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Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is certainly not a new version, but this time it is on a new platform and brings big guns. Friends of Bubble Bobble 4: Baron is Back! will be available on PS4 and is a significantly improved version of the original header with new content to extend the length of the header. ININ Games and Taito have done a good job with the new bubble game, and the new version makes it even better. Here’s our Bubble Bobble 4 Friends magazine: The Baron is back! On PS4, where we shoot bubbles and eat fruit.

On PS4, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: Baron is back! brings the same classics and the same nostalgia for the bubbles that appear on modern consoles. The little dragon duo Baba and Bob return with two new dragons for a crazy 4-player cooperative action bubble swing. The main gameplay remains almost the same, where you have to shoot bubbles at your enemies to catch them in the bubbles, then pop the bubbles to kill them, and finally collect the bubbles at the end to score as many points in the game. The start of the Nintendo Switch was quite decent, but in terms of content it was quite small, but ININ Games and Taito have now solved the problem with the new 4-Friends bubble: The Baron is back!

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The most beautiful moment of the PS4 version of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends : The Baron is back! It adds new levels to the game. While the basic version of the game offers 50 new levels to try, the new version of The Baron is Back’s classic arcade machines offers you a brand new mode to conquer with a 100 levels non-stop tower. These more challenging levels require more precision and faster gameplay, because in these levels you have to avoid the Baron who is constantly sneaking through each level of his mode. What complicates matters is that the baron cannot be killed on the field, and at certain stages more than one baron is lurking.

You can only escape the Baron by collecting text bubbles with fruit and destroying common enemies. Combined with tougher game mechanics and numerous pitfalls, you’ll get incredibly difficult levels that are totally unsuitable for players who like a more relaxed game. These levels are in the form of towers and you have to complete 100 levels. Another big difference with regular mode is that you have a limited number of lives here and there is no sequel like in regular mode, which makes things even more complicated. In addition, with the Arcade of Memories you have a classic bubble in the game, where you will also find new levels.

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The only problem I had when I played on PS4 was that the controls were a little weak. I’d turn left and leave the joystick, and the character would turn the other way. In the same way I ran to the left, and although the joystick pointed to the left or to the right, the dino started crawling. The inputs are a bit loose, which would make the platform a bit uncomfortable, and that’s the only area where the PS4 version of the game lags behind the Nintendo switch. I looked at the Switch version with the normal JoyCons version and the Lite version, and the controls seemed stricter and clearer than on the PS4 version, where they felt free and made a bit of a mess.

In short, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is back! It’s a nostalgic return to honesty. Following its debut on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 offers more content and even better image quality to enjoy the game. The Baron is back! brings a real twist to the title, as the new stages are hard to learn and really give you the chance to experience your power through your bubble-busting skills. Although the debut of the Nintendo Switch was pretty solid, I recommend you try the PS4 version, because it’s just much nicer on the console and easier to play. For more information about the Nintendo Bubble Switch version, see our Bubble Switch for 4 Friends Game Guide.


Friends of Bubble Bobble 4: The Baron is back! Extends the title and corrects everything that was wrong with the original version. I don’t want to say anything bad. The only problem I had with the first match was how short it was, and Baron came back! With tons of new levels and completely new ways to play, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends : The Baron is back! is the ultimate modern bubble experience for players young and old. Whether you’re a veteran returning to the franchise out of nostalgia, or a young player jumping for the first time: Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: Baron is Back! has a lot to offer and brings back the Bubble Bobble franchise in a perfect combination of classics and modernity. The PS4 version really brings out the best in the name and should be on your must-have list if you like platform games.

Total score: 8.5/10

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