Stellaris Diease and biowarefare mod idea

In this blog entry, I’ll be exploring the loss of players in the franchise. I’ll also be exploring mod ideas for the game, which I show a few of below.

The galaxy of stellaris, which in the game is almost unworldly, it’s full of strange creatures, and has planets you’ve never seen before. One of the most interesting is the mercs, a race of thiefs who are very hostile to the federation. (Or are they? What is their origin?)

In this blog post, I want to start off with a topic that I think is definitely something to be aware of, and is a topic that probably a lot of people are unaware of in the game, and that is the stellarians disease. Now this is not the same as the other diseases in Stellaris, it actually is something a lot of people will be unaware of, and that is that there is a disease that can actually be caught in the game that can affect you in a bad way if you are not aware of what it is, and that is that there is actually a disease that can affect the way you play the game.

Following CrimsonEmpress’s suggestion, I copied this from inside a topic to the top level.

I believe it could just include the following elements, which would be OK without a lot of micromanagement but would provide color.

  1. The Human Red Death, The Avian Flu, and other plagues would be named.
  2. Plagues would either be limited to a single species and its modifications, or a more severe disease that afflicted all species of a certain kind (avian, humanoid, silicoid, and so on).
  3. Infected planets develop a malus that affects just the afflicted species’ population growth and spreads to neighboring planets through emigration and trade channels. Planets can only be infected if they contain compatible species; if all of those species have died, the plague is over. Medical-style structures may be used to mitigate the effects of the disease on that planet.
  4. You’d be given a biological research scenario record research for social titled “create vaccine for The Plaguename,” which you might investigate.
  5. You have the imperial policies of ‘quarantine all,’ ‘quarantine majority,’ ‘quarantine citizen species exclusively,’ and ‘no quarantine’ at your disposal.

This causes afflicted planets to isolate themselves, limiting emigration, immigration, and commerce while also halting the spread of the infection. If you have a protocol in place to automatically quarantine if the plague hits any of the specified animals that reside there. ‘Quarantine majority’ only applies to species that make up at least 30% of the planet’s population, thus your capital would not be quarantined if it only had one infectable pop. Pops that are deemed “undesirable” are not tallied.

6) Once the vaccine is developed, you will no longer have to bother with anti-vax; the illness will be eradicated for your worlds.

7) “Allow germ warfare” is a policy.

8) A germ warfare lab (a new structure) enables you to utilize an incident in the scenario log to create a virus that affects any creature you’ve kidnapped or have in your empire, or any creature you know about for a greater research cost (based on level of information from espionage). When you do so, you get to choose the species and illness. It’s a matter of social policy.

The primary thing I believe gamers would do is

  1. Inflict diseases on their adversaries
  2. Make plagues for those who are unwelcome.

EDIT: After some further thought, you might combine population modding with this. These are the statistics for plagues.

  1. Affected species
  2. Name
  3. Medical buildings have lowered the fatality rate. 00 percent implies that everyone infected dies; 120 percent means that you’re fighting against medical facilities.
  4. Immunity rate… the percentage of species that are never harmed. A greater immunity rate indicates that the vaccine will be simpler to develop. If it is zero, it implies that anybody may get infected. While a disease is present, this number gradually rises.
  5. The pace at which information is transmitted… the rate at which information is disseminated
  6. Infiltration time… the period of time until a planet realizes it is contaminated and may quarantine itself. Medical buildings have reduced the population.
  7. Species Modification… Those who survive the illness will be modified into a new species. It’s important to note that a sickness is occasionally desired. This means that you may avoid quarantine by clicking on a certain illness. It’s possible that this is a better method to modify your species than using the menu.
  8. Rate of Mutation… There’s a possibility the illness may give birth to a new disease with one or more of its stats changed…. even the species or species mod.

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For the game Stellaris, post “Stellaris Diease and Biowarefare Mod Idea.”

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This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while now and would like to share my thoughts on. Essentially, I am thinking about how to make the game ‘Stellaris’ a lot more interesting and realistic. I noticed that the whole ‘biowarefare’ thing has been going on a lot lately. A while back, a mod called ‘ biowarefare ‘ was released. As many of you know, this mod adds a lot of new stuff, such as the ability to infect and infect others. In my mind, I was thinking that this is a bit of a cheat and it makes the game a lot more easy and boring.. Read more about stellaris more ship sections and let us know what you think.

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