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To give a little context, someone linked my project’s thread here about a week ago about my title

automatic viewers on Twitch, and I couldn’t have done it without other projects. I have decided to re-establish this service and take on other developers who continue to put so much time and effort into their projects that shows their passion for the game.

If you use any of these tools, please show your support and inform the developers. Give a star, leave a comment or a positive critique. Hold out your hand and say thank you! I really appreciate that.

Hero profile


This is very useful to understand which talents to choose or to know the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes on certain maps.

It has so many functions:

  • Percentage of victories of heroes according to maps, talents, players.
  • A collection of talents from the most popular to the least popular (with a simple click and copy and paste into the game).
  • Tool for teambuilding
  • Tool for creating talent
  • It is a proprietary RMM system, based on the replay that users download.
  • It supports community sports such as the NGS, CCL and the Peanut Bowl.
  • API that other developers can integrate to create their own applications or community projects.

So this is just a post to remind people to try
Heroes Profile Uploader if you use the site or if you think it really helped you.

It doesn’t matter if you only play Quick Match or if you play multiple ARAMS. Every rehearsal is useful.


Project Link:

This is the viewer/player interface that can be used to view replays or watch matches.

A community gets excited about the Storm Heroes. You’ve probably already encountered this user interface, which is maintained and updated with each game patch, as well as bug fixes. We see a lot of great performance at airports and with such a smooth user interface.

I use a slightly modified version, with Ahli for my own project, which allows me to add a few extra elements.


Project Communications : SpazzoReplayStatKit : Customizable interface and game logic for Heroes of the Storm replays

I have used this user interface and it is great. Another great project that is excellent for recording content that can be uploaded to YouTube, etc. with this interface.

Compendium Nexus

Project Link:

A page with information about :

  • f2p hero rotation
  • The different universities/subjects among Storm Laura’s heroes
  • Information about skins, mountains, events, different battlefields
  • Much more!


Project Link:

A desktop application that can be used for detailed analysis of repetitions. It includes graphs and an XP breakdown. It scans your replays and can put it all together for you. It can even show you the conversation log and detect taunts and footsteps. So, if you want to know what someone said without opening the game, you can!

Do you know of any other interesting projects that people are working on? Post a comment below and let them know!

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Message Thanks to all the developers in the community! for playing Heroes of the Storm.

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