The Hunt side job – Cyberpunk 2077 – All clues and braindance edits

In Cyberpunk 2077, after helping Detected River Ward find out what happened to Mayor Ryan after his natural death, you get a call to meet Ryan later on the corner of Pacific Boulevard and Market Street. You should go tonight.

Before you started this investigation, you had to finish work where I fought the law to get to River Ward.

Where to meet the river

If you decide to meet River, go to the corner of Pacifica Boulevard and Market Street. The place is in Heywood, in the middle of the county. You can find them on the map if you follow the search in your logbook. You’ll have to leave at night, so be here any minute after 8:00.

Once we get there, we should sit down and wait for River to show up. If he does, you have to go to his car and get in it. River shows you the news of someone known as Peter Pan’s killer who fell out of the car while wearing his cousin’s shoes. He wants you to help him find his nephew and get to the bottom of it. River will take you to the lab where you can see one of Harris’ dreams, the killer, and you’ll have to sneak into the lab to get there.

How do I enter the laboratory and find a suitablecabinet?

If you follow the research route to the lab, it’ll take you to the back door. If you don’t have 12 technical skill points, you can’t go in. But there is another solution. Continue in the alley and down the stairs. On the right side of the stairs there are some garbage cans with which you can go to the roof.

Once you have reached this point, the search markers will take you to the next login, which will give you access to the laboratory. If you go to the other side, there is an emergency exit, you can climb up through several windows and enter the laboratory.

When you enter, you have to search the closets to find the right brain dance file that contains the dream stream you want to explore. You need a C.T. scan. The cupboard you wish to find is to the left of the large central room. The room seems to be made for children. Check the lockers, and River will be here.

Before she finds the database, a doctor arrives and discovers that River has been deported by the police. During this sequence there are several conversation fragments, but no matter what you say, you get to the same point and you discover that Harris is not dreaming because of the damage caused by the bullet. You and River will be leaving soon after that. They go to one of the houses of the boy Harris took to see their stuff. You need to find evidence in the trailer.

Where to find the instructions

Evidence of the connection between Randy and Harris is in his room. Go to the leftmost corner and look in his closet, but it is locked. The key is in the main room, next to Randy’s table in the kitchen. It will be on the shelf to his left, called Randy’s Antique Key, and in the closet there will be a set with a delivery label.

There’s a computer under Randy’s bed. To crack a password, you need nine points of technical skill. If you have the right points, it’s a simple infringement procedure code. If you don’t, you’ll find the password in the trailer. You have to go back to the foreground and play the turntable. V tells you the title of the soundtrack. Go back to River, tell him to enter the name of the soundtrack, and that will be the password.

Look at all the messages on your computer. When you have reached the last message, go to the web and click on the left side of the webpage to find the hidden webpage. Finally, go to the video file that was deleted. Now go to Computer Files and click on ATT_Cart_Video to find it on your computer. After watching the video, leave your computer. If you have 12 points on the technical possibilities, you can register the IP address of Harris.

Leave the trailer with River and talk to Joss. You stay the night, and River will wake you up. He’s giving you a comic book, and it’s time to edit it.

Firewall Edition

There are three firewalls for mounting and viewing. The first is Harris’ entrance to his school, which contains three visual editions that you can watch.

  • Teacher – Visual at 00:03.
  • Billboards – Visual at 01:17, high-level instructor.
  • Trophy – Visual at 01:21.

Harris and his father’s next farmer. There are several visual editions available.

  • Sick cow – visual at 00:04.
  • Harris’ father is in Visual at 12:08.
  • Livestock Cinema Scanner – visual at 00:08.
  • Injection system – Visual at 00:57.
  • Food supplements – Visual at 01:03 a.m.

The third bra focuses on the caricature of Hariss, which was shown on the website and was seen as a child.

  • Cable – visual at 00:25
  • The clock will be visible at 00:30.
  • Fuel – visual at 00:36.
  • Electrical parts – Visual at 00:36.
  • Searching for the sound of a landfill – audio at 00:40 hours
  • Victim – Visual at 00:40.
  • Victim – Visual at 00:43.
  • Victim, right side of the room – Visual at 00:45.
  • FDNC certificate, left side of the room – visual at 00:45.
  • Computer – visual at 0050 hours.
  • Infusion pump – visual at 00:53
  • Victim, middle room… visual 00:55.
  • Room at the back of the room, wait until the end, otherwise you won’t get any reference information. – Visual 01:05

After narrowing down the list and collecting the information, you narrowed it down to Edgewood’s farm. You and River go to the farm.

Finding the way to the barn

When you get to the farm, you have to go to the barn with River. However, there are several towers and mines in this area. Be sure to turn it off with the scanner before proceeding. On the left side of the barn there are stairs leading to the roof. See if there are any mines or towers bothering you.

When you reach the roof, you can use the access to the roof to jump into the barn. Use the scanner to find Randy and then you can turn off the bra. Go back to the river after you get him out, then help the other victims. After you help them, you go back to Randy, and he’ll show you the NCPD on your way to the barn.

River will come to you and explain how he’ll strangle Harris’ life if he gets the chance. You have three options.

  • Don’t do this, River.
  • Let me help you.
  • Do what you have to do, but don’t shut me out.

If you tell River not to, he’ll think Harris is okay, but you’ll convince River that Joss and the kids need him now more than ever.

If you tell River you’ll help him, he’ll thank you, but he’ll decide to do it himself. Spoken like a detective, he knows how to cover his tracks. The same goes for the final choice, and it seems that when River leaves the hospital, he will probably try to kill Harris in the hospital.

Between the elections, the first river will convince Harris not to treat Harris and focus on children. The other two are pressuring River into putting Harris into a coma. So if you’d rather Harris didn’t kill Harris, you want to make the first choice. During our game we convinced Harris to report to Joss and the children. There’s no reason for him to be a killer.

After the interview, Harris will call you later today. The parallel work is done.

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