Summertime Saga Wiki – Guide, Characters, Locations, and Downloads

This wiki is a collaborative effort to help provide information about the Summertime Saga series by Microïds. The wiki is intended to be a living document, so expect a lot of edits to keep the wiki as authentic and up-to-date as possible. The wiki is intended to be a place where people can input and edit what they know about the series and its characters, locations, and story, and where fans of the game series can discuss and encourage the wiki’s growth.

The summer is finally here! You left the city, and are now spending time with family. However, after some time, you can’t help but feel exhausted. The weather suddenly changes from scorching hot to rainy and chilly. With this in mind, you decide to spend some time in the countryside, where it’s still nice and warm; you’ll finally be able to cool down there. You decide to go to the forest to relax. You left your phone at home, but you still have your phone case with you. You take out your phone and take a look.

Summertime Saga Wiki is a popular fantasy game show hosted by Patreon. In a small rural town, a child who has just started school experiences the death of his father. The strange circumstances surrounding a dead body are only the beginning of his work, as he discovers that his father has been paying off creditors to an unknown criminal. In addition to these problems, our little fairy has to save up enough money for the school semester and get a commitment for a date!

Summertime Saga Wiki – Manuals and details :

Character Description: The MC is a slim, normal young man with short, earth-colored hair and dark eyes. He often keeps a smug and idealistic look on his face, even when he loses his father and has many responsibilities. Despite his looks, MC has a lot invested. His usual school uniform consists of a bright white shirt and orange shorts. Characteristics of the main character Aside from a logical inconsistency in his behavior, the protagonist is calm and saved. Besides his father’s presence, unity is his strongest nature, which he practices daily. MS is generous and kind in nature and willing to help anyone with special needs. Anyway, that’s why he’s waiting for help. MC doesn’t come across as an advocate, especially Judith. With Lopez and Martinez harassing Judith, the MC can’t just sit back and let it happen. System requirements for downloading the Saga of Summer wiki Summertime Saga Wiki Apk is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. IOS devices will not work due to Apple’s distribution restrictions. The game uses the Ren’Py engine, which simplifies the requirements for PCs. It is recommended to have 2 GB free disk space: 1 GB is stored for booting, another 1 GB for booting and recovery. How to download on Android : The Summertime Saga app for Android gadgets is not available in the Google Play Store. It must be uploaded to an authorized site at the time of physical submission. Follow the steps below:

  1. All presentations from previous games must be deleted.
  2. Make sure you have 2GB of free space on your gadget; 1GB is for booting, the other 1GB is offered for booting and recovery.
  3. You can also relax Google Play Protect: Open the Google Play Store application, press the Menu button, and select Play Protect. Disable alternatives Scan your device for security risks.
  4. Download the final version of the game only on the official website. Independent download teams thrive on Patreon sponsors. Select the ANDROID category and share it.
  5. Download the Summertime Saga apk file on your Android mobile phone.
  6. Turn on the hidden sources setting on your device:
  • On Android Nougat or lower: Some names in the settings panel may change, but the default connections should match. Go to your gadget’s settings menu and look for the Security or Lock Screen and Security item. Just check the box next to the container or the button next to the unknown sources and click OK in the pop-up window.
  • On Android Oreo or later: If you offer Summertime Saga for inclusion, you will be outraged by the resolution. Tap Shortcuts and then tap the button next to Enable for this source on the appropriate screen. Press the Back button, then you can continue with the configuration.
  1. When the implementation is complete, open your application folder.


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