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Dark Souls 2 has over 200 different weapons to wield, but the Twinblades – a pair of swords that can be wielded one-handed – are one of the best overall weapons you can use. Here are the King’s Ransom Twinblades in Dark Souls 2 that should be used – No matter what build you are playing (or what build you like using) the Twinblades are one of the very best weapons in the game. The King’s Ransom Twinblades are also some of the most popular after Bloodlust Twinswords.

In an effort to create the definitive guide to the best weapons in the Soulsborne sequel, I have put in a lot of work, and it has finally paid off. However, this may be the most comprehensive guide to Dark Souls 2’s weapons ever published, as I have included every weapon from the game, and ranked them.

There are certain weapons in Dark Souls 2 that are so powerful that they are almost required to defeat enemies. These weapons are known as “Twinblades”, which are weapons that are often dual-wielded. Often, one weapon is stronger than the other, and the player must choose which to use for their strategy. This guide will look at all of the best twinblades, and rank them based on their stats, so you know what weapon to use against what enemy.

A blade on your sword is too dull for you?

Have you ever wanted to take on the role of a certain horned Sith Lord?

You’re in luck, because in Dark Souls 2 this type of weapon has appeared especially for you! The double-edged knife is a weapon for those who want to cut, trim and look good at the same time.

But which one is the best?

Let’s dive into history and classify all the Twinblades found in Dranglake.

6. Witchblade

First on our list is the Wizard’s Double Blade.

I’m going to be very direct and just say: Yo, this is bad.

I can’t think of any good points about this thing. His terrible STR and DEX stats are understandable because of the witch part of his name, but he also has absolutely no INT or FAITH?


The pathetic C only appears when magic or darkness has invaded the land.

It can be used as a catalyst for spells (but not hexes for some reason), but I honestly recommend buying a better weapon and using it with something like Haman’s staff.

Taken directly from the product description:

A rare weapon, used by very few warriors.

And I hope it stays that way.

How to get it: In a chest at the top of the tower/roof, available after defeating Aawa, the king’s pet, and thawing out the grounds.

5. knife with double-curved blade

Ah, yes, the crowbar.

The curved blade has two virtues: a congenital bleed and the best DEX of all blades.

Then why is he only in fifth place?

Because frankly, his stats aren’t impressive enough.

The tapping effect is relatively weak, and in my opinion, tapping is best used in one of the better twinblades on this list.

If you are determined to use it, try combining it with things that promote bleeding, such as. B. Gloves of Shadow or Crown of Blood.

Applying a bleeding serum works really well too!

How to get it: Rank 1 in the Covenant of Blood Brotherhood, or buy from Chancellor Wellagher in NG++.

4. double-leaved

The first Twinblade you’ll encounter on your travels, the Twinblade is simple and straightforward.

It’s the first choice for quality builds and earns C’s in DEX and STR, making it a very practical choice until you find a better option or decide to redistribute your levels.

Pumping poison or bleeding is a good option because it adds 140 AR to those stats. But most other infusions aren’t bad options either.

How to get it: Purchased from the Ornifex arms dealer, found in a chest in the Lost Bastille or in the last room before Sir Alonn.

3. Double stone blade

A very good choice for any STR build thanks to its A scaling. Stone Twin Blade is another simple but good representative in our ranking.

Dye takes the scale down one notch, but adds four more to where you were standing.

This is very useful against enemies you want to take out quickly.

Just be careful with the force (the support ring will help).

Really, there’s nothing more to say here.

Do you like double-edged knives and have a lot of STRs? So take advantage of it!

How to get it: Cast the spirits of the knight of stone and the knight of dawn.

2. Dragonrider Twinblade

This is the best version of a wizard’s sword, and this weapon should be preferred by any intelligence.

There are several paths that can be taken in this case.

But if you’re a wizard, you’ll probably want to choose magic, fire, lighting, or darkness.

As with any double blade, poison and bleed are reliable alternatives.

And here’s another odd detail. The description reads:

These are the arms of King Vendrick’s Royal Guard.

But you will never see a dragon rider with such a weapon in the game.

It really makes you think!

How to get it: Trade the soul of the dragon for wandering Olafis.

1. two-leaf red iron

The crème de la crème in the world of double-edged knives.

The red iron DS2 has everything you could want in a DS2.

After the correction, it received a large-scale and AR upgrade that propelled it to the top spot.

So he has a very high attack value, excellent scaling, high damage from the pose, high durability and a good move set! You can also wear the stone ring for maximum self-destruction and tumbling.

The only downside is the delay in getting it (Amana Shrine? Boo I say!).

How to get it: Found on a corpse in Aman’s Sanctuary, in the place where you found the Kindalur special.So, you’ve found the best twinblades in Dark Souls 2? I’m not surprised. That’s because there are lots of them. There’s the Rotten Angelo, the Rotten Scimitar, the Rotten Edge, the Bleeding Dagger, and the Moonlight Greatsword. Each has its ups and downs, and after hours of trying them out, I settled on the Moonlight Greatsword as the best of the bunch. Here’s my ranking of all the twinblades in Dark Souls 2.. Read more about best twinblade ds2 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls 2 is an action RPG that uses the new Dark Souls 2 engine. You play as a newly-created character, who awakens in a dark and mysterious world, and struggles to find their way through it. The game contains a variety of different enemies who will try to kill you, and you must fight them back. However, there are also many hard-to-find items you can obtain, and weapons that will help you against these enemies. The best weapons in Dark Souls 2 will be some of the most powerful weapons in the game, and some of the best weapons in the game will be some of the best weapons in the game. It’s no surprise that the strongest weapon in Dark Souls 2 is the club. The strength of the club is comparable to the strength of the sword, but without the risk of a hit from a backstab. The club is also capable of one-hit KO’s if you’re lucky. But, the strength of the club comes with a weakness: it’s slow weapon speed, which can be a big detriment if you’re fighting a fast-moving enemy.

What is the best staff in Dark Souls 2?

It took a lot of trial and error but in the end I found the best staff in Dark Souls 2. These were the staffs that felt the most comfortable, and that I consistently used to defeat enemies/bosses. I have finally managed to create the perfect staff, and here are the results. What is the best staff in Dark Souls 2? How are they ranked? Why should you use a staff instead of a greatsword? Or a great sword instead of a staff? Or maybe vice versa? Find out in this very detailed guide, which will be updated in the future as new weapons come out.

What is the best greatsword in Dark Souls 2?

The best greatsword is a tricky topic. It’s difficult to tell which weapons are the best without knowing what the player is using them for. If you’re a PvP player and looking to overpower everyone with a two-handed weapon, don’t use a greatsword. The best greatsword is the one that’s best for your playstyle. In the first Dark Souls, we were introduced to the greataxe. It was a heavy weapon and it was powerful. In Dark Souls 2, we learn that the greataxe is a weapon of choice for those who want to be a strong warrior. But, some players are also looking for a weapon of utility in Dark Souls 2. Well, to answer this question, we will take a look at the best greatswords in Dark Souls 2.

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