Star Citizen News 21st of February 2021

Hello and welcome to Star Citizen News for the week ending the 21st. February 2021. What’s going on in the world of Star Citizen? Let’s go through the last seven days.

Star Citizen has reached 3 million citizens…. They are not competitive players OR even confirmed players …. These are gambling accounts, so take that with a grain of salt…. I think the actual number of accounts held by individuals is about half that number.

Still, it’s an important milestone and Star Citizen and Star Citizen are off to a good start in 2021, bringing in nearly £3.6 million in January. It is the second highest funding of the month and narrowly breaks the insane record for 2020.

Even as we go through the month of February and the plethora of sales and events, it looks to be the most profitable February ever! Of course, this is partly due to Free Fly, which is currently running until the 25th, and which has also brought in many of these new player accounts.

Newsletter – Holidays and free flights – February The madness continues

There is so much to celebrate in verse! The Red Party continued this week with red and gold decorations, new colors for the ship Aries 2951, and some hidden surprises. Did you find the red envelope? Keep your eyes open!

You can find them at gas stations and they are worth it! Get them!

February’s free flight promotion is also in full swing. This means that everyone has until the end of the promotion, the 25th. February can fly for free on six science fiction ships. If you have someone you’re dying to put in a poem, now is the perfect time!

In addition to the ships participating in the Red Feast, a Hercules departure ship will also be offered, as well as numerous departure packages until the 25th.

Sneak Peek – FPS mountable weapon base we should be able to use them in the future in the field, in structures and on ships with the first implementation planned in 3.13 PEW PEW!

In the Star Citizen, a summary of the sky

We saw a commercial ramp for the Orison landing zone scheduled for 3.14. It’s basically a covered floating garden with all the shops and services you need at the mooring.

Dynamic wear and dirt were also discussed, i.e. the dynamic wear and dirt that accumulates (or disappears) on vehicles in a plausible way depending on the environment and what has happened to the vessel. Harvesting vessels will also be included in Part 3.13. I have videos on my channel where I discuss them in detail, go check them out!

SCLive – Landing Area Maintenance Team Summary

Live on Star Citizen, the maintenance crew was in the landing zone…

In building its planets and landing zones, Star Citizen has learned a lot, and each new zone is improved and uses the latest technology applied to the old zones where appropriate.

Apparently there are now places in Star Citizen where people haven’t found them yet OR at least advertise them. There are party spots on the rooftops around the new Babbage that I haven’t seen yet, but maybe spots on ArcCorp etc…. Let’s go!

The players’ hangars are currently a low priority.

The number of hangars and parking spaces in each landing zone is not a hard and fast rule, they place them and play until it looks right.

Open landing points in places like Lorville may be added in the future, the AI should use them too.

They will eventually add a working Lorville County if the game is good.

Elevators are a bit magical at the moment, they don’t teleport you but they move in an interesting way, and then when they’re in shape, they become really physical…. like they’re visible from the outside.

In the future, we may see roads and tracks on which we can travel.

They are adding new landing zones on some of the existing planets in Stanton.

In the future, the Karrak can only reproduce over large areas and by docking.

PostMortem 3.12 came out and looked at what worked, what didn’t, and what’s next for the Star Citizen Living Structures. I have a detailed video that I provide at the link below.

The XenoThreat PostMortem should also appear in the next few days, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible!

And that’s this week’s news! We don’t know much about what’s going to happen next week yet, other than the capabilities of XT PostMortem and the end of events….

You are currently playing Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1, what do you think? Do you like to fly free? Have you recently bought a boat? Whatever your opinion, I’d love to hear your comments in the comments below.

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