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Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer online space game set in the year 2405, and is coming to PC, Mac and Linux. The next chapter in the game’s development, Squadron 42, is currently in development at the Cloud Imperium Games studio in Manchester, UK. The game will be played from a first person perspective, and will feature a first person shooter component. The game will feature an evolving universe and will ship with some form of multiplayer component.

If you ever wanted to work on the future of Star Citizen, now’s your chance. If you’re a member of the team who’s passionate about bringing you Star Citizen’s first Squadron 42 module, go apply to join the team. We’re looking for people with a strong passion for games, a positive attitude, and some experience working in a development environment. If we like what we see, we’ll talk about what’s needed to get you on board.

Star Citizen is my favorite game of all time. It’s the kind of game that reminds me why I got into gaming in the first place, even when I’m playing it in a game that’s not quite finished. Plus, the game is fun and different from everything else. Not to mention, it’s one of the fastest-developing games I’ve ever encountered, with regular updates being released to the public as subscriber-only modules. If you want to get in on the newest Star Citizen module, you’ll have to sign up for the Aurora module and wait for the upcoming release for the Persistent Universe. Together, these two games make up Star Citizen: the title that some call a “space sim” that allows players to play as. Read more about star citizen roadmap 2021 and let us know what you think.

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, there have been a load of informative posts and dev responses recently a push towards SQ42 completion, Emergent Gameplay vs on rail gameplay, whats happening Alpha 3.15 development & is the way CI pick questions for AMAs and Live shows fair?


Richard Tyrer is currently the Game Director for SQ42 FPS.


This is another one of Star Citizen’s senior heavy hitters being transferred, this time from Star Citizen Core Gameplay Director to Squadron 42, according to Reddit.

We know Chris will be returning to the UK at the end of the year, most likely for the foreseeable future, to finish off Squadron 42. So anticipate a major push for the game in the next quarters, and maybe we’ll start seeing development updates as it gets closer to release.

Backers asked a variety of questions on Spectrum, which were then addressed by developers:

Railplay or Emergent?

The OP’s question may be stated as follows: 

On rails, there has been effort on developing ‘events’ and other (imo) non-immersive repetitive gameplay.

Will the gameplay structure of Star Citizen be oriented at improving the emergent experience? Will the structure be designed to improve a pre-packaged on-rails experience? Or maybe both? 

Jake Accapella reacted to the situation.

The goal with dynamic events is to build up a library of them that we can use anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, the ultimate aim is for the economic simulation (Quantum) to be able to activate these depending on the ‘verse’s socio-economic circumstances. Dynamic events will be available in a variety of flavors, such as PVE (Xenothreat) or PVP (Ninetails). This, along with player-driven missions and events like the ones you’re describing, will help to populate the ‘verse with life and interesting things to see and do!

A Follow up question on PVE (Xenothreat) & PVP (Ninetails) Event:

Does this imply that PvP isn’t desired or permitted at xenothreat, or does it indicate that PvP isn’t the emphasis of this event? SC is an open PvP game, thus PVP occurs on the same level as it does everywhere in the Verse.

According to my understanding, every event in SC is a PVP event, even though certain events are more focused on PVE interaction than others.

It’s conceivable that labeling them PVE means you don’t want PVP in PVE events… But if you do, you’ll have to go above and beyond what you’re doing now to keep it from occurring.

It has to be the latter! Going up against the War Hammer, though, I would urge caution. 

From Another Thread – Zyloh, correct me if I’m wrong, but with staggered development, there is a team working on current patch (3.14), and another team working on the next patch (3.15). (3.15). So, why can’t the 3.15 developers show up at the ISC? Or do you halt all other work when a patch is published and focus only on that one?

It really extends beyond simply 3.15, as Zyloh replied. A quick glance at the Progress Tracker reveals that there are people working on 3.16 and beyond as well. I’ve heard that some people want to see that work, and I’d want to point out that we already display a lot of it in Sprint Reports (examples: Pyro, Nyx, outposts, etc.).

We don’t think it’s constructive to do full-fledged segments on material that’s many quarters away since the team working on those features isn’t ready to present for a number of reasons – instead we choose to provide visibility via ISC Sprint Reports, Monthly Reports, Sneak Peaks, and other means.

The Tyranny of Searching for Answers

Given how excellent this community is at reading beyond the first dozen responses, you could nearly select the questions based on the time stamp instead of upvotes.

Go ahead and updoot a remark posted after the first half hour of this week’s pin post that you agree with.

– Zyloh replied – While the popularity of a question influences our decision, we still scan the whole thread. Sometimes there are some hidden gems underneath, and other times we ask our own questions to address a subject we believe the audience would be interested in. Regardless, thank you for your comments, which I will gladly pass on to the Madrona staff!

Continuation – You realize that by interjecting your queries, you are attempting to manipulate the player base. It’s known as gaslighting. Are you proud of that?

I have a different perspective than you. To me, we strive to ask the most popular questions (which we do every week), pull some of the less popular ones for which we believe we have meaningful answers, and inject some of our own to cover topics that the community may not have considered – or things for which we know we have useful information. This, in my opinion, is a multi-faceted strategy that allows for a wide range of inquiries.

Now, there’s a recurring issue where some of the popular questions are repeated over many programs — it’s a difficult problem to address, but we’re working on it. On the one hand, we want to respond to what a majority of people are voting on, but we also don’t want to waste time by repeating ourselves. There are several factors to examine here: are the votes coming from new players who haven’t seen the solution before? Is there an issue with finding answers that have already been published? If that’s the case, how do you keep track of thousands of responses over time? Is it true that the early bird gets the kudos? These are the kinds of questions we’re asking ourselves as we try to figure out how to better.

Overall, our goal is to make Q&As as productive and entertaining as possible and we appreciate all of the feedback shared here.

Another follow-up inquiry Spectrum also need a “downvote” option so that the community may contribute to the curatorial process. Because they are submitted early, queries that have previously been answered get a lot of upvotes. We need the capacity to combat this and balance early populism with the pragmatism that comes with increased knowledge of the issues.

This is something I’m looking into. It’s a difficult issue since brigading may happen in either direction, but we’re presently considering it.

Star Citizen is a game that’s been in development for years, but something called Squadron 42 is the aspect of the game that’s been garnering the most attention from the gaming community. The idea is that Squadron 42 will be the campaign that will take players from the game’s alpha release to the point where they’re able to play the full game. The problem is, it doesn’t exist yet, and the team that’s working on it is looking for a little help.. Read more about squadron 42 2021 and let us know what you think.

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