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Cooking is a big part of RuneScape, but it is not always easy to find the time for it. To help you with this, we have collected together five of our favourite places to cook on a Free to Play or Pay to Play basis.

The Cooking skill is a staple for both free to play and pay to play players. Whether it’s because you want to train it for the money saving, or to use the actual skill, cooking is definitely worth your time. It is said that the average free to play player trains it to 99 so that they can cook trout (unf) and lobster (unf), and pay to play players train it because the food, especially the pies, are so good for their stats.

Cooking is a big part of most major MMOs, and it can be pretty lucrative in some games. Check out this list of the five best games to go from a broke player to a millionaire chef.

Finding a place to cook is just as important as finding food! In any OSRS you can use stoves, ovens and campfires to prepare food for consumption. But if you want to cook a lot of meals at once, what’s the best place to do it? You want to be able to cook as many meals as possible while staying in a convenient location. The most common food is fish, as it cures many health points and is easy to catch. So let’s see where you can best cook fish and pastries quickly and efficiently!

5. Lumbridge Kitchen Unit

This is a great F2P and P2P place to start cooking. This area has an ability to reduce the rate of burning (when certain foods are eaten), which is incredibly helpful in the early levels. The stove is also called Cook-o-matic 100, and that’s something. Foods that can be cooked on the beds are usually low grade fish. Here’s an example of how a reduced burn rate can work: Normally trout stop burning at level 49, but in this area they stopped burning at level 47. To take advantage of this offer, you must help the Chief of Lumbridge and complete the Chief’s Assistant quest. This task is very simple and should be one of the first things you do in your account. With this series you can expect a maximum of 1120 cooked fish per hour. Where to find : The first floor of Lumbridge Castle is in the kitchen.

4. Culinary Guild

word-image-8538 Once you reach level 99 in the kitchen (or complete the Warrock journal), you’ll gain access to the cook’s guild bank, which makes the area here very useful. However, it takes a while for the boil to reach 99. This means that you may not find the place as valuable until you reach a higher level. But it’s one of the few guilds available in F2P, so it’s definitely a place to bookmark. The stove is even right next to the sofa, ideally placed so you can cook and use the sofa at the same time. Cooks with at least level 32 in cooking can join the guild, and can be reached by teleporting a skill chain. A maximum of 1,377 fish per hour can be cooked at this location. Don’t forget to put on your chef hat to enter the contest! Where to find : Located on the west coast of Warrock, on the road to the barbarian village.

3. Den of Thieves

word-image-8539 The only fire on this list, Lair of the Horns, offers the closest position to the bank – which is literally one tile away from the fire. Fire is also eternal, so it will never run out! And since it’s a campfire, you can only cook meat or fish. But that’s mostly fine, since fish is the main thing most people cook en masse to get a boost in OSRS. You can cook up to 1,388 fish per hour, which is one of the highest speeds in the game at maximum efficiency! And because it’s a bonfire, you don’t have the same benefits as a landfill (in terms of burning food). Where to find : You’ll find Rogue’s Den under the Berthorpe pub. Climb the secret staircase behind the counter to enter this area.

2. Mythos Guild

word-image-8540 The Mythos Guild is not easy to get into. To do this, you need to finish the game Dragon Slayer II (have fun). But the access gives you access to one of the best polygons in OSRS. This polygon looks like the lair of a cheat because it is a tile from the 2nd floor bank box. Leave the guild. Up to 1,388 fish can be cooked per hour. You also get all the benefits of using a polygon, which sets this option apart from Rogues’ Den. This means you will consume less food, which means more benefits for you! And it’s probably the best place to be after reaching level 99. Where to find : In the Mythos Guild, on the second floor.

1. Kitchen of the Hosidius house

word-image-8541 It’s best to use this place if you’re still adept at cooking, as the ovens here reduce the burn rate by 5% – and this effect adds up with oven mitts! And this effect increases to 10% if you have a completed Kurend and Kebo Elite Journal. There’s also a conveniently placed bench chest to help you prepare large quantities of food. Currently, a maximum of 1,333 fish can be cooked per hour. It’s only slightly worse than some of the options above, but there’s the added benefit of not burning as much food. So this is the best place to be if profit and experience are your motivating goals, not time constraints. Please note that you will need 100% Hosidius home service to use the furnaces here! Where to find : It is located in the Hosidius house, just east of the dining room. An easy way to get here is to use the Xeric Talisman teleporter to the clearing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I cook in f2p?

Where can you cook in f2p? At first glance, it might seem like you can only cook in members content. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. There are actually a number of different cooking methods available to free players. There are three different main ways to cook in RuneScape without spending a penny, and they are: * Cooking ranges * Cooking pots * Fire pits Sailing around the open seas is a surefire way to meet some lovely pirates. Whether you want to be a merchant, a privateer, or a pirate yourself, you’re going to want to seek out some of the best places to cook. Plenty of ships sail these waters, and there are even a few new ones on the horizon, so you may want to get your culinary sea legs ready. Here are the best places to cook, both p2p and f2p.

Where is the best place to cook rs3?

Where is the best place to cook in RuneScape? While this question has no single answer, the RuneScape community is divided into two camps: F2P players and members. Both camps have their own arguments on why they’re the better choice, so let’s take a look at them. So you’re a new player, and you don’t have a clue what cooking is. That’s understandable. Cooking isn’t really considered a skill that you need to train in order to make money. The majority of people who train cooking do so simply because they enjoy it. If you are one of those people, then perfect! This article isn’t for you. This article is for the people who want to make money with cooking. Here are 5 places that are great for training cooking, and have profit margins that are too good to pass up.

How many hours does it take to get 99 cooking?

Cooking is one skill that can be mastered, and a lot of the quest rewards are great, so you should put a lot of time into it. There are some handy calculators out there that can tell you how long it will take to get 99 cooking. You can either go to the official Runescape website and use their calculator, or you can use one of the many fan made calculators out there. For this article, we chose to use the one that was provided by the official Runescape website. The Cooking skill is one of the most popular skills in RuneScape, but it is also one of the hardest skills to train. The total amount of experience needed to reach level 99 is 5,927,034. The best way to train this skill is to cook food that has a high profit margin.

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