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Kingdom Hearts series is a game series for consoles that was developed and published by Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts is a game series which is also developed by Square Enix. The series was first released on the PlayStation 2 and later, it got released on the PlayStation Portable. The series also got released on the PlayStation 3 and it got released in the PS4. The series has a total of eight games and this series is also very popular. The best part about this series is that these games have a good story, a very good gameplay and very good graphics. The series has a total of eight games and they are Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom

In Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX, Sora’s in his “classic” Kingdom Hearts outfit, but he doesn’t always wear it. That’s why he’s in need of some handy accessories, like an extra shield, a keyblade that grows with him, and more. The following is a list of the best accessories in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX.

Like any good role-playing game, Kingdom Hearts has countless accessories to help you improve your performance and give you an extra push along the way.

Whether it’s increasing HP, adding strength, improving defense or various other bonuses, accessories are the tipping point between survival and combat.

And here’s our ranking of the best of the best when it comes to these stylish items in Kingdom Hearts 1.

Little hint: Some fusion recipes differ between the original version and version 1.5. If you are having trouble creating an item, this may be the cause. Below are recipes for KH 1.5.

10. Angel Bracelet

We begin our jewelry series with a small sacred bracelet.

Are you constantly on the edge of the heartless claw and in need of rebirth?

Give yourself an extra boost with the angel bracelet.

Not only does this little guy cheerfully say his name, he also gives you a useful boost of +6 HP and +2 Defence.

While it may not seem like much, that little extra protection can make the difference between taking down an opponent and being taken down.

There are better alternatives, but this bracelet gives you stability until you can make it.

How to get it: This bracelet can be synthesized with 3 lightning bolts and a shiny gemstone.

9. Ravenclaw

The biggest enemy of the Kingdom Hearts series is darkness.

The thing is everywhere, whether in the form of the heartless, in the hearts of others or simply as a formless floating spirit.

If you want to be a guardian of the light, you must protect yourself from these dark forces.

Raven’s Claw has your back.

A raven claw taken directly from a bird reduces the damage to Sora from the dark forces by 20%.

Considering that most enemy attacks are based on darkness, with the exception of certain elemental enemies, you can see why this item is useful.

But wait, there’s more!

The claw not only reduces damage by 20%, but also increases Sora’s strength and defense by +2! Speaking of bargains, who wouldn’t want a designer label by their side?

(Please note that no birds were hurt in the making of this article ….. I think…)

How to get it: You can get this claw after defeating the Anti-Sora in Neverland.

8. EXP ring (KH1.5/Final Mix only)

There are a number of EXP-oriented accessories in the game.

But the EXP ring is (for me personally) the best of them all.

With this ring, Sora can increase the EXP she receives by 20%. If you’re out of energy for the next boss and need to brush up on a few levels, this game is a must.

The first two EXP accessories provide the same benefits as the ring, but at the cost of no additional bonus or even -2 in Strength and Protection.

The disadvantages are too great for these items compared to the advantages.

The only upgrade you can get is the EXP necklace – but you can only get that after you beat the hidden Mystery Man boss at the end of the game.

But this ring is obtained at a time in the game when it is still useful and easy to obtain, making it a more useful item overall. All it takes is a few pleasant visits to Winnie the Pooh!

How to get it: Finish the story and seal the keyhole in the Stoakrove forest.

7. Omega Art

Are you one of those Kingdom Hearts players who make good, balanced builds instead of focusing on magic, strength, stamina, and so on?

Well, Omega Arts is exactly what you need to balance yourself.

With a modest +3 in Strength, Protection and HP, this practical piece of jewelry is sure to come in handy in any situation.

There’s nothing extraordinary about it, but the increase in basic needs will definitely help Sora get stronger.

It would even be a good idea to give it to Donald or Goofy.

How to get it: Take possession of this ring by killing the boss Behemoth.

6. Elementary ring

Of course you have the means to protect yourself from the dark forces of the heartless. But unfortunately, darkness is not the only thing they bring.

Many opponents can use different elemental spells, for example. B. Lightning, fireballs, ice flashes and others.

It takes more than sunscreen and headphones to survive in these conditions.

The element ring is the best in its class.

Accessories usually provide protection against a specific element. But this ring offers you 20% protection against all these diseases!

And that’s not all: If you use more than one, the effect will be even stronger!

This big bonus (in addition to the +2 in defense) gives a much needed advantage against the threat of the heartless.

Don’t forget to hand out at least one to everyone; Donald and Goofy don’t like it when they light up.

How to get it: You can get this ring by buying it from Moogle for 4,800 ammo or by taking your chances with a 2% chance of falling off a heartless ship.

5. Master Earring

We looked at protection, power and HP, so what else are we missing?

But of course we must not forget AP!

AP is the driving force behind Sora’s abilities. And the more you have, the more extravagant techniques you add to your toolbox.

It’s time to become a true master of skills with the Master Earring.

With a significant increase of +4 AP, you can add that dream skill without having to level up.

If you really want to, you can extract more melts to make more rings and get more AP by creating an endless grinding spiral. But either way, this is irrelevant.

Use the best AP item in the game and give yourself a small +2 protection bonus, because you deserve it.

How to get it: 5 spirit shards, 3 spirit stones and 1 rage stone are needed to make this powerful treasure.

4. Heart protection

Your heart is the most precious thing you own in the universe of Kingdom Hearts.

It is the essence of your being, your soul, your key to orientation.

It’s your driving force. And if you lose it or it gets dark, it’s over.

On your terrifying journey, you will encounter many dangerous obstacles that threaten the safety of your heart.

Protect it with a heart protector.

With this accessory you not only get +3 HP and +4 protection, but also 20% protection from the dark elements.

Combined with the element ring, you get all the protection you could want.

This guard gives the highest defense buff in the game, so it’s definitely not something you should sleep on.

How to get it: You can synthesize this item with 3 lucid gemstones, 1 lucid crystal and 1 light crystal.

3. Gaia Bracelet

Sure, defense is nice and all, but what if you want to focus on a more brutal and loud fighting style instead of a tank fighting style?

When Sora attacks you with a weapon, you need your health to support that power.

With the power of Gaia, you are healthy and ready for battle, gaining +9 HP and +3 Defense.

Sora’s maximum health level is about 110. So +9 gives him an impressive 10% extra health.

Survive more blows and avoid certain death while looking stylish.

How to get it: Get Gaia’s protection by synthesizing it with 5 lucid shards, 3 lucid gems, and 1 lightning stone!

2. Cosmic Arts (KH1.5/Final Mix only)

Okay, I hear you.

I said Gaia Armreif is designed for less tank-heavy playstyles, but that it provides extra protection, not anything else. But I understand you want to end the fight as quickly and efficiently as possible – who needs protection?

What if I told you there was another option for all those at risk?

With the power of the stars, I offer you cosmic art!

It still gives the fantastic +9 health, just like the Gaia bracelet, but gives no defense bonus. Instead, you get +2 MP and +2 AP, which is ideal for all magic users and combo masters.

And you can always equip both items for extra power and protection, if you want to play it safe.

How to get it: Prepare the ingredients, because for this small object you need 5 light shards, 3 light stones, 1 light crystal and 3 mythril stones.

1. Crystal Crown

Now is the time for real power.

No king or queen is complete without his or her crown, so it’s time for you to get yours.

This is the one item you should always have with you, no matter what your play style is. This crown has everything you need, whether you use magic, incantations, combos – you name it and it will help you.

Are you ready to hear what this will do for you? I don’t think so.

For starters, there’s +6 HP, +3 AP and +1 MP.

They also have +2 strength and defense. But wait, there’s more!

The crown also increases the power of your general magic and spells! It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?

Now nothing can stand in your way against the forces of darkness. Feel the power emanating from your crown and prepare to be the guiding star for all.

How to get it: Incredible for a crystal crown costs 5 play crystals, 1 power crystal, 1 sparkle crystal, 3 flame stones and 3 frost stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX worth buying?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX is a great game, but it’s not worth buying if you already own the original Kingdom Hearts.

What is the most powerful weapon in Kingdom Hearts?

The Keyblade is the most powerful weapon in Kingdom Hearts.

What is the best weapon to choose in Kingdom Hearts?

The best weapon to choose in Kingdom Hearts is the Keyblade.

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