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One of the most popular shows in Japan, My Hero Academia has captivated audiences across the world. It is filled with storylines that are both lighthearted and heartfelt. However, it also features a plethora of unique characters who possess their own set of strengths and weaknesses that make them all uniquely endearing to fans.

The “mha waifus tier list” is a ranking of the best waifus in My Hero Academia. The rankings are based on popularity, cuteness, and overall awesomeness.

The unusual character designs have to be one of the primary reasons why My Hero Academia is so popular.

From the way their eccentricities reflect on their bodies/faces to how they incorporate those quirks into their outfits, each character seems to be a delight.

And, of course, there are a spate of finest girls and waifus because of that style.

Everyone in this program has a personality that will linger with you long after you’ve finished watching it, from the UA females to pro superstars and even average individuals.

So, without further ado, here is the definitive list of MHA’s top waifus, and good luck to me as we continue to fight the waifu war.


Mitsuki Bakugo (#15)

Mitsuki Bakugo from MHA anime

Let’s start with the only character on our list who is neither a hero nor a villain — simply a mother doing her hardest to keep her rambunctious youngster in line.

Mitsuki snatched my heart the moment I saw her on TV, refusing to stand for Bakugo’s nonsense. I believe a large number of other fans would agree with me.

I like her more jokey approach, which is complemented by her own hot-headedness, which plainly indicates where Bakugo got his own from.


Nejire Hado (Nejire Hado) (Nejire Had (Nejire Chan)

Nejire Hado (Nejire Chan) MHA anime screenshot

Nejire, as one of the Big Three in UA, is a cheerful and a little sassy figure who possesses undoubtedly great strength.

It’s no surprise that she’s such a popular girl – both within and outside of the anime – with her charming blue aesthetic and extremely long gorgeous hair, as well as a power that enables her to accomplish a lot of great things.

I really like seeing Nejire connect with her other members of the Big Three, Mirio and Tamaki, since the three of them complement each other so well.

Waifu, waifu, waifu, waifu, waifu, wa


Momo Yaoyorozu is 13 years old (Creati)

Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati) in My Hero Academia anime

Momo is one of the most popular females in the United Arab Emirates, and for good reason.

She’s shy about how much flesh her costume exposes, but she’s modest, intellectual, and wonderfully gorgeous.

She’s also incredibly affluent, which isn’t always a bad thing. Despite her well-heeled background, she has a limited understanding of how most people go about their daily lives.

She does not, however, pass judgment on her students. In reality, as the class representative, she wants to represent them as best she can.


Mei Hatsume (nineteen)

Mei Hatsume from MHA anime

This is a girl who cares considerably more about her creations than she does about anything else.

Her determination is admirable, and she will go to any length to ensure that her “kids” are acknowledged.

She’s also successful; she’s a gifted inventor who assists a number of other pupils with their costume ideas.

When it comes to battle, she may not have the most amazing quirk. When she’s back in the lab, though, there are few individuals she can compare herself to.


Tsuyu Asui (No. 11) (Froppy)

Tsuyu Asui (Froppy) in My Hero Academia anime

Froppy, the charming frog hero, but you may name her Tsu.

She’s a fan favorite who gets along nicely with her peers.

She’s teamed up with Deku, Ochako, Ida, and Tokoyami, and her frog-like abilities have always been a huge help to whoever she’s working with.

She also has a very laid-back disposition and seems to be superb waifu potential.

She’s the sort of lady you can simply relax with and hang out with, and she’d gladly agree to everything.


Emi Fukukado (10) (Ms. Joke)

Emi Fukukado (Ms. Joke) from MHA anime

I fell in love with this gal the moment I saw her bothering Aizawa during the show’s Hero License Exam storyline.

It’s something about her upbeat demeanor that makes me giggle.

Considering her name, I imagine that’s her ultimate objective. To be honest, I like anime characters with a decent sense of humour.

And, despite the fact that she seems to be only concerned with the jokes, she definitely has a keen eye for heroes, as her observations of the kids reveal a number of significant characteristics.


Camie Utsushimi (nine) (Maboromicamie)

Camie Utsushimi (Maboromicamie) in MHA anime

Camie is a giant ditz, but she’s a great character to watch.

And the first time we see her, she seems to be a little off.

However, after she’s back in her stride and we see her working with Bakugo and Todoroki with the kids, we can tell she has a really compassionate attitude.

Despite the fact that it makes some of the younger girls envious, she never intends to damage anybody with what she does. She’s not hesitant to show off her possessions and rock what she’s got.

She just has a natural charm and personality that draws people in, and I am one of her many admirers.


Mina Ashido, no. 8 (Pinky)

Camie Utsushimi (Maboromicamie) MHA anime screenshot

Mina is one of the series’ prettiest characters.

She has a bright personality that she shares with her students, particularly when she teaches them how to dance.

She enjoys having fun, and even while she’s utilizing her abilities, it’s evident that she’s having a great time as she skates down the ground with her acid.

Though she isn’t the brightest when it comes to academics, her outgoing nature more than makes up for it.


Kaoruko Awata (#7) (Bubble Girl)

Kaoruko Awata (Bubble Girl) from MHA anime

The wonderfully cute Bubble Girl is one of Nighteye’s renowned sidekicks.

I adore her, and I adore her laid-back demeanor. Even when she makes a mistake, she quickly goes on.

She’s been fired multiple times for inexcusable errors, but how could anybody be angry with that face?

She’s much too valuable.

Even in dire circumstances when things seem to be spiraling out of control, she is able to maintain her composure.


Manami Aiba is number six on the list (La Brava)

Manami Aiba (La Brava) in My Hero Academia anime

While Manami is legally a “villain,” she isn’t someone who intends to do harm to the individuals she offends.

The majority of the crimes they commit do not do serious harm to anybody.

The only reason she and Gentle are villains is because he was never able to achieve his goal of being a pro-hero, so he chose to make his own path.

La Brava is completely devoted to Gentle and has changed her life for the better since meeting him. She now has a lot more optimistic and enthusiastic attitude on life.


Yu Takeyama, No. 5 (Mt. Lady)

Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady) from MHA anime

Mt. Lady is one of the first pro heroes we meet in the show, and she’s one of the most appealing contenders for greatest waifu right away.

She’s feisty, provocative, and amusing, and her attitude is really relatable.

True, she might be a little lethargic at times, but it doesn’t stop her from behaving bravely.

She even confronts (very literally) certain criminals in order to save pupils from a ridiculously perilous scenario.

And I have to tell it again, she’s quite the beauty, gaining her spot on this list.


Nana Shimura is number four.

Nana Shimura MHA anime screenshot

The former possessor of One for All until it was taken by All Might.

Nana Shimura is a hero’s hero, having taught All Might all he knows about being a hero.

She constantly urges that heroes wear a grin on their faces so that the people they are saving may relax, no matter how dreadful the situation is.

Let’s not forget about that grin.

It is one of the sweetest things on the planet, and I would give my life to defend it.

Nana is a treasure. And it’s a shame we don’t get to see much of her in the anime.


3. Uraraka Ochako (Uravity)

Ochako Uraraka (Uravity) from MHA anime

Because Ochako is a key cast member, we get to see her a lot, which provides her an edge in the waifu category.

But Ochako is such a sweetheart that I can’t help but grin whenever she’s excited about anything.

And she and Deku have one of the prettiest love stories.

Her ability to make objects float as if they were made of air is particularly intriguing, since it seems to be a reflection of her joyful attitude.

She may be in the game to earn some money, but her heart remains pure.

And for me, it puts her towards the top of the list.


Rumi Usagiyama is number two on the list (Mirko)

Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko) in My Hero Academia anime

Anyone who likes buff chicks will recognize the Bunny Hero.

Mirko is self-assured and feisty. She admires those who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and she isn’t scared to do so herself.

Above all, I like her personality, and the fact that she has bunny aesthetics is an added plus. I don’t believe I’ve ever been so taken with a character in my life.

When she talked for the first time, I suppose I got a little too thrilled… and given that Hawks were just behind her?

It was too much for my heart to bear.

Now that I’ve met Mirko, I want to know more about her.

I insist on seeing her in every scene, even if it’s in the background. All I need now are more bunny babes!


Himiko Toga, No. 1

Himiko Toga MHA anime screenshot

Okay, let me preface my decision with a caveat:

I’m not a big fan of yanderes in general. It’s simply not my thing; I believe there are some well-written ones, but they’ve never come close to my finest females.

But Toga?

Toga is one of my favorite things in the world.

I’m not sure why she’s the exception rather than the norm. She is, however, the undoubtedly prettiest girl in MHA, as well as the finest waifu.

She’s a crazy, wild, and hilarious character that I look forward to seeing every time she appears on TV.

Her twin buns and cat-like eyes are just a few of her distinguishing traits.

But I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to enjoy another Yandere. I feel like all prospective waifu yanderes are spoiled for me now that I’ve discovered one I adore as much as she does.

That’s OK, however.

To compensate, I have a plethora of Toga miniatures, plushies, and posters. Please don’t pass judgment on me; I refuse to be judged.

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My Hero Academia is a popular anime that has been running for over five years. The show has been praised by many people, with it’s unique characters and amazing story line. One of the most famous aspects of My Hero Academia is it’s character design. Each character in the show has a unique look, making them all very beautiful. In this article, I will be ranking the best waifus in My Hero Academia from least to most beautiful. Reference: most beautiful character in my hero academia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the number 1 Waifu In my hero academia?

A: One of the most popular heroines in My Hero Academia is a girl named Tsuyu Asui.

Who is the most liked MHA character?

A: That is a difficult question to answer. My personal favorite MHA character would be I-No from the series.

Who is the strongest in Class 1a?

A: In Class 1a, I would say you are strongest in the class.

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