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Facing down a rival in this highly popular card game can be a trying experience, as you quickly realize there are many ways to lose. You can get your whole life ruined by a card like Rivalry of Warlords, which reduces a player’s ATK by 1000 if they have a monster with a different name on the field. You may also suffer from unanticipated consequences if you become too reckless in battle, as you also take 1000 points of damage for each card in your graveyard.

Yugioh is a lot like video games in that there are a lot of common cards that you see over and over again. This is especially true in the Unlimited format, where this deck is one of the top choices. If you’re a player who has played the game since it was released in 2002, you’ve likely seen a card like “Royal Paladin – King David”. This is a very powerful card that can be used in many different ways. This deck is a good example of how you can build a deck around a card like “Royal Paladin – King David” and make it even stronger.

This article is dedicated to the best virus cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Each card is ranked based on its impact on the game. The cards are ranked based on two criteria: how many game plays will each card have, and how much damage a single play will do.

Believe me, Duelist:

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, you don’t want to be struck by a Virus.

The majority of Virus cards have potent effects that not only strike you once, but also linger for many rounds, preventing you from recovering.

These cards are so powerful that they can outright win games. They do, however, come with dangers that you should be aware of.

Curious? I’ll show you the greatest Virus-themed cards in the game in this list.


7. Virus that infects tribes

To begin, we have a card that won’t assist a competitive deck (in fact, it may benefit them!)

However, it may take out less serious opponents and offers you a taste of what Virus cards can accomplish.

Tribe-Infecting Virus is an LVL4 monster with 1600 ATK/1000 DEF with the ability to discard a card, declare a monster type, and then destroy all face-up monsters of that kind.

This seems to be very appealing.

However, many decks today utilize the Graveyard as a resource and even enjoy having their creatures there.

When certain creatures are destroyed, they have side consequences. Tribe-Infecting Virus, on the other hand, will set off all of them.

This card has the potential to be fantastic, but it also has the potential to give your opponent the upper hand.

Use this card with care if you intend to use it.


6. Virus that Crushes Cards

Crush Card Virus YGO Card

Seto Kaiba’s deck in the TV anime included this famous card.

While it may not be as strong as the other cards on this list, it may still be a formidable opponent.

As a tribute, Card Crush Virus needs a DARK monster with 1000 or less ATK. When you activate this card, your opponent suffers no damage for the rest of the round.

However, this enables you to see your opponent’s hand and every card they control, and then destroy any monster with more than 1500 ATK.

The issue is that your opponent may then destroy up to three monsters in their deck with more than 1500 ATK. And it’s possible that this is something they’d want.

Having knowledge of your opponent’s cards is very useful. However, this card’s strength comes at a price.


5. Virus with an Electric Charge

Electric Virus Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This is a smart approach to turn the deck’s strongest monsters against them if you know you’ll be dealing with Dragon or Machine decks.

Electric Virus is an LVL3 with 1000 ATK and 1000 DEF, but you won’t be fighting with it.

You’ll most likely want this card for its ability to target a Dragon or Machine monster and take control of it until the End Phase by discarding it to the Graveyard.

One of the most gratifying sensations in Yu-Gi-Oh! is stealing your opponent’s cards.

You can quickly turn the tide of a battle if you can utilize their monsters as material for your own boss monsters.


4. Virus with Full Force

Full Force Virus YGO Card

Many decks utilize low-level monsters as stepping stones to their more powerful, frightening boss monsters.

And if you’re looking for a method to get rid of those stepping stones, this is an excellent option.

Full Force Virus needs a DARK monster with less than 2000 DEF as a tribute and enables you to see your opponent’s hand and all monsters under their control.

For three turns, you may look at every card they draw and destroy any monsters with 1500 DEF or less.

For many decks, eliminating weak monsters also means no powerful monsters.

Just be aware of the potential for Graveyard consequences!


3. Deck Devastation Virus is a virus that infects decks.

Deck Devastation Virus Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card has effects that are nearly identical to Full Force Virus and are almost as deadly.

Deck Devastation Virus lets you to see into your opponent’s hand and everything they draw and control for three turns after tributing a DARK monster with 2000 or more ATK.

The major distinction is that monsters with less than 1500 ATK are destroyed (instead of DEF).

This, like Full Force Virus, affects a large number of creatures. And if you can’t decide between the two, why not try them both?


2. Virus with a Grinning Grave

Grinning Grave Virus YGO Card

Tributing a DARK monster with 3000 or less ATK is required to play this next card.

Is the effect strong enough to fling such a formidable foe?

Without a doubt!

For every 500 ATK that your tributed monster possesses, Grinning Grave Virus forces your opponent to destroy 1 card in their hand or deck. A monster with 3000 ATK, for example, would be equal to 6 cards.

You may examine every card your opponent draws for the following three turns and destroy every creature.

Because of this, monsters that land up in the Graveyard can’t activate their effects immediately away, making this card much more deadly than Tribe-Infecting Virus!

You can prevent your opponent from putting up any defenses if you utilize this at the proper moment.

And it’s the kind of thing that helps you win games.


1. Epidemic Virus Eradicator

Eradicator Epidemic Virus Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Some decks live and die by their Spell & Trap cards.

You risk being totally overwhelmed by impacts if you don’t have a reaction to them.

The Eradicator Epidemic Virus is a devastating counter to any deck that relies heavily on spells and traps.

You may proclaim either Spell or Trap for the cost of a DARK monster with 2500 or more ATK, then look at your opponent’s hand, all Spell/Traps they control, and every card they draw for 3 turns.

Any card that has the same kind as the one you declared is destroyed.

On its own, the ability to observe precisely what your opponent is doing is very powerful.

However, Eradicator Epidemic Virus easily wins the top position in this list by keeping your opponent out of Spells or Traps and eliminating the mind games that come with face down cards.

YGO season is upon us, and it’s time to get ready for VS Sealed. If you’ve been playing a while, you know the drill: collect a bunch of cards from your local shop and try to build the best deck you can, then crush your friends in a tournament. For some people, this is a daunting task, but for others, it’s a fun challenge. That’s why I’m here to help.. Read more about eradicator epidemic virus and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most overpowered card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The most overpowered card in Yu-Gi-Oh is the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

What is the strongest Yugioh Card 2020?

The strongest Yugioh card 2020 is the Number C101: Silent Honor ARK.

What is the strongest type of Yugioh card?

The strongest type of Yugioh card is the Secret Rare.

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