Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Content Overview and Highlights

The developer Stardew Valley has released a new game update that adds a lot of new features and actions to the game. In this tutorial we will introduce you to the new features and other important details about the new update of Stardew Valley 1.5.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that this review contains a number of small spoilers. The full changelog for this new update can be found at this link.

Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Overview

New maps and places

Ginger Island

A brand new region with new events, NPCs, monsters and items, and the novelty is fascinating! You can access the area by completing Willie’s Chain Quest. Reach level 100 in Skull Cave and receive a letter from Willie the next day.

In Willie’s cabin there’s a door leading to a broken boat. He will ask you to repair it with 200 hardwoods, 5 iridium plates and 5 batteries. After repairing his boat, you can now sail to Ginger Island for 1000g per trip.

The Valley of the Stars

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley

Development of the Beach Farm

Sprinklers do not work on sandy soils.

The Valley of the Stars


  • Leo
  • Birdie
  • voracious frog
  • Professor Escargot

New plants and trees

  • mahogany
  • Banana
  • mango tree
  • Pineapple
  • Ginger and Tarot Ruth.
  • The fruit of qi

Characteristics and beam elements

  • Ostrich (like cattle)
  • Home extension (updated via Robin)

The Valley of the Stars

  • Movable bed
  • You can now paint houses and buildings

The Valley of the Stars

  • New fertilizers (Luxury fertilizer, Luxury soil protection agent, Hyper-Speed-Gro)
  • New fishing equipment (curiosity lures, quality reels, magic lures)

Game mechanism

A dwarf forge and a charming weapon…

  • We can meet him in a volcanic dungeon.
  • Collect shards of crystal and use the gems in the kiln in the dungeon to change tools, weapons and even rings.

The Valley of the Stars

  • Special order board (similar to bulletin board)

The Valley of the Stars

  • New community update (Endgame)
  • Temple of the Rebellion (Hard way of mines and skull cave)
  • The nozzles can now be adjusted (range and fertilization).
  • New craft items, including a coffee machine and a kitchen set
  • You can now put most of your furniture outside and sit mainly on chairs.
  • Improved game menus and HUD
  • Lots of new furniture (including telephone) and characterful vanities.
  • Acceleration sound options (in the game options)
  • The user interface can now be scaled independently of each other
  • The jukebox now has a brewing mode.
  • Catapult control revision (can be installed in the game)
  • New game options added:
    • Definition of the initial value used in randomization
    • Choose standard kits or random kits for community centers.
    • Choose standard safes instead of random safes.
    • You can ensure that the red rape seeds are guaranteed to be sold at least once in the first year, so that you can always complete the community centre in the first year.
    • Can access winnings and lodging options previously unavailable when creating a farm for a player.
    • Can sire samples


  • Added local multiplayer mode with split screen
  • Added several new chat messages when a player does something
  • The use of the reversed scepter now brings the hands of the farmer to the front door of his cabin instead of those of the owner.

That’s it for the revision of the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. Thank you to Pie for delivering this update.

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