Super Rare Games Reveals 5 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Physical Games

Super Rare Games is known for their super cool limited edition physical games for Nintendo Switch, and they tend to showcase their upcoming games pretty close to release. But this time Super Rare Games has revealed not one, not two, but five of its limited edition physical games for Nintendo Switch that will be released in the coming weeks. More details on each of the limited physical releases will also be released closer to their launch.

For the big announcement, Super Rare Games teamed up with YouTuber Nintendrew to announce the indie publisher’s next five releases. These five titles are spread over 2021 and may be in a different order. It’s possible that Super Rare will have a few more games in between these two releases, so we’ll have to wait until their release gets closer to find out more.

The five upcoming Super Rare titles are as follows:

  • ABZU
  • Deponia Collection
  • Super Crush KO
  • Vigilance: The longest night

ABZU comes to life thanks to a new partnership between 505 Games and Super Rare Games. You recently published Brethren: The story of the two sons and now the next title to receive a physical release from 505 is the unique underwater adventure of ABZU. This is a game from the same studio that made Journey and Flower, and it’s an underwater adventure full of mystery and a vibrant world.

The Deponia Collection is a set of four games developed in collaboration with Daedalic Entertainment and Super Rare Games. The physical version contains all of the graphic adventures of Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday. All four tracks will be included in the physical version. The game follows the adventures of Rufus, who lives on a planet-sized garbage dump called Deponia.

INMOST’s next title is the result of a battle between Chucklefish and Super Rare Games. INMOST is an emotional and deeply atmospheric platform and puzzle game. You will discover the story of an adventurous girl, a stoic knight and a man in search of answers. The story takes 3-5 hours at a time as you explore a nightmare landscape in decline, shooting enemies and setting deadly traps.

Super Crush KO is a game from Vertex Pop, with whom Super Rare Games had already partnered for the physical release of Graceful Explosion Machine. The new title Super Crush KO is a dynamic fighting game set in a bustling city in the near future. You must fight your way through swarms of deadly robots and rescue a kidnapped kitten to try and save humanity from the AI apocalypse. The game combines run n’ gun action with an intense beat-em-up and offers a unique experience.

The latest title announced by Super Rare Games is Vigil: The Longest Night is an action RPG from Neon Doctrine that comes bundled with the Nintendo Switch. Vigilance: The Longest Night is a two-dimensional action-RPG with a sharp focus, technical throws and strong storytelling. The game is inspired by games like Salt and Sanctuary and Castle. They follow the story of Leila’s quest to save her town from the rampant evil that has plagued the neighborhood.

Super Rare Games will provide more details on each of these releases closer to their scheduled launch. None of these five titles currently have a release date, but we’d love to see them appear soon. However, the publisher has mentioned in the official press release that the next physical release is coming sooner than we think, which is a good sign that we will get an announcement very soon.

Which of these five games would you add to your Nintendo Switch collection? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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