In this post, I’ll try to give the most concise summary possible of the entire Hitman series so far (computer games only, no novels). Please read this document carefully and let me know if there are any errors! Let’s go!


There are currently 8 games in the Hitman series for PC. If we want to put them in chronological order, we do it as follows. Note that I will be renaming each game, as the current names are a bit confusing….

Hitman 1 = codename 47

Hitman 2 = Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 = Contracts

Hitman 4 = blood money

Hitman 5 = Solution

Hitman 6 = Hitman 1 (2016)

Hitman 7 = Hitman 2 (2018).

Hitman 8 = Hitman 3 (2021)



Our story begins with the creation of a deep government meta-agency called Providence, which has the ability to influence the scams of the world. Providence consists of 3 people, called partners, and a presenter, Constant, who runs the show. But since only Constant knows the names of the 3 partners, they (the partners) put a chip around Constant’s neck to keep him away.

Hitman One: Code name 47

One of Providence’s plans is to create superhuman agents through cloning. They attribute it to 5 scientists working for Providence who are called the 5 Fathers (Dr. Orth-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Belisario, Franz Fuchs, and Arkady Egorov). They all donate their DNA to create clones with superhuman abilities.

They produce their clones in a leaked facility in Romania. That’s where Mr. 47 and all the other clones were created, bred and trained. We don’t know much about Mr. 47… But he had a friend named Lucas Gray (who later became a client of the shadows) who was also a clone, and (as a child) he and Mr. 47 managed to escape from the asylum, but they were quickly caught and sent back…. Mr. 47’s memory was then punitively erased.

After a few years, Providence wants to destroy the five elders.

Meanwhile, 47 people have managed to escape the shelter again (and this time for good) and are now homeless and destitute. He is trying to find a job as an agent for the ICA (International Contracting Agency), which is currently looking for new people. Dr. Orth Meyer (who also wants the death of the other 4 Fathers) will use his influence at the CIA to turn 47 lunatics against them!

47 becomes an agent of the ICA, where he meets a woman named Diana, who helps him pass all the necessary tests designed for him by the former director of the ICA, Erich Soders.

After killing 47 of the 5 fathers, he learns the truth about his past and also kills Ort-Meyer. Unaware of the execution of the providential plan, they destroyed the 5 fathers as they pleased. Of course, 47 has no idea of the existence of Providence. Providence will keep a close watch on 47 and monitor his every move.

Hitman 2: The Silent Killer

After spending several years as a legendary hitman, 47 people decided to give up their lives as hitmen and retire to a Sicilian church of Father Emilio Vittorio….

47, although he has a genetic uncle named Sergei Zavorotko, who is also the brother of one of the 47 previous victims…. Sergei makes nuclear arms deals for the UN and hires a man as a consultant. This man (perhaps a member of Providence) will be Mr. X or Mystery Man, as his real name is still unknown to us…. Mr. X helps Sergei in his arms dealings, but when he learns that 47 exists and is still alive, he convinces Sergei to come up with a plan to kill 47, and since Sergei and Mr. X also want to buy nuclear weapons on the black market, they propose the following plan:

They persuade a gangster named Giuseppe Guillani to kidnap Vittorio’s father from the chandelier. That would put Mr. 47 in your hands. So that the 47 can save Vittorio’s father, they send him (47) to kill both Giuseppe Guillani and all the other members involved in the nuclear arms deal, and when there is no one left, they will kill Mr. 47 as well.

The plan works, and 47 kills them all, but he also finds out about Mr. X and Sergei’s plan, so he kills Sergei too. At that moment, 47 realizes that he is destined to become an assassin for the ICA….

Hitman 3 and 4: Contracts and blood prices

At the same time, a rival company, The Franchise, acquires Ort-Meyer’s DNA samples and creates its own cloning program with the intention of monopolizing the DNA. The Franchise (and their clones) attack the 47 and the ICA. 47 becomes an agent of the CIA again and with Diana’s help they devise a clever plan to destroy the Franchise.

They stage the death of ’47 and invite all members of the franchise to attend ’47’s funeral to witness the death of ’47. But 47 isn’t dead, he’s under sedation, and Diana (who is a double agent in both Franchise and CIA) wakes Mr. 47 up with the sedative antidote from her lips (after kissing him and handing him 2 money players on his deathbed). 47 gets up and kills all the members of the franchise. The franchise is over, the CIA is monopolizing DNA and reclaiming the world market for murder, cloning and weapons.

Hitman 5: Absolution

ICA is now working on its own cloning program and producing a female clone named Victoria.

When Deanna discovers this, she picks Victoria up at the CIA and they escape.

The CIA itself sent Mr. 47 to kill Diana and bring Victoria back. Mr. 47 finds Diana and shoots her, but doesn’t kill her. After 47 finally learns the truth, he saves Diana and helps Victoria from becoming like him. 47 betrays the CIA by killing everyone Victoria wants. Ultimately, 47 kills all criminal organizations and their leaders, as well as all those responsible for the creation of Victoria. Victoria is now safe and 47 people have been reintegrated into the CIA.

Hitman 6: Hitman 1 (2016)

Following these events, Lucas Gray (a 47-year-old childhood friend) arrives on the scene as a ghost customer of the ICA. He orders 47 trips to Paris and kills 2 leaders of a spy network organization who possess a list of many world secrets (mostly members of Providence) and plan to sell the list to the highest bidder. Lucas (Phantom Client) will take this list to 47…. And he sends 47 people on an assassination mission against many members of Providence, 47 of course, who don’t even know that Providence exists; and he carries out his task as Luke had foreseen…. Each time he kills a target, Lucas becomes more powerful and richer…

When the CIA learns of the situation, they want Lucas Gray dead. 47 learns that Providence has been following him his entire life and fears he may be their next target…. The former director of the CIA, Erich Soders (already mentioned), then made a deal with Providence to give them the location of all active CIA agents in exchange for saving 47 lives. But 47 doesn’t think that’s a good idea and kills Soders to protect the CIA and its agents.

A member of Providence meets with Diana and suggests that she help Mr. 47 regain his childhood memories if she helps him capture Lucas Gray.

Hitman 7: Hitman 2 (2018)

Diane agrees, and 47 of them are able to anchor Lucas Gray in a dilapidated building in Romania (the same building where Ort-Meyer was born and raised for 47 years). Lucas told Mr. 47 that Dr. Orth Meyer had worked with Providence from the beginning and that he (Lucas) wanted to break up Providence.

47 brings the information (and Lucas) to Diana, and they are able to recall her childhood memories. 47 remembers that he and Grey ran away from the asylum as children, and that his memory was then erased as punishment. He also remembers that the 1. Constant’s name is Janus (a legendary former KGB spy during the Cold War). 47 worked with Lucas to destroy Providence. Meanwhile, Diana manages to convince Providence that they are still working together, but in reality, ICA and Lucas are working together to destroy Providence.

Hitman is eliminating Janus. Later, a solemn funeral of Janus took place on the island of Sgail, in the presence of the new Constant Arthur Edwards. Mr. 47 joins the funeral and kidnaps the new Constable. After he is interviewed, he will talk about how Providence was born:

…3 great families worked together, became partners, and dictated world events through their wealth and influence…. Now it’s his 47th. See if you can find them. New Constant also reveals that 47 people unwittingly murdered Diana’s parents in the past when they (Diana and ICA) were trying to get justice against Providence for their son’s death….

Hitman 6+7 DLC

Now the partners, fearing the kidnapping of their new constant, have staged their own deaths, but 47 discovers that in reality they live on an island oasis where they can change their identities and faces. 47 finds them and kills them.

At the end of Hitman 7, the new constant Arthur Edwards finds a way to escape (eventually) with the help of Lucas Gray (?), who may have planned it all … ! Or maybe we just don’t know yet… ! But this is where Hitman 7 ends and Hitman 8 begins! So let’s all play and find out.

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frequently asked questions

Are all Hitman games connected to each other?

The Hitman Chronology is a chronological series of events surrounding Agent 47 and his experiences in the Hitman media. The Io-Interactive developer’s series of games, featuring books and comics, will be considered. These two films are not included in this chronology.

How many levels in a batsman?

Ranking of the 21 Hitman levels of the World of Killing trilogy.

Hitman 3 last game ?

In an interview with IO Interactive on the 31st. In December 2020, they confirmed that if Hitman 3 is the last game in the World of Assassination trilogy, it won’t be the last in the franchise.

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