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A lot of people thought that Espers were going to be an overused gimmick in Final Fantasy XII. But, it turned out not to be the case. In fact, they were one of the most unique and powerful Espers ever. They were the most prominent and influential element that made the game’s story so intriguing, and were the backbone to the game’s plot twists and redemptions. Without them, the story would probably have been much less interesting.

Welcome! My name is Jim, and I review the best esper characters in the Final Fantasy XII series. Some of them are new to the series, others are new to the game in general, and still others are returning from previous titles. But regardless of how many times they have been in the spotlight, each of them is well worth playing as a support character, regardless of your play style. I am listing the best espers in the series in this article, and I hope you enjoy it.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Espers article, but I’m finally going to do one now. I’m not going to do a list like usual, as I’m going to rank them according to my overall opinion. This time, I’m going to rank them from the most useful for the game to the worst. I’ll be using the following criteria.

One of the common features of all Final Fantasy games is the ability to summon powerful creatures to assist you in battle.

FFXII is no exception.

If you strive to catch them all, you become the ultimate summoner. And with the Zodiac himself at your side, you will have total power.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Esper you can get in FFXII, and explain why they’re so good (and how to get them).

13. Belias, Gigas

Some would say Belias is an esper in training, as he is the first esper you meet in the game.

Although Belias is by far the weakest of the group, he’s a good starting choice that will move you forward from the start.

Belias is very similar to Ifrit from the rest of the Final Fantasy series. So don’t attack him with fire magic or it will only cure him.

The best option to unlock Belias on a licensed board is the Bushy quest, which unlocks the scaling technology. The ladders allow you to see the traps, as well as the HP and status of the enemy (very useful).

Extras : No.
How to get there: Belias lies in the tomb of King Rathwall in the area of the Monastery of the Flame.

12. Mathew, corrupted

Mathew is slightly stronger than Belias, but overall still a pretty weak Esper.

It’s also a story esper that you fight during the normal game.

And Mateus has some interesting skills that make him a useful sidekick.

To be precise, it involves dealing icy blows to enemies, as well as healing the summoner.

As for the license table, the knight quest is the best one to unlock white magic 6 and 7 – including Curaga and Esuna.

Extras : No.
How to get there: Meetings in the Dignity Room at Stilshrine Miriam.

11. Adrammelech, Wroth

The first optional Esper on our list is Adrammelech.

This could easily be a delay too early in the game that will likely kill your game.

Be careful when entering the Zertinan caves at the beginning of the game.

But Adrammelech is not a difficult esper if you are trained well enough and high enough.

Just beware of the shutdown effect, which can cost precious seconds in combat.

When Adrammelech is summoned, he uses a variety of lightning attacks against enemies. He is also weak to ice, but immune to the other elements.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : It is found in the caves of Zertinan.

10. Kuhulainn, impure

Kuhulainn is a pretty strong esper when it comes to damage over time.

His Blight and Malaise skills are an excellent combination for constant damage.

Additionally, this Esper takes half damage on all elemental attacks against him. This makes the battle for the takeover a little difficult.

Concentrate on treating and maintaining the lot – it’s very important.

For license unblocks, a red combat mage can obtain Black Magic 9 and 10, which contain important and powerful black magic attacks, including Firaga and Blizzaga.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : Occurs in the Garamsite waterway after completing hunts 4 and 6, Wraith and White Moss, respectively.

9. Hashmal, bring back order

Hashmal’s in the main event.

It is quite easy to obtain and is very powerful in battle.

And to combat it, here’s a tip: Use levitation in your group to counter Quakeja.

When summoned, his default attack is a ground attack with one target. Her ultimate attack, the Wrath of Gaia, inflicts massive damage on all enemies within range.

The best option for an authorized sign is to open it with the knight, who bestows faith and courage. You can also access white magic 4 (Cura and Raise) with a monk’s stake.

Extras : No.
How to get there: Meets at 90F on the third ascent of Faros on Ridoran.

8. Fumphrite, dark cloud

Fumfrith is obtained during the main story and fights alongside Dr. Sid after the fight with Hashmal.

The combat is pretty simple, with no special tricks, so it should be easy.

Like Hashmal, Fumfrith performs two powerful attacks, but they are water-type attacks.

The first attack is a single-use attack and the last attack is a multiple-use attack.

For the price of the license, I’d say unlocking Fumfrith with Machinist is the best option. This gives you access to Time Magic 8, 9 and 10, including the Reflectga, Slowga and Hastega spells.

Extras : No.
How to get there: It turns out that after defeating Dr. Sid and Fumfrith on the summit Pharos in Ridoran.

7. Zalera, Seraphim of Death

This Esper can be a very unpleasant prey.

There is a clever attack that immediately neutralizes all members of your group. It will also summon minions to attack you.

And if that’s not enough, you have to do it all in five minutes or less.

Good luck!

When you summon Zalera, he becomes a beast by your side. It uses the Kill ability, which immediately kills your opponents if they have no immunity, such as. B. Bosse.

His Conviction attack also instantly kills enemies with less than 9,999 HP.

Depending on your build, Bushi may be the best advantage to unlock your license with Zalera. This makes the blood sword and karkata available for use.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : Occurs in Barheim Passage after advancing through Ozmon Plains during the game. To access this Esper, you must obtain the key to Barheim by completing the Desert Patient quest in South Bank Village.

6. Exodus, Judges Sal

Exodus can be both very powerful and extremely useless in combat.

It’s also not very easy to spot (details below).

He uses several typical black mage attacks during the fight, so make sure you cover yourself.

When summoned, Exodus attacks with a comet that causes zero to Exodus’ maximum HP. Yes, it can do zero damage if you are unlucky.

His ultimate attack (meteor) is the same as the comet’s, but he has multiple targets.

For unlocking licenses, the Red Battle Mage is the best, unlocking Heavy Armor 8, 9 and 10. There are a few more professions that have interesting unlocks, including Foebreaker for Magick Lore and Machinist for Green Magick 1.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : To get into Exodus, you need to activate the various wind shrines in the Mosphorian Highlands. You will also need Gysahl Greens for part of the trip. Keep activating the wind shrines and you’ll eventually meet Exodus.

5. Shemkhazai, the Whisperer

Shemhazai is part of the main story of your game.

It’s not that hard of a fight, but the esper is pretty strong.

Keep compensation serums on hand for this battle.

Shemhazai has some very interesting skills when called upon.

His Devour Soul attack works similarly to Rust Knots, inflicting damage equal to Shemhazai’s maximum HP divided by any number from 1 to 10.

The most interesting attack, however, is the Soul Purge.

This attack adds up the total damage of the rust node and the soul eater and divides it by 3 for the final result.

Soul Cleansing can quickly inflict massive damage on multiple enemies. However, it is reset to zero after each use. That means you have to devour the soul and use the nodes of the grid to restore it.

Extras : No.
How to get there: Occurs in the Wind Gate area in the old city of Giruvegan after leaving the Great Crystal.

4. Zeromus, convicted

Zeromus is the beginning of the most interesting and difficult espers to find in the game.

But the benefits are worth fighting for.

Facing Zeromus is much harder than many other fights, simply because Zeromus does not allow spells throughout the fight.

Yes, that includes defense, armor, etc. So make sure you buffer the group before you start the fight.

Focusing on using objects rather than magic to heal is a strong tactic. You’ll also need to use accessories and equipment to fill the gap left by the lack of spells.

Once you have it, summoning Zeromus can produce incredible results. His main attack is Gravity Well, which deals damage equal to his maximum HP minus his current HP, then multiplied by two.

His ultimate attack is Big Bang, which is the same as Gravity Well, but multiplied by 5 – and hits all enemies. So, yes, the damage is significant.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : You must get the Judgment Stone from the acolyte at the top of Mount Bur-Omisas. Then you can meet Zeromus at Miriam’s shrine.

3. Chaos, Wheelwalker

Chaos is one of the hardest to reach Esper, mainly due to the length of the quest to meet him.

And in battle, it prevents your team from using the attack command. So you have to focus on Magic, Technicks, Quickenings and other Espers.

When he is called upon, his attacks are very varied. But the main attacks he uses are the whirlwind and the tornado.

The whirlwind causes half of your target’s maximum HP. Which is pretty crazy.

Tornado causes 90% of each target’s maximum HP.

Chaos really hits home!

For a license fee, Monk can get White Magic 11 and 12, which include Esunaga and Shellga. Or Ullan can unlock Black Magic 6 and 7, including Blindg and Silensg.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : Find three medallions and defeat the bosses of Necrohol Nabudis to unlock the Chamber of Chaos.

2. Ultima, Supreme Seraphim

We shouldn’t be surprised that Ultima is so high on our list without the slightest hesitation.

It can be very annoying and difficult to get to that point, and then even harder to overcome it. But in the long run, it will be worth it to purchase this esper for the service.

When you fight them, you’ll find that you take damage every time you damage Ultima. So don’t forget the buffs and heals to get the job done.

A handy trick is to equip your group with white masks to absorb holy type damage, and with the ring of wisdom.

Make sure Ultima doesn’t do any Holy damage.

Soon after this fight, serious effects begin to manifest, including consuming the HP of the entire party, the inability to perform magic attacks or commands, slowing time, or the inability to use items. You’ll definitely need to keep an eye on your combat log to cast spells if necessary, and keep an eye on Reflectga rolls.

The first thing you want to do after you get this Esper is summon him!

Ultima has excellent passive skills and permanent buffs, and also inflicts incredible damage.

Flare, Redemption, and Eschaton are their main attacks.

Atonement is a one-time holy attack, and Eschaton deals massive holy damage to all nearby enemies.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : Finds himself at the end of the Great Crystal after a long and confusing journey without a map.

1. Zodiac, guardian of the commandments

The most powerful of all Evalis’ espers.

Zodiarc is not an easy fight. Not at all.

But for the Supreme Summoner, this extra Esper is an absolute necessity.

Just be prepared for a long, hard battle and the powerful confrontations that precede it.

Ribbons are by far the most important accessory for this fight. You should avoid as many negative effects as possible. Any weapon of a higher category would also be very useful.

Make sure all your characters are high level and rest them for this fight – otherwise you will probably not succeed.

And watch out for Zodiark’s Darkjack attack during the fight. It can immediately put your characters in a knockout state, and there’s not much you can do to stop it.

Save as many buffs as you can and don’t be surprised if this fight is long (and multiple attempts).

When summoned, the Zodiarc uses the exile beam and deals 9,999 damage to all enemies.

He also has an eclipse that does 50,000 damage.

I hope you can see why Zodiarc is the strongest Esper in the game.

When it comes to unlocking licensed maps, there are many interesting options.

An archer can unlock 1,000 needles. Bushy can unlock heavy armor 9, 10 and 11. A red warlord can unlock sword 4, which contains Ragnarok. And Time Battlemage can unlock Durandal and Simha, two great weapons.

Extras : Yes
How to get there : It’s in the Chicken Mine, but it’s closed until you have at least 10 other Espers.Yes, we all know that Espers are one of the greatest things about Final Fantasy XII, but they’re also one of the hardest to unlock. I mean, you’ve got one chance to get ’em, and if you screw up, you’re stuck with a weaker Esper until you beat the game a second time.. Read more about strongest esper ff12 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Espers should I use ff12?

Espers should be used with a class that has access to the corresponding Esper.

What level should I be to beat Cuchulainn?

The level you should be to beat Cuchulainn is level 16.

How many Espers are there in Final Fantasy 12?

There are only three Espers in Final Fantasy 12.

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