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Fans who have played Final Fantasy X know that there are several bosses that will absolutely destroy you if you’re not prepared.

So this list is dedicated to all the places in the game that are perfect for destroying AP and making those difficult bosses a little more manageable.

As you may already know, Final Fantasy X changes the game by moving away from the usual alignment system in favor of a spherical grid.

Using a spherical grid, fight to get AP instead of EXP. And it unlocks nodes in your roster to get health, strength, extra skills, all that good stuff!

And to get AP, the character has to be part of the fight, so a big part of the work for AP is making sure you change the party members so everyone gets their share.

Now the list. I put the spots in order from early game to late game.

FFX has weapons that also have abilities like double hotspot, triple hotspot, and overdrive → hotspot (which gives more hotspots instead of charging your overdrive). Use this weapon whenever you can for a much easier grind!

7. Kilika Wood

Let’s start with the first real stop on your adventure in Speyer.

At the very beginning of the game, after you’ve met everyone in Besaid, you’ll find yourself on the island of Kilik.

Although sanding is not necessary this early, the wood is an excellent area to start sanding. At least until you can hastily grab a spell for Tidus in his spherical grate.

Lord Ochu is an optional monster that you can also fight at this stage, and it provides good AP for a tough (at this stage) fight.

6. Meehan High Road/Mushroom Rock

If you get into a Sinspawn boss fight, you can stay here to get AP quickly.

At this point, you really need to make sure Lulu unlocks her -ra spells (wathera, phyra, storm, etc).

Especially if you want to take it easy on Sinspoon.

5. Bevelle High Bridge

Now this is a key moment in the story and probably your best motivation for the rest of the game.

He’s also not available right after the fight with Seymour. So if you want to use this place to grind, stay away from the Seymour-Natus battle until you’re ready.

The enemies here are lenient with their AP, and you should be able to unlock the Reflect spell for Yuna.

4. GAZETTE Mountains

I think Mt. Gagazet is best known for the boss fight that takes place there.

But we can hang out and grind before the fight starts, until Wakka or Auron have as much of their sphere grid as possible (they’re both great characters to level up).

For the upcoming battle, it is also advisable to grind until you have enough materials to synthesize armor that will protect against the zombie state. It is often used in future boss fights.

Protip: If you see Vantz selling his wares here, I recommend stocking up on a hefty supply of holy water to help you out in case of zombie status.

3. Ruins of Zanarkand

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a recurring theme that infuriates us.

The best places to grind are usually at a Save Point, and these Save Points are usually near the next boss.

Final Fantasy X is often criticized for being more linear than other Final Fantasy games of the time. But with this setting, it’s easy to know when you want to stop and cut.

The ruins of Zanarkand are very similar to those of the other regions on this list. You’ll want to stay here for the boss fights with the Spectral Guardian and Unalesca.

The ruins are also a good source of sphere keys, which you need to complete everyone’s sphere roster.

You can even pause here to discover some additional skills and stats before moving on.

2. Omega Ruins

If you have the airship, you can unlock the Omega Ruins.

This is a special optional dungeon that unlocks with the right coordinates (69-75x and 33-38y) and contains some of the most powerful enemies in the game.

That means they spend a lot of AP.

So stop by here if you’re up for the challenge. Your team needs to be set up as soon as possible.

1. Monster Arena

Now that you have full access to your airship, you can go wherever you want! Grind anywhere you like… except for the Bevells, they’re still a bit mad at you.

There are also many side missions, extra bosses, extra aeons and other things that allow you to get extra spheres and AP.

But if that’s not enough for you, you can open the Monster Arena in the Land of Tranquility.

From there, you can buy special weapons to capture monsters in the Spear and send them to the arena to fight repeatedly for prizes and AP.

And if you catch 10 monsters in each area of Spira, you can fight special monsters. These monsters will be your best source of spheres and AP for the rest of the game (and even in the post-game).

Although not mentioned in this list, you can unlock a monster named Don Tonberry in the monster arena.

Don Tonberry is offering a whopping 99 AR! That is… if you can beat it, but that’s a strategy for another guide.

Just remember that somewhere near the save point in FFX can be a great place to grind AP! Just go to the save point to fully heal yourself, then return.

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