The Bart Bonte Collection Full Moon Walkthrough

As you may have read in my previous post about The Bart Bonte Collection, I’ve been trying to complete the game for a while now. Here’s how I handled the Full Moon level.

It’s time to put your trusty walking shoes on and get ready to take a stroll under the night skies. With a full moon comes special powers, and if you pick up the Bart Bonte Collection on Steam, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.

This guide describes the complete procedure for Full Moon in The Bart Bonte Collection. We will also give you some strategies and tips to help you solve the problems and puzzles you will encounter in the game.

Before you begin, please note that this guide may contain spoilers. If you don’t like spoilers, you can always leave this guide.


Full Moon is a game about a rabbit trying to find food. In each of the 13 levels you have to click, drag and drop elements from the environment to help him. In this guide you will find tips to help you solve each level and, as a spoiler, an explanation of the puzzle. Remember, all the puzzles in Full Moon are fair and can be solved with logic and thinking, so come back here if you get stuck!


Message: The rabbit seems too high to reach the root …. Maybe there’s a way to persuade him to come down?

Solution: You can click on the rabbit to make it jump. This increases the value of N

Level 2

Message: This owl wants to protect the pear. But he looks a little tired…

Solution: Move the owl to the left, then let it sleep for a few seconds without doing anything.

Level 3

Message: One of these bubbles of light appears to be broken …..

Solution: Turn on all lamps from left to right except the fourth, which is faulty, and reset the others.

Level 4

Clue #1: This jerk seems far away…. Maybe something floating can get him across the river?

Tip #2: This rock blocks the way… Can you move it?

Solution: Click on the tree to drop a leaf. With the third, you can carry the acorn across the river. Wait for the acorn to fall so it has time to fall on the leaf before it flies away. Then pick up the stone by pushing it to jump over the leaf.

Level 5

Message: This fruit is too big for a rabbit….. Maybe you can blow up his balloon to help him?

Solution: Move the mouse over the balloon to inflate it. Hold the cursor over it and the balloon will carry the rabbit to the apple.

Level 6

Message: This fruit is just unattainable! Maybe there’s something to the bottom….

Solution: Use two stones to level the floor: The large stone must be on the fruit platform and the small stones on the rabbit platform.

Level 7

Message: This lampshade must be important….. Some of them seem broken….

Solution: Two lights on the steering wheel are defective, the others have been reset. Spin the wheel and find them, then mark them by turning on the adjacent lights. Close the rest, then the last three.

Level 8

Message: These owls seem to follow your mouse cursor. …. Maybe they’ll help you find something?

Solution: These owls indicate where you are in relation to the position of the fruit. They disappear when you reach the X/Y position of the fruit, which is on the left side of the tree.

Level 9

Message: You can’t push those lights out …. Maybe you can turn it on by touching it?

Solution: The lights must shine from left to right. A stuck owl that can’t move will instead jump, causing the lamp underneath it to light up and the lamp in front of it to light up as well.

Level 10

Message: The leaves of this tree have a very strange shape….

Solution: The tree is hidden by two clouds. Swipe left and right to reveal the fruit.

Level 11

Message: What are those owls doing? Maybe they’re pointing at something with their eyes. ….

Solution: The lights under the open eye must be on.

Level 12

Message: These rabbits are in the way! But you don’t want them to fall into the river…..

Solution: If a rabbit is caught by the foot of a larger rabbit, it will fall, and that is not good. For this, you need: Click on small rabbit, small rabbit, medium rabbit, small rabbit, medium rabbit, small rabbit, medium rabbit, large rabbit.

Level 13

Message: It’s a party. Turn on all the lights… But why are the others here?

Solution: When you click on the light bulb, it and the surrounding lights will turn on. The ones you need to click are marked with a cross here:



So far this guide to the Bart Bonthe collection. We thank DarkFluo for this detailed full moon guide to the Bart Bonte Collection. Do you have a suggestion to improve this guide? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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