Taxi Chaos Review (PlayStation 4)

Chaos Taxi is the spiritual successor to the classic and popular Crazy Taxi series, which enjoyed success in the arcades, on Dreamcast, PS2 and a variety of other platforms. The aim of the game is very simple: Pick up NPCs and bring them to their destination. The goal is to land as many NPCs as possible in the allotted time. Will Chaos Taxi bring back the magic of SEGA’s beloved Crazy Taxi? We’ll find out.

When you load the game for the first time, you have to choose between two characters, whose driving behavior does not differ; they have the same feel and drive at the same speed. So the person’s choice is a purely aesthetic one. You can either jump into the arcade more or walk around freely. In the first one, you have to perform well and get a high score to earn money and get a high score. Achieving a score of 4 stars opens up Pro mode for hardcore players looking for a challenge. Freeroam is the perfect way to get an idea of the game, as it doesn’t look like a SEGA taxi game and you can get directions as well as a feel for the map.

The main goal is of course to get every passenger to their destination as quickly as possible. If the passenger holds down both triggers (L2+R2), the car will load as soon as the passenger gets in and you release both triggers. It’s a nice detail, but it can’t compete with a significant visual improvement. You don’t go much faster than your normal speed and you hit obstacles easily. Also expect uneven and predictable traffic. I’m surprised they haven’t found a way to use today’s technology to at least try to make traffic unpredictable. You will often see things moving in front of you from a distance, and you will also notice that they are always the same destinations or paths. However, it’s nice to know that you can jump, and surprisingly high, so climbing on the roof is fun while it lasts.

Now for the problems. The first problem I encountered with Chaos Taxi is picking up passengers; you have to be close to them in the designated area, so if you brake badly, you’ll either be far in front or behind them and have to approach slowly. This is particularly annoying, as it is very easy to lose precious seconds. Fortunately, you save a few seconds by dropping off and picking up passengers, but it’s still disappointing since Crazy Taxi let you stay in the circled area so they could get inside.

The other problem is a double-edged sword. While the game is pretty awesome and has a lot of free-to-play content, it’s so boring that you absolutely have to spend time in Freeruam to get all the map details and NPC clues. Since the gameplay is pretty poor and there’s nothing really special, you’ll probably get bored after 30 minutes and delete the game.

A presentation is perfect. The game looks good, even though it is a 6th edition game. The generation could have been. It’s very bright and colorful; the NPCs look the same, and there’s nothing really impressive. The city looks good overall, but a little variety, like a weather system, would be a welcome addition. As for the soundtrack, don’t expect the same reverence as Crazy Taxi. The game contains a few regular rock songs, which sound like stock music you might find in commercials and the like. Passengers and drivers sometimes joke around, nothing special, but sometimes they don’t even follow the same conversation and it’s just weird.

So, is a ride in the Chaos Taxi worth it? Not at all. Don’t get me wrong, of course there’s a lot of fun to be had, but after a few trips to New Yellow City, you’ll bounce back quickly. Unlocking things feels like a chore, there is not enough variety in the gameplay as it is very repetitive; at least SEGA innovates by adding mini-games to Crazy Taxi 3; this would have added to the overall experience. Sony gamers can dust off their PS3s to play the original Crazy Taxi, while Xbox gamers can purchase the 360 version digitally, which is backwards compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox series consoles. If for some reason you can’t get Crazy Taxi, Taxi Chaos fills the gap…. If you’ve never played SEGA’s series before.

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Platforms : PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox one s Xbox one x
Platform Tested on Xbox one x

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