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Which pokemon is the best? When it comes to bugs, we think you should know. Which bug type do you like most in Pokémon ORAS and RSE? Let’s find out!

Pokémon ORAS & RSE has a lot of bugs, and this article will list the best bug types.

Any team may benefit greatly from having a Bug Pokémon.

Unfortunately, many players disregard Bug-type Pokémon, considering them to be inferior early-game Pokémon that you should swap out when things get difficult.

In reality, you may bring Bug-types with you on your adventure, and Hoenn is the place where this is most evident.


Ninjask 3.

Ninjask is a Bug/Flying-type that specializes in lightning-quick physical assaults.

It will put in a lot of effort in the beginning and is initially made accessible after the first Gym.

Teach Nincada Sand Attack at level 9 to weaken your opponent’s accuracy and counter Ninjask’s flimsy defenses before it evolves.

Sand Attack and Double Team work together to enhance Ninjask’s evasiveness.

Make careful to let Ninjask learn Double Team after it develops since after six uses, any opposing Pokémon will practically never strike you.

When you get in Mauville City, purchase the Aerial Ace TM from the PokeMart (TM40) to equip your Ninjask with the greatest flying-STAB available. After that, seek for U-Turn on the balcony of the Mauville Hills.

Although U-Turn is a fantastic utility technique, Ninjask must swap out every time it is used, which is cumbersome.

Additionally, you may talk with the Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town to gain some simpler Bug-type STAB by teaching Ninjask Bug Bite as soon as you can.

Once Ninjask reaches level 47, swap out Bug Bite for X-Scissor for the strongest Bug-type move available during the middle to end of the game.

Catching instructions: Catch a Nincada on Route 116, level it up to 20, and it will develop into a Ninjask.


2. Arbelo

Armaldo Pokedex in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

One of the all-time strongest fossil Pokémon is Armaldo (across all gens).

It has a surprising amount of bulk and a powerful physical attack as a Bug/Rock type.

We’ll be teaching Armaldo four offensive techniques to maximize its attack stat, beginning with Energy Ball, a Grass-type move that will counteract Armaldo’s Water-type weakness.

The Safari Zone is where you can find the Energy Ball TM (TM53).

Make sure to teach Armaldo the X-Scissor as its primary STAB move once it reaches level 46.

You’ll also get access to Seafloor Cavern, which is west of Ever Grande City and will open up around the same time.

Pick up the TM for Earthquake by diving down to the grotto.

The Rock Tomb TM from Rustboro City Gym will then be used as Armaldo’s Rock-type STAB move.

Despite concentrating on its physical assault, Armaldo also possesses a fantastic skill called Battle Armor.

Battle Armor ensures that Armaldo will be around to do more damage by preventing critical hits from ever being scored by an opponent’s attacks.

Catching instructions: Select the Claw Fossil in the Route 111 desert, then transport it to the Devon Corporation facility in Rustboro City where it will be revived as an Anorith.

To develop Anorith into Armaldo, raise it to level 40.


Mega Pinsir 1.

Mega Pinsir Pokedex in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screenshot

An undervalued Pokémon receives a much-needed power boost from Mega Pinsir.

Pinsir wasn’t awful to begin with, but its gigantic form elevates it to incredible status.

Pinsir can strike with damage of the legendary tier because to its additional attack points, and its speed boost allows it to outrun most foes.

Playing Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald? Relax; Pinsir is still the greatest Bug-type in those games even if it isn’t as good as it was in Generation 3.

But for a moveset, start with the basics:

At level 33, teach Pinsir X-Scissor for some STAB damage.

Storm Throw, a Fighting-type move that always results in a critical hit, should be used after this at level 36.

Pinsir will outrun most Rock-types, so use Storm Throw to prevent them from exploiting his x4 vulnerability to Rock attacks.

The large number of Fire-types Team Magma employs might be a major issue for Pinsir if you’re playing Ruby or Omega Ruby.

Take use of Mega Pinsir’s new ability instead if you already have a Water or Rock-type available.

Aerilate converts Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves by energizing them by 30%. As a result, Mega Pinsir may still benefit from its new Flying-type even if it lacks any Flying-type moves in its move pool.

Giga Impact is unquestionably the greatest move to use if you want to utilize this move slot to end a battle.

Naturally, check to see whether Giga Impact will knock out the opponent; else, you’ll have to wait while Pinsir takes a nap on the next round.

The Lilycove City Department Store sells the TM for Giga Impact (TM68).

Alternatively, Return is your best option if you want to play it safe. Return does 100 basic damage while its happiness is at its peak (the same as Earthquake). In Pacifidlog Town, you may find the TM for Return (TM27).

Pinsir’s happiness may be increased by giving it the Soothe Bell, which can be obtained in Slateport City, if you want to guarantee that Return always does full damage.

At level 40, you may finally teach Pinsir Swords Dance to drastically boost the remainder of its moveset and have it prepared to sweep the opposing team.

How to catch: Pinsir may be found in the north-east corner of the Safari Zone.

If you’re playing OR/AS, be sure to dive on Route 124 to get Pinsir’s giant stone.

The “highest base stat bug pokémon” is a type of Pokémon that has the highest base stats. This can be found in both Pokémon ORAS and RSE.

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