the Locations Team:

“Because the scale of these is similar to New Babbage and Orison, we want to make sure the volumes and overall feel of the regions are correct before going on to the detail pass.” –

They also helped hospitals by putting AI in the right places. They iterated on the construction and location of the derelict spacecraft riddles at the same time. These riddles will eventually be strewn throughout planets and space, serving as small places of interest. They’re presently in the proof-of-concept stage, and the team is looking at a variety of potential possibilities.

Lorville and Grim HEX continued to work on their colonial outposts and hospital lights.

They began with Pyro’s planets and moons’ atmospheres and color grading, then moved on to Pyro’s jump point gas cloud illumination.

Additional research was conducted to better understand the hierarchies, leaders, and income levels of some of Pyro’s gangs.


The Props Team has been working on the utilitarian versions of the medical gameplay props for the last month. These have the same measurements and functionality as the high-tech props in Alpha 3.14, but with a visual style that fits more lawless or low-tech hospital settings like Grim HEX.

Furniture, signs, and installations were among the new assets created for Orison’s Crusader Showroom. Props for the colonial outposts were also being worked on.

a work of art (Characters)

New armors and helmets have been added to the character art. The crew started developing cybernetics and finished new clothes for merchants and Pyro residents.

They helped deliver a medical gown and medical skeleton. They also supported UI with shader R&D and provided exports of all character assets in support of the physical inventory UI. Backpacks were completed too.

Assisting in the development and execution of future major deliverables is part of the Tech Animation job. For example, head assets include AI battle iteration, usables, and aesthetic refining.

Features (Characters & Weapons)

The new player inventory was still being worked on by the Features team.

The Features Team had this to say:

“A lot of difficult decisions are being made about what must be included in the initial release and what may be postponed. The new player inventory is shaping up to be a major upgrade over the current PMA (Personal Manager App), even with certain elements of the inventory coming live later.

The main difference between the new player inventory and the existing PMA is the physical space and placement constraints. While the player will have access to a large quantity of storage across the different landing zones, anything left in one cannot be retrieved from another. When exploring, players must ensure that any things they need are transferred to their bag or vehicle. Items bought in stores will be transported to a nearby storage facility.

A effort was made to address the problem of NPCs standing on chairs and benches (again). Simply stated, if an AI is leaving their location when they stream out, and they stream back in, they will teleport to the place where they would have left.

Characteristics (Gameplay)

US Gameplay Features spent half of July fine-tuning Alpha 3.14 and making plans for future projects. This includes development on NikNax, the mobiGlas app for player asset management. They plan to finish work by the end of the quarter and release NikNax in Alpha 3.15.

Gameplay elements have also continued to concentrate on the most recent Dynamic Event, Ninetails Lockdown, working with QA and Player Experience to collect input and improve it before its release.

The designers and Environment team started putting up the new stores on Orison and prepared the expo hall layout for IAE 2951 as part of future projects. In the meanwhile, the developers worked on TDDs for the cargo rework and the character archetype editor, both of which are nearing completion.

The European Gameplay Feature team started working on the loot generation system’s initial version. 

The new map system was still being worked on by the UI.

Systemic Services & Tools (SST) continued the development of Quantum (the economy and AI simulation). This involved improving fidelity and interaction with the game itself to provide further intelligent reasoning as to why certain service beacons spawn and why shop and fuel prices shift.

Characteristics (Vehicles)

In Alpha 3.14, the Vehicle Experience team focused on combat balancing. 

They continued to work with the UI team on the new ship HUDs while also assisting the other vehicle teams in resolving problems and enhancing future features.

Vehicle Features has also continued to enhance jump points, which have recently undergone design changes to increase operation. They also made it simpler to work with and test jump points, allowing them to quickly iterate and enhance the overall appearance and feel of the game.

Vehicle Tech & VFX –  worked on improving radar, ping and scanning features. They also began preparing to expand these features to first-person gameplay, where players will be able to ping for hidden lifeforms on foot and then scan them for vital mission-related information.

According to the Vehicle Tech Team:

“It’ll be great to compress the macro-level vehicle scanning capabilities into a more granular, on-foot experience, where players can execute actions on things that are just a few meters in front of them rather than hundreds of kilometers away,” says the developer.

Support for displaying emitted signatures as well as ambient levels has also been added. This will show players how easily they can be detected and how effectively they can identify others.

Narrative collaborated with other teams to improve mo-cap and voice lines for bartenders and food sellers. There were also some more voice lines for future missions.


Various physics enhancements have been made as a result of render mesh reduction and optimizations. For quicker CPU processing, certain code has been changed.

The Gen 12 Render is still being built, with many new features being added and old code being eliminated.

They improved volumetric clouds and atmospheric rendering, and they continue to study and develop on it, as well as runtime lighting and cubemaps.

The revised render-to-texture post-effect pipeline was finished, introducing bespoke bloom, drop shadow, color correction, and brightness adaption to all visor and lens UIs, enhancing aesthetics and readability.

They’re also working on the last edge cases for Alpha 3.14’s Super pCache, as well as optimizing other service dependencies.

That concludes this month’s Monthly Report.

Welcome to the August report of Star Citizen’s Monthly Report.. Read more about star citizen subscriber ship of the month and let us know what you think.

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