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The Dark Souls series is known for its mysterious side, so there is no question of finding the best beginner’s class and the best funeral gift in Dark Souls 2. The road is difficult, you have to take a good starting lesson and a funeral gift for your playing style, which can make the journey much easier.

New players will find it easier to enter the game by conquering the Warrior class with the gift of healing mysteries. On the contrary, more experienced players will probably prefer to start with a wizard who wears something petrified.

There are many reasons to choose an action, but also legitimate reasons to choose almost any action. We will split all beginning lessons and funeral gifts into Dark Souls 2, so you can easily choose the best option for the way you want to kill.

Before commencement

If you’re worried you can’t take it back, you don’t have to worry about Dark Souls 2. The game is designed in such a way that the starting class mainly defines the starting statistics and some of the equipment that can be found in the game. Each starting gift will also be available at certain locations throughout the trip, and many gifts will be visible several times.

However, it is a good idea to choose an entrance gift and a funeral gift that suits your playing style, as they can make your promotion much easier. However, as with many things in Dark Souls 2, there are a number of descriptions missing, so we make sure you go in the right direction.

Selection of class

After an introductory scenario and a short walk you will finally find your way to a cabin full of older women that will lead you to the class of your choice. You can choose from eight starting classes, including Warrior, Knight, Swordsman, Bandit, Cleric, Magician, Conductor and Thief. You can also choose your gender, but this does not affect your class.

Each class starts with its initial set of armor and various items, except for the disadvantaged class, which starts at level 1, without items, and at level 6 for each level. The Disadvantaged is perfect for a player who wants to build his character from scratch, but is too complicated for most players, so this is one of the last points mentioned.

Best beginners: Warrior

Although one can debate the best class for a complete beginner, the Warrior has one advantage: There are no other classes of shares. The fact that the Warrior is the only class that starts with a shield will allow you to learn the mechanics of locking and paring faster than any other class. Warrior also has strong launch features that make it possible to carry many types of equipment.

With this combination you can get used to the game faster, while you can invest your free points in Vigor for better health. The gameplay of hackers and orcs is an important element of Dark Souls 2. So, while spells and long-arc structures are possible, the first task for any beginner should be to discover the effectiveness of melee combat.

Although he starts with a shield and solid statistics, the main disadvantage of the warrior is his starting weapon, the broken right sword. Although, as you quickly find many other options, it’s not that difficult.

Why vets choose the magician

Although each class can eventually obtain comparable statistics and equip the same hardware, your class defines the first elements. The wizard is not chosen for his stats, but because he starts with 30 loads of the Soul Arrow spell, which allows a long playing time.

The main advantage lies in a number of early encounters, which will be much easier if you can fight enemies from a distance. However, the main opponents may need it for the single ogre and the boss you will meet later, both throw objects that can be found later in the game.

If you use a wizard, you can fight these heavy battles faster, but you don’t need both. Veterans can enjoy the challenge and don’t hesitate to jump into battle if they want to, when they are ready.

Other realisable options

As we mentioned earlier, you can get every aspect of any class into the game at any time, except the Privates, of course, because all the other classes are beginning to converge far beyond that. Knight’s choice is reliable for his equipment and statistics, but you don’t start with a ship that looks like a warrior despite the best weapons.

However, Sword Man is perfect for attack-oriented players, and poor starting health can be difficult to manage. You can choose Banditman if you want to start the idea of an onion, but nothing else stands out in this class.

Ecclesiastes does an excellent job, because with this course you will experience a miracle of healing, but to get the statistics in the right place you have to correct them. Finally, Explorer does not offer many bonuses, except to start with a Lockstone of Pharros, which can help you reach some of the treasures of the game.

Selection of funeral presents

Choosing a funeral gift is a little more important than choosing a class, because even if you can find an item at some point in the game, there are certainly some items that are more useful than others. We start with the least valuable funeral gifts before moving on to the valuable options and end with our favorite choice.

The three worst versions of your funeral gifts are Nothing, Human Effigy and Homemade Bone. Nothing is relatively clear, because there is no punishment for choosing a gift for a funeral. Without catching anything, it only makes sense for players who are trying to make the game as difficult as possible.

The Human Effigy is not very useful because you can find this object in different places during your journey. Thanks to his action, all health sanctions related to your death collected along the way will be lifted. For PvP, it also increases the likelihood of an invasion, while burning a single fire prevents direct interactions between multiple users, such as calls and invasion.

Homemade bones are another object that you will find over and over again on your journey. It will bend you when the final fire is lit and protect you from risky situations. Useful, no doubt, but soon you’ll have enough in your inventory.

First level options

These two points will be relatively useful for those just beginning their journey through dark souls. However, more experienced players will find more advantages in other gifts, as these items are mainly intended for players who need a little extra help to learn the mechanics of the game.

The lifebelt is quite easy to use and serves as a small buffer in case of damage until you find something better to replace it. This increases your HP by 5%, which is noticeable, but not very important because you will find updates over time.

Mysteries of Healing is a recommended choice for beginners as it makes the learning curve of Dark Souls 2 a little more bearable. If you choose this gift, you will be charged with many remedies that will cure you of overtime and help you continue your journey.

Special note : You get 10 periods if you are excluded from the list, while a class other than Explorer gets 20 periods, while Explorer starts with 30 periods.

Well thought-out tip

The following two options add a little value to your style of play, as they each offer a unique opportunity in the game. Neither gift makes it easy for you, but they do offer opportunities for creative players.

The giant tree seed is perhaps the only option among all available gifts and is PvP oriented. The use of these seeds will make all crowds hostile to PvP intruders. This gives PvP a fascinating twist to the game, because normal intruders don’t have to worry about monsters like you.

Bonfire Ascetic adds another wrinkle to the PvE aspect of the game, as it can be used to increase the power of the monsters you encounter. You can solve more complex problems by buying new weapons and secrets that are only available in the more complex offerings of New Game Plus. It can also be burned by a special tank fire, reducing the damage and slowing down the speed of the fall.

Something charming?

The most mysterious choice can be useful, and sometimes it doesn’t yield much, depending on your luck. If you choose this funeral gift, you can exchange it for a high quality, randomly selected object near one of the departure areas. Once you understand how to use this item, most players choose it because of its features, which can often seriously affect another gift.

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