Terravore/Calamitous Birth Origin Lithoids have been hilariously buffed by the recent pop changes.

I’ve never played an aggressive playstyle before, but I decided to give it a try, and I’ve never played a lithoid empire before, given the recent change in population growth, Terravore with Calamiturn origin got an indirect fan – they completely ignore traditional population growth mechanics to expand their empire. Although it requires a very specific play style, otherwise it will slow you down, the actual process is actually quite simple. It’s just that… :

  1. Being a terravore with a disturbing birth origin.
  2. (Optional, but highly recommended) Take the Flying Droppings kind of feature, it’s an unexpected tool that will help us.
  3. When you appear in the galaxy, you choose the neighboring worlds as your primary sector (ideally the only permanent sector), though you’re not sure you want them. You can choose to colonize it the usual way (if you’re afraid of the habitability malus and what that does to your facilities and production), or by using a lithoid meteor (if you’re not afraid of that and/or if you cast a baol precursor like I did).
  4. Once you have completed step 2 with your flight engines, you can use the flight landing operation. If not, wildlife management and the governor with the environmental engineer would still be good because….
  5. If you start with the first settlement of your world and you have used Meteor Lithoid, you have two new blockers that will give you Pop Lithoid when they are eliminated. So, 1 (2 if you take the expansion lore) appears right after the planet is colonized, then 2 more right after (you can also disable these blockers before the planet is colonized, I don’t know if that’s a bug or not). It usually costs several minerals to excavate a lithic population, but this cost is greatly reduced if you follow step 4 to be completely free if you do all three.
  6. If this planet is not the one you chose as one of your cores, eat it. You have a solution that costs nothing on the planet, consumes 2 zones every 360 days (though you have to manually select them each time), and gives you minerals, firecrackers, and other random resources.
  7. If you eat all the districts, the planet is destroyed and all new pops are immediately moved to your capital.
  8. Destroying the world this way also gives you the Menace as a nice bonus if you decide to become a Crisis, which honestly, why not when you’re playing a monster like this?

Eating already colonized worlds (and also conquered worlds, which also pose their own threat!) isn’t as powerful because there aren’t the guaranteed 2 pops of Lithoid Meteorite, but since you’re probably getting free pops every time you press that world anyway, it’s still pretty good. Again, the decision itself is completely free! You don’t have a bottleneck in population growth at all this way, because the method of getting pops is completely removed from that – besides, AFAIK, you have the ability to always get 3-4 more pops per 200 influences if you continuously set up -> dig up lithoids -> leave the colony -> reload the same planet until you eat it!

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Post Terravore/Calamitous Birth The original lithographs have been terribly polished by recent changes in pop music. for the Stellaris game.

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