Star Citizen November Channel Update

Welcome to Star Citizen November Channel Update, what are we waiting for this month, who won the MSR Giveaway? What we give in November. November could be the hype of the month for SC 2020.

In October we had gifts for MCP, and the winner of the commenting lottery is POTUSCHAD Congratulations!

For the month of November we have a new gift for the Mercury Star-racer. To have a chance to win, just comment on one of my November 2020 videos. A commentator is randomly selected from a video.

We know who the Emperor is, it’s Leilani Addison, the woman who will bring us a quick death by Skynet… …and the candidate I voted for! He is pro AI, science and education, and it will be interesting to see how this choice will influence Laura and the history of promoting PU star citizens.

One thing I wanted to mention about the funding for Star CitizenCon in October was that it was pretty low because of two things that no real CitizenCon did, and on the hunt for third-party funding, $2 million was set aside… which was a little odd. It could have been a mistake, a refund, a correction… So it was an artificially bad month.

If there is more information about the reasons for the withdrawal, I will publish it in the following news. I just saw at least $600,000 in new money coming in… …so there could be some errors in some of the data. Yet without the missing money, the month would still be $1.6 million and $3.1 million.

Novelties for November

Since the 20th. In November we have the IAE. It’s located in New Babbage, MicroTech.

For a starburger this will probably be the high point of 2020, and by the second half of the year he will be able to see much more of the world. December.

In the game room and at the event, the ships can be purchased at any time for a free flight.

We’ll see new ships, and there may be other surprises.

Every day Zinya and I will visit the room, see what’s available and report back!

We cover new ships with a guide for ship buyers.

And take part in all other events that take place.

It’s going to be a very busy time!

The teaser we have for the IAE is currently a photo.

2950 surprises

At first I thought that left and right could be the RSI cannon we were talking about and in the middle the Nomad. SCLeaks assumed that Nomad could be left, MSR medium and Gunship right. I want to know what you’re thinking!

We also receive patch 3.11.1, maybe at the same time, but it will contain some bug fixes. But the most exciting is the Mercury Star Runner, one of my favorite ships! The patch is with Evocati right now, but we should make it a bigger PTE soon.

So what have we got to raise you to this 3.11.1 and the IAE patch.

We will focus on Rogue Squadron, the organization of star-citizens. They focus on PvP and methamphetamine, and I thought it was worth talking to them about that and what they’re doing to develop Britain as a player.

We will have regular news and resume:

Even Dev responds with a very active Chad McKinney who seems to answer questions almost every week.

The ISC will continue to deal with the content of article 3.12, and I am curious to see what they will show.

A lot of Idris and AI combat features have been added in 3.12 and we will talk a lot about them.

I want to delve a little deeper into the death of the cosmonaut / Permadeus.

We receive the Quick Start Guide for 3.11.1 and IAE.

We also need to know the state of the game.

Also this week we should publish a monthly report on PU and SQ42. They are very informative and maybe we can get new calendars by the end of the month. DONT is waiting for 3.13 and the details of the patches for T1-3 for 2021 until we have new schedules, but we will certainly see changes for the 3.12 patches for T4 2020 in the coming weeks.

I was hoping to create CyberPunk 2077 content this month, but the game has been moved to December, and I say that CDProjectRed should take the time to be updated on the first day of release. I want to play, but I want them ready!

We live in an interesting world these days. The UK has returned to national isolation, at least for the month of November. is in a good place, me and Zin are working at home, and Zin seems to have learned the basics of star citizen and working pretty well now.

She’s also just recovered from Covid and she’s doing well!

I don’t know if the British studio will suffer from the blockade in the future, but fortunately it can work very well from home.

My dad’s fine too, thanks for all your kind words!

If you want to do something to help or fight, give someone a hand, say hello, see how he or she is doing, tell him or her that you are having a hard time or that you are bored, then some people are not doing well, others are not.

I plan to build a PC based on Star Citizen & Content Creation with new hardware coming on the market. This should happen in the next few weeks. I think I want the tags/names of some of the people who really supported the chain to be engraved in this way.

Many thanks to the staff sergeant, who has been too kind and generous to all media!

My megapatterns are CopeCDT, Dalamar, Plastic D, Miles Harding, Andy Green.

My Ridiculus Youtube High Tier Kings – Mantis, Michael Ake, TheSteamPunkDevil, Sarge again… I love you, buddy, and DJ Brown.

We also have boring producers Tony Phillip, Pixie, Julian Pace and Shite.

And there was a wide range of other donors in addition to those I mentioned earlier: Babayaga, Frood Death, RedFox, Robert Johnston, Brandon and MUCH MORE!

If you want more support and our content – consider joining the YouTube channel (for those who have clicked this button to help fund the channel) OR Patreon – get exclusive content every month … It ranges from spats, me and the sentence that other games play, to voices and polls that help influence the station, to emotions, and we’re trying to do more there too.

But reactions, comments, suggestion messages also help… this chain is built on the back of the community, and I’m very grateful for all the support!

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