Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Switch) Review

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Additionally, Bowser’s Fury utilizes several mechanics from Mario 3D World, but uses traditional sandbox-like components left out of the top title in favor of a classic hybrid 2D and 3D Mario platform. A galloping journey through the many maps of the world will reveal hidden gems and secret places after a meticulous exploration of every nook and cranny. Some bonus goals are harder to achieve than others, with tents involving a simple puzzle, while a block of questions about the cabins will test your patience with a decathlon-style looping game. The player is challenged to collect many stars that are added to your current account, but if you run out of time or lose a life, you must start the entire bonus round over. Then there are hidden pipes that lead you to underground areas on the maps that usually contain extra boss fights or to the elusive Toad House that contains a small or large block of trouble, but choose carefully as this is the luck of the draw.

For all those who loved Captain Toad: A re-release of Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Switch, featuring the original puzzle minigame that inspired the multi-card game. Even though the individual puzzles are not as difficult as Cap’s, they are just as fun. Using the analogue stick on the right, you rotate and tilt the map of each level, see stars, stamps and enemies looming on the horizon, and briefly plot a successful course by collecting every scattered green star on a floating hexagonal island. Bonus games and puzzles are a must for the final game of the title, as they contain a rich collection of green stars that you can’t live without. As with many of his memorable escapades, Mario explores all sorts of places where he connects with a relevant subject.

The slopes of grassy hills, the enclave of the sandy desert, the icy tundra and the fire pits of wrath – Mario’s adventures in each region not only offer unique challenges, difficulties or traps, but the difficulty of the game also increases with each expedition. The maniacal malice of Bowser’s masquerade creates a new threat in his environment. An army of familiar enemies in new uniforms, some of them in cat suits, with the inconvenience of new enemies rearing their ugly heads. While some can walk, others have roadblocks that must be bypassed to expose their vulnerabilities. This is usually done in the form of a Mario product catalog. Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Super Star are all extra bonuses like a Boomerang Brother suit, propeller box, Curibo skates and a Mega Mushroom. The comic side is shown in the costume of Goomba, who disguises himself as a plumber as he makes his way through Bowser’s unknown army.

I must confess I’m a little dizzy… maybe very happy. My favorite 3D platformer is now in the spotlight. A new wave of Nintendo Switch owners are about to discover this outstanding action-adventure game, which has redefined the established design of the Mario platform by combining and introducing features from all the well-known games from Nintendo’s most famous franchise. Super Mario 3D World carries with it a twisted legacy, once undermined by its father’s hardware, now in its new home on the Nintendo Switch. Essential software for all owners of portable home consoles with hybrid drives that the whole family can enjoy. Additionally, the Switch’s exclusive online multiplayer is perfect for our current global climate, and given the freedom of this mode and local cooperative modes, it demonstrates Nintendo’s commitment to developing and incorporating such features into new releases. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury is definitely a must buy.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a 3D Super Mario world for Nintendo?


IsMario 3D All Stars worth it?

Since pre-orders are currently still available at the suggested retail price, you shouldn’t be paying too high prices at these third-party retailers at this time. But unfortunately, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is in danger of becoming a coveted and expensive rarity once it comes out on the 31st. March 2021 will disappear from the market.

How long does it take to complete the Super Mario 3D world?

According to How Long to Beat, the original Super Mario 3D world can take up to 19 hours for most players, but finalists can take over 39 hours. However, if you focus only on the main story, it’s more like 10 hours.

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