Summoners War Patch Notes v6.2.8 Update Today 2021

The mobile multiplayer online game War in the Summer received a new version on the 28th. Updated April 2021. The announcement was made via the game’s official Twitter account. Here we have detailed information on the military patch notes for the Summoners v6.2.8 update for today 2021.

Notes on the war in the summer.

This popular online game has received some minor updates this year. The game recently celebrated its 7th anniversary during the last week of April with various events and prizes. War of Summer is an action-packed fantasy RPG game that can be played online with another player. An update to version 6.2.8 was released on the 28th. April announced. Let’s take a look at the details of this update.

War Notes for Columnists v6.2.8 Update

The creators of the game Com2uS! have published details of the new Summoners War Patch Notes on their official website. It is updated automatically and is applied during the automatic maintenance of the game on Android and iOS.

The Annals of War patch for the v6.2.8 update is divided into four main parts

  • Battlefield
  • Special update on the 2nd High Elemental Awakening!
  • NPC arena improvements
  • 5 New transmograms

Let’s look at the details of each part.

Flying Military Patch Notes

Combat training area

This building, introduced with the v6.2.8 update, is nothing more than a building where you can try to mix up fights with different monsters. You will need to install this combat component from the store section of the game. But for this you must have reached at least level 21 in the game.

There are also certain rules for training areas. You also get rewards after completing 3 missions in simulated battles.

Upper unit 2. Update Awakening Special!

There are many new stats and abilities for this update in Summoners Military Patch v6.2.8 Update Today 2021. You can also receive energy feedback from 20 Dimension Hole via [Event Icon > Game Guide > Dimension Hole Update Notification].

This update also includes an improvement to the Secret Duggeons. You can now send a secret request to enter a dungeon to other summoners.

The reward for finding secret dungeons during the summer has also changed.

NPC arena upgrade

This is also one of the important changes in Summer War Notes version 6.2.8. Combat can now be immediately resumed without touching the screen, as on-screen victory dialogs have been simplified.

5 New transmograms

  • Master of Mystical Creatures Beast Rider
  • Heir to the enchanted master of the land art
  • Heavenly master of string chords
  • The priest of Undine, The lotus flower.
  • The Immortal Empress Rakshasa

The Summoners War v6.2.8 patch notes also contain many small changes and updates. You can read the details here.

Fixed a bug in theupdate of Annalistic War Notes v6.2.8.

– Arena] Fixed bug where the number of Renown Points for each rank was displayed incorrectly in the match menu.

– The selected information from the called sample is retained even if you do not have special 7-year rolls.

– Summoning] Fixed an issue with the screen display that occurred when clicking on an empty field in the sample list when selecting samples for 7-year special roles.

– Fixed an issue with incorrect server information being displayed in the list of locked summers.

– Fixed bug where the chat block list button was not showing in Game Settings > Preferences.

– Fixed an issue where your 7 year old print shop disappeared after visiting another summoner island.

So this is the Summoner War Patch v6.2.8 update for today 2021.

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