The Best Medieval & Middle Ages Mods (All Free) –

Skyrim leaves a lot to be desired in terms of historical accuracy.

Sure, the setting seems vaguely medieval. But history buffs won’t find much here.

But Skyrim (like most games these days) can be run with certain models.

From more realistic armor to better medieval music to new role-playing mechanics, this list has everything to make Skyrim a truly medieval experience.

Or at least something close to it. Don’t push.

10. More safety shielding

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Want to know what makes a game truly medieval? Armor.

Or rather, realistic armor.

Other Guard Armor is a mod that gives us interchangeable armor for different guards in the hold, from the humblest of cheerleaders to the meanest of sergeants.

Oh, and make sure you never walk past them with jewelry: These guys are a lot like Vikings to me.

Better not to lure them back to their old habits!

9. Skyrim End Weapon Qualification LaRp

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The weapons in the base version of Skyrim look pretty deadly to me.

But probably not against our enemies.

I never understood why they didn’t run away at the sight of my giant swords and clunky axes. ….

After installing the Skyrim Weapon De-LARP mod, I finally understood why.

There’s nothing scarier than fat people. And if you want thickness, you want this module. And please stop smiling. I’m talking about knives!

8. Celtic music in Skyrim

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Nothing enhances the atmosphere of Skyrim more than good music.

And there’s no better choice for a truly medieval experience in Skyrim than the Celtic music craze.

You’ll find 79 new tracks, for a total of 5 hours of new music.

It’s all so incredible that even the strictest music critics have to admit that this craze is really something special.

Best of all, you can still play the main game, since the mod doesn’t replace vanilla music.

That’s what I call a win-win situation.

7. Wildcat

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I love Skyrim as much as the next fan. But I can’t deny that the fight leaves a lot to be desired.

Why does it take so many hits to eliminate all the weak skeletons?

Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the Wildcat mod.

It’s a simple combat overhaul that introduces some interesting mechanics, such as improved AI, faster and more visceral combat, and timed lockdown.

The latter was enough to convince me. Nothing looks more like a realistic medieval battle than a perfect block of shields. And the subsequent axe to the face.

6. Sutwak Fortified Manor

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Turning Skyrim into a true medieval experience must be hell on the hundreds of poor NPCs who toil every day.

But we’re the main character. And we have all the advantages.

like a great fortified estate!

I’m sure you can check out the pictures on the mods page to see why it’s so great.

Sutvaka’s modern walled estate offers amazing things, like a lounge with a hot tub, a dwarf pool, and a tavern with a bartender who knows how to serve me before I even ask.

Not to mention barracks full of loyal men willing to give their lives to save mine.

5. SkyrimHorse improvement

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There’s nothing more medieval than horseback riding.

And in the vanilla version of Skyrim this is very noticeable, simply because the animations and hair physics are very clumsy.

There are many horse-related mods, but I really recommend Skyrim Horses Renewal if you’re looking for a period game.

Now your horse will finally act like a real mountain, in service to the savior of the world.

4. Dice games in taverns

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I love commercials.

I like their atmosphere. I love their terrible food. And I love his patrons.

Especially if they like to play games.

This is not a particularly complex mod, as it just adds a simple dice game that can be played in taverns.

But it greatly improves the atmosphere of Skyrim and brings it closer to medieval times (not quite, but closer!).

Have you ever heard of a medieval inn where the customers didn’t try to kill each other because they cheated at dice?

3. Retrieve Archery

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I really don’t understand why role-playing games always have the archery option in some form or another. But they almost always don’t do it right.

My character is a master archer: but I want the wind speed and direction to count!

While realistic archery physics is probably too much for a game like Skyrim, this Archery Gameplay Overhaul mod may be more than enough for a more enjoyable experience.

It brings new animations, shortens the draw time, and even adds an effective arrow attack.

Yes, like in the Middle Ages. I think it is.

2. General purpose clothing

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I know, I know. The armor sets are great.

But if you want a real medieval experience, you can’t wear chain mail all the time.

These modes may not be as visible as most of Skyrim’s modes.

But I would say this mod is a must download for anyone interested in medieval atmospheres.

Weapons were expensive in the Middle Ages. Few people could afford to buy and maintain armor, so most people could only afford simple clothing.

Kinda like the 100+ new outfits in this mod.

It’s true that they don’t protect you much in battle. But it’s worth the sacrifice if you’re looking for true historical authenticity!

1. Initial alternative

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Being a Dragonborn is good, but it’s also good. …. That’s not very realistic.

In the Middle Ages, people lived much more modestly.

So, if you want to experience a life of humility and poverty yourself, I have a few words to say (or write).

First: You’re crazy.

Second: Download and install the Alternate Start modem.

This expansion allows you to make a number of decisions at the beginning of the game that will affect your adventure. And you can make a big difference.

This is one of the best mods for those who want to take roleplaying in Skyrim to a whole new level.

And I say it’s time for ordinary farmers to shine!

frequently asked questions

What was the most powerful institution in the Middle Ages?

After the fall of Rome, there was no state or government to unite the peoples of the European continent. On the contrary, the Catholic Church became the most powerful institution of the Middle Ages. Kings, queens and other rulers derived much of their power from their alliances with and protection by the Church.

Who was the best medieval knight?

William Marshall, 1. Earl of Pembroke (1147-1219), often called the greatest medieval knight, famous for his prowess in tournaments and wars. At a very young age he entered the service of King Henry II, who made him tutor to his eldest son in 1170.

What are the 3 medieval periods?

The Middle Ages are generally divided into three periods: The High Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Low Middle Ages.

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