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With the release of the new movie Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions on December 12th, the new generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is set to debut. Because of this, Nichegamer has decided to look back at the monsters from the original series to see which cards they are the best.

What is a Link 3? Link 3 is a monster that cannot be targeted by your opponent’s monster effects.

The Link 3 monsters are notorious for being wildly inconsistent throughout the entirety of their history. This is largely due to the dearth of real, committed playtesting that most of these monsters have seen. There are, however, several Link 3 monsters that are regarded as being pretty good overall, and with the release of Link Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, it’s time to take a look at which ones you’d pick as your best.. Read more about best link 2 monsters 2021 and let us know what you think.

Link 3s are a fantastic collection of additional deck monsters that are all too frequently ignored.

They don’t have the same high summoning costs as Link 4 monsters, but their effects are often just as strong – if not more so!

If you’re wanting to integrate Link summoning into your plan but aren’t sure where to start, let’s take a look at some of the best Link 3 monsters to check out.


Auroradon, the Mecha Phantom Beast

The Mecha Phantom Beast cards were all about producing tokens, which made them a popular deck option during the Link period, when tokens could now be utilized for Link summoning.

While you won’t be able to link summon for the remainder of the round after summoning this card, you may store those tokens for the following turn or tribute them for other effects!

You may destroy any card on the field by destroying 1 token.

This leaves you with two tokens to summon next round, as well as removing any threats your opponent may have on their board.

You may also destroy 2 tokens to special summon any Mecha Phantom Beast from your deck (great for XYZ summons), or 3 tokens to add any trap card from your graveyard to your hand.


Zefra Metaltron (nine)

Zefra Metaltron Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I never imagined Zefra decks would get it through the switch to Link summoning.

They’re a pendulum deck that relies heavily on filling the extra deck with pendulum monsters, thus being able to summon fewer of them at once was a major setback.

Zefra Metaltron, on the other hand, came to the deck’s rescue – and boy, did it enhance the strategy!

It features three downward-pointing arrows, allowing you to summon up to three pendulum monsters from the extra deck at once!

This reminds me of the good old days of pendulum summoning, when you could fill a board with pendulum creatures and bring them back again and again.

In fact, Zefra Metaltron’s downward-pointing arrows make him an excellent option for any link-summoning deck since it greatly expands your field.

You may also use Zefra Metaltron to eliminate threats from the extra deck.

On both sides of the field, you may banish a monster that was special summoned from the extra deck, then banish both until the end phase.


8. Selene, the Master Magician’s Queen

Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians YGO Card

Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians is a must-have for your extra deck if you’re playing a spellcaster strategy.

You may place spell counters on this card equal to the number of spell cards on the field and in the graveyard when it’s special summoned.

Because modern Yu-Gi-Oh revolves on the use of powerful spells, this number may rapidly grow.

You may special summon a spellcaster monster from your hand or graveyard to any zone this card points to once per round by removing 3 spell counters from anyplace on your side of the field.

You’ve got a lot of choices to play with with three downward pointing arrows!


7. Unicorn of Knightmare

Knightmare Unicorn Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card is extremely crazy even in non-Knightmare decks.

You may target any card on the field and shuffle it into the deck when it’s link summoned.

You get to draw a card if this card was co-linked when this effect was triggered (i.e. Knightmare Unicorn’s link arrows point at a link monster whose link arrows also point back at Knightmare Unicorn).

If you’re using a Knightmare approach, Unicorn becomes even more powerful.

You may skip the draw phase with Knightmare Unicorn and then draw a card for each co-linked Knightmare monster on your side of the field.

This is essentially a Pot of Greed every round if the board is set up correctly. How can you say no to a pull power like that?


Heatleo, Salamangreat

Salamangreat Heatleo YGO Card

If you’re new to link summoning and aren’t sure where to begin, Salamangreats is a great place to start.

They’re a Cyberse deck with fire as an attribute, and they’re one of the greatest Link summoning decks out there.

If you connect summon their boss monsters (including this guy), they acquire unique powers (i.e. using one copy of Salamangreat Heatleo to summon another).

While this isn’t always a lawful Yu-Gi-Oh move, it is when their field spell has expired!

You may shuffle a card in your opponent’s spell and trap card zone into their deck when this card is link summoned in either direction. You may then target 1 monster on the field and make its attack equal to the attack of a monster in your graveyard once per round if this card was link summoned using itself.

You may use this to either buff up your lesser monsters by utilizing your deceased boss monsters to make them become super-strong goliaths, or you can use it to weaken your opponent’s strongest monsters by matching it to your graveyard’s lowest ATK card.

In either case, your opponent is going to take a lot of combat damage!


5. Extended Decode Talker

Decode Talker Extended Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The first Decode Talker is a fantastic game.

But Decode Talker – Extended outperforms it in every aspect!

This card gets 500 attack for each monster it points to, much like the original.

With three link arrows (1 up and 2 down), the maximum gain is 1500, bringing this guy’s attack to 3800.

And if a monster referred to by this card is destroyed by combat or sent to the graveyard during your battle phase (preferably the card indicated to by this card’s up arrow), you may use Decode Talker – Extended attack again.


4. Trisbaena topologica

Topologic Trisbaena YGO Card

The term “topologic” alludes to the study of forms, which makes sense given that I have no idea what shape this man is attempting to be.

Definitely something abstract.

However, the consequences aren’t that abstract:

If a monster or monsters are special summoned to a zone this card points to, you may banish as many of those monsters as you want, along with every spell and trap card on the field.

This not only gets rid of your opponent’s monster (if they summoned into this card’s top arrow), but it also clears their whole backrow!

Topologic Trisbaena then does 500 damage to your opponent for each of their exiled cards, giving him a useful method to burn your opponent for a lot of damage.


3. The Wizard of the Tri-Gate

Tri-Gate Wizard Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Tri-Gate is a wonderfully varied link monster that improves as you add additional monsters to it.

This card makes it simple to go to three co-links with two side arrows and one up arrow — as long as your opponent has at least one link monster.

Your co-linked monsters will deal twice the amount of combat damage to your opponent if you use one or more co-links.

This is a fantastic method to pile on the damage on your opponent, since two monsters hitting with double damage can quickly mount up!

Every round, you may target and exile a card on the field with two or more co-links.

As long as you have enough link monsters on board, this is a very consistent eradication weapon that you can employ every round.

Finally, if you have three or more co-links, you may negate any card or effect once per turn at fast effect speed — and then exile that card!

This works in tandem with the preceding effect, enabling you to effectively banish two of your opponent’s cards per round.


2. Rusty Bardiche’s Phantom Knights

The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche YGO Card

Phantom Knights set out to rule the world of XYZ summoning, and in the process, they acquired one of the finest Link monsters available.

You may send any Phantom Knight creature from your deck to the graveyard during your main phase, or you can cast any Phantom Knight spell or trap directly from the deck.

The Phantom Knights have a number of very strong Rank Up Magic spells in their arsenal, and Rusty Bardiche is the ideal method to use them anytime you want.

On the XYZ front, you may target and destroy any card on the field if a dark XYZ monster is summoned to a zone that this card refers to (one per round).

Phantom Knights is the only deck in the game that can defeat XYZ monsters. As a result, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this second impact.


1. Black Luster Soldier – Chaos Soldier

Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The greatest Link 3 monster isn’t simply Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos…

It’s also one of the greatest link monsters ever!

This monster possesses the greatest attack stat of any link 3 monster, with a staggering 3000 attack, and can also fight head-to-head with most link 4 monsters in battle.

You may pick one of three amazing effects if this card defeats a monster in battle:

You may have this card gain 1500 attack (note that this is a permanent boost! ), have this card attack twice during your next combat phase, or simply banish any one card from the field.

There really is an effect for everything, and this card’s initial effect is fantastic for building up an unstoppable war machine against high-attack monsters.

Being able to non-target exile any card on the field, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to throw your opponent off. You can also halt all kinds of strong cards, regardless of their kind.

The meta game has taken notice of this flexibility, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a copy of this man for less than $100. (as of this writing). That’s not even taking into account the phantom rare upgrade this man received!

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese anime series created by Kazuki Takahashi. It is also known as the “Cinderella of Japanese cartoons”. The series focuses on Yugi Muto, who is a boy by day but turns into a handsome teen by night. He is a part of the Shadow Games, which is a virtual reality game created to test Yugi and his friends’ (Tea, Joey and Tristan) strength, intelligence and skill. The game is monitored by three different groups: The Virtual World, the humans from the real world and the spirit world. Each group has a different purpose in the Shadow Games.. Read more about highest link rating monster and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

The strongest link monster in Yugioh is the Number 39: Utopia.

What is the best monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The best monster in Yu-Gi-Oh is Blue Eyes White Dragon.

2+ means that the card has a Link Monster on it.

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