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Here are the 10 worst bosses in Elden Ring, so you can enjoy your time spent slaying them.
1) Baelgrim: A rare boss that summons ghouls. He is a true menace with his ability to spawn waves and waves of enemies, as well as a small lizard he calls Solus Caelum onto the battlefield!2) Greedy Goblin King3) Wiz-Pig4) Death5) Dark Mage6) The Legion7)…

The “easiest to hardest boss in elden ring” is a list of the 10 worst bosses in Elden Ring. The list goes from easiest to hardest boss, with each boss’s difficulty explained as well as how they can be defeated.

Bosses abound throughout Elden Ring, so if you’re unprepared, you can find it difficult to complete the game. The bosses in this game aren’t always awful in any manner, but the tools and skills they possess may make all the difference. It is not difficult if an adversary just carries a sword, but what if the boss could be healed when the weapon strikes you?

Ten of Elden Ring’s most obnoxious employers are listed in this article. These bosses are not simple; in fact, just the reverse is true. These bosses are all battled at various points during your playing, and because the majority of them are optional, you could not even encounter any of them.

Remember that this is only our viewpoint and some of them may not agree with you. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING for anybody who doesn’t want to know any of the endgame monsters: These bosses are either faced towards the beginning of the game when you are weakest or they could appear near the end.

What characterizes a boss as “bad”?

There are a number factors that might characterize a supervisor as “bad.” It could include wasteful magic attack spamming or really quick assaults that you can’t avoid. Obviously, the employers that are the most obnoxious are towards the conclusion of the essay, and there is when things can become very difficult and not in a good manner.

Although there are many more really nasty employers, these are the ones that caused us the greatest problems. You could have a different build than us or you might just be a better player. In any case, remember that everyone is free to have their own view on anything.

We won’t tell you where these employers are; instead, we’ll discuss what irritates them. Some of the bosses are higher on the list since we had to adjust our builds many times to account for a few of them.

Here are the top 10 bosses in Elden Ring in our opinion:

Dragonic Tree Sentinel, number ten

The Dragonic Tree Sentinel is the Tree Sentinel’s most unpleasant variation since, about halfway through the battle, he begins to summon lightning. The battle itself isn’t difficult, but if you’re not cautious, he’ll one-shot you with that one move when he fires lightning from the sky.

The fact that a horse cannot be used to avoid the onslaught just makes it more irritating. You must engage it on foot if you don’t want to be singled out by the assault. Because it resembles his other lightning attack identically, you have no idea when he will unleash it. Overall, the combat is really unpleasant, albeit not as bad as some of the others on this list.

Godskin Duo 9.


This encounter seems to be FromSoft’s attempt to create a somewhat more difficult version of Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls 1. In addition to fighting two Godskin Apostles, after you kill one, another one spawns and keeps going until the health bar is completely gone. It is, to be honest, a rather strange combat, and one of the most unusual ones in the game.

Unless they start spamming that ridiculous magic attack, you shouldn’t have any issue fighting these guys if you can keep an eye on each of them. Try to concentrate on each opponent individually and gradually deplete their shared health.

8. Courageous Gargoyle


Another battle based on earlier FromSoft games is The Valiant Gargoyles. It is modeled on the Gargoyle battle from Dark Souls 1, and they made it much more irritating with this version. The gargoyles strike like a truck and are about five times bigger than you. A second one appears to complicate the battle halfway through.

Another frustrating feature to the battle is the fact that, if you are not cautious, you might get poisoned. Since it’s optional, the majority of players won’t likely even be aware it’s in the game. You must be ready and prepared to face them both since it will undoubtedly be a difficult battle.

Dragonlord Placidusax, number 7.


Another optional encounter, you can completely miss this monster if you don’t explore enough of the Crumbling Farum Azula. You must lie down in this strange location underneath the map in order for time to be reversed and you to be sent to the boss in order to reach him.

The Dragonlord is challenging since he employs several lightning assaults that, if you aren’t cautious, might one-shot you. He also throws lightning at you while teleporting to different spots across the enormous arena. There is undoubtedly competition for end-game builds.

6. Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast/Fallingstar Beast


This monster comes in a few variations, and each time you battle it, it just becomes more difficult. It is a massive rock beast that employs a great deal of magic. It looks like a bull and moves really quickly. Imagine the Sekiro game’s “blazing bull” on steroids with more magic strikes sandwiched in between. Because of the little area it resides in, the first version is the most difficult.

Just remember that defeating this monster is not necessary in order to advance the plot. If you decide to take on the boss, good luck and I hope you’re using a ranged build—this monster is a real beast.

Fifth Fire Giant


One of the bosses that everyone despises to battle is the Fire Giant. He is big, possesses fire AoE attacks, and uses assaults that are quite damaging. Don’t worry about getting ready for this man at the start of your playthrough since you won’t be battling him until towards the finish of the game.

Make sure you are ready since this boss is the only thing standing between you and achieving your objective and he is not optional. If you don’t want to go beneath his legs to strike, your best choice is to use ranged attacks, which work incredibly well against him.

The Black Blade, Maliketh


Maliketh is one of those bosses that first seems to be one thing, then changes midway through the battle. Fortunately, when the monster transforms into Maliketh, you still have half of your health remaining. He closes in on you quickly and with great agility. If you are struck by one of his barrage of bleed assaults, it is difficult to recover.

Additionally, he is a necessary boss and plays a crucial role in the narrative. Make sure you get all you want from the Leyndell, Royal Capital since, once you defeat this boss, it will be completely altered. We neglected to take certain items from it and lost out on some nice equipment since we were unaware that it would change.

Mohg, Lord of Blood 3.


The fact that these last three monsters are all Shardbearers led FromSoft to designate them as the game’s toughest opponents. As the Lord of Blood, Mohg inflicts bleeding with every assault. Although his initial phase is not too horrible, everything changes when you get to the second phase.

He launches a strike at you that you can’t avoid; your only option is to heal. With that move, he also takes away health from you. If you make it through the whole stretch without dying, congrats are in order. He develops wings.

2. Malenia, Miquiella’s Blade


Malenia is one of the game’s toughest bosses, and it’s not because the battle is entertaining. Even if you are blocking her attacks, she may essentially heal you with each one. She also possesses an attack that, if you’re unfortunate enough to receive it, will one-shot you. We still haven’t been able to successfully avoid all of its strikes.

She gets wings and launches Scarlet Rot everywhere, making the battle more more difficult during the second health bar, yes, health bar. It is not a pleasurable battle, and we even switched up our builds many times in an effort to discover a successful strategy for getting rid of her.

Starscourge Radahn, first


The majority of players believe Radahn to be the game’s most difficult boss. In my opinion, Malenia ought to be ranked first, but Radahn is just plain irritating. RNG essentially controls the whole battle, and reaching him in his arena may be a nightmare. It is a tiny bit made simpler by the summons, but it also makes things more chaotic.

Since you mostly depend on NPC summons, you are essentially depending on their actions to win the battle for you. You should be awarded a gold medal if you defeated him on your own.

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