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The swordfighter is the final class in Final Fantasy Origins. A master of swordsmanship, they can wield a blade faster and stronger than other classes. The job comes with some unique skills that are more focused on this weapon type than others, like an ability to strike twice at once or two fast strikes in a row. These tricks make them deceptively effective fighters when used correctly!

The “stranger of paradise: final fantasy origin jobs” is a guide that has been created by the author to help players who are looking for tips on how to level up their characters. The article includes information on all of the available jobs in the game, as well as what skills they can learn and what items they need to use.

Along with the Ronin and Pugilist, the Swordfighter is one of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s most technical fundamental occupations. While anybody may enjoy this profession, it seems to be better suited to players who are familiar with the game’s main mechanics. Our tutorial will give you some pointers on how to get the most out of the Swordfighter.

Keep in mind that this data is based on the current demo, which includes save data that will be carried over to the final version. While the trial only unlocks the last nine occupations, it’s likely that the full game may have extra powers or levels for existing positions. If anything changes with the Swordfighter, we will update this article.

Getting to Know the Swordfighter

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Interception is the fundamental job ability of the Swordfighter, and it activates a limited-time aura surrounding Jack. The in-game description, which indicates that a counterattack triggers following a successful block with Interception enabled, may create some misunderstanding. You don’t need to block in reality.

All conventional assaults are immediately countered by interception, so don’t spend your time trying to block. Simply activate it while you’re surrounded by adversaries or facing a monster, then go on as normal, with Interception acting as a backup in case you make a mistake.

For those who wish to push this system even further, Interception Mastery will ultimately unlock, enabling you to reply with a Soul Shield without depleting Interception. If the Soul Shield is timed correctly, this basically provides you two counterattacks with one Interception activation. When you’re surrounded by a lot of people, this may be a lifesaver since it conserves magic.

The Swordfighter has access to an evasive attack combination since it employs the broadsword. This slot may be allocated to either Beatdown or Interception, both of which have their own use cases depending on what you’re looking for.

Beatdown is a great AOE strike for keeping the heat off yourself, particularly in tight situations. Interception, on the other hand, may come in useful if you fail to activate it in the heat of the moment. It may also protect you if an attacker catches you off guard during your evasive strike.

Cross Slash should be moved to the second link slot as soon as it becomes available. It provides the highest break gauge damage of all of the Swordfighter’s combination abilities. As with any other class, whittling down foes’ break gauges should take priority over general damage since it helps you to finish fights faster while restocking your magic supply.

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If the Swordfighter’s technical aspect attracted you in, additional technical vocations like the Pugilist and Ronin are among our preferred combinations. While it’s usually ideal for less talented players to avoid overlap in order to cover for flaws, these roles shine when blended together in the proper hands.

The Pugilist’s basic strikes, for example, enhance your boost level, which increases normal and break gauge damage. Interception followed by a barrage of fists is a terrific strategy to go through regular adversaries quickly.

In the sense that its katana lets you to enter the Senshin Stance, the Ronin is more comparable to the Swordfighter. When you execute a basic attack while in this position, you may unleash a volley of assaults while remaining invulnerable. Although it requires precise timing, it is also safer than parry systems used in more devoted action games.

Underestimating the time will still result in a torrent of assaults, with the caveat that you will not be immune. You may receive damage in the process, but the adversary on the receiving end may be stunned until the onslaught finishes. Switching between Swordfighter and Ronin makes routine confrontations a breeze as you learn when to use Interception and when to try your luck with the Ronin’s Senshin Stance based on which foes you can read better.

While there are advanced occupations that are more malleable, by the time you become serious about them, you’ll find that they’re best coupled with other advanced jobs rather than the basic ones.

If you’re having trouble transitioning between the Swordfighter and Pugilist or Ronin, the normal Mage and Black Mage may help you deal with big groups of foes. Magic, particularly when used at a distance, is always a safe bet. Just keep an eye on your magic meter. Given the usefulness of Interception, we suggest avoiding the white mage, which is better suited to roles like the Marauder.

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