The Importance of QA Testing for the Gaming Industry

In any industry, whether service or retail, the goal is to satisfy the customer. In this case, we want the customers to like our game so that they come back and encourage others to play, which in turn brings more profit to the company.

The company offering the product needs to make sure that it offers its customers a game that is worth playing. For this to happen, the game must work as it is supposed to. This is where quality assurance testing begins. Every detail, every feature, every possible step and every result must be checked.

This allows the game to flow smoothly and logically for the player. Of course, there are bugs or problems in the newly created game that also need to be checked.

As part of QA, staff must document all errors that occurred so that the other team responsible for coding the game can make the necessary corrections. A new test must then be carried out to check that the error has been corrected.

This should be done continuously and gradually until the errors are minimal or completely gone. But contrary to popular belief, it is also an integral part of mobile game development. She concentrates on checking the details to make sure the game works as intended. But it’s also a lot of work and very stressful.

It is difficult to guarantee that a customer will respond to a particular product. However, companies can check the quality of the product they offer. These are the benefits of good quality assurance for mobile games:

Contributes to a more efficient and productive development process

If bugs are discovered early in development, they will be fixed faster. The process will be very efficient and productive because they will not have to deal with errors all the time. This will help you avoid future mistakes, which will take more time.

Contributes to customer satisfaction

If a product is of excellent quality, customers are more likely to enjoy using it. On the other hand, when customers encounter bugs, problems and errors while playing, they get frustrated and angry. As a result of this experience, they will no longer buy that company’s products, leading to a loss of trust and profits.

Allows more profit to be made

A satisfied customer means more profit for the company. Extensive experience with customers increases their confidence. As a result, they are more likely to be interested in other games that the company has produced or will produce in the future. Therefore, more sales for the company. As long as the customers are happy, there’s nothing to worry about.

Rescuing the company from a deep state of disrepair

Quality assurance at every stage of the development process ensures that any errors are corrected at an early stage. The faster it gets repaired, the cheaper it will be. A flawed application can cost your customers and users a lot of money. As a result, you have to make amends or risk losing their trust.

Maintaining product quality

Quality assurance ensures that the software works reliably. It is used to test usability, functionality, safety and performance. Only when a company is sure that everything works properly can it launch a product.

Ensures safe and reliable operation

No matter how good the product is, user data can be compromised if the security system is weak. Quality assurance ensures that security measures are in place and functioning properly to protect user data.

Protecting the company brand

Any product or game launched under a company’s brand reflects the brand. A high quality product that satisfies the customer gives the company a good reputation. That way they can sell more.

Quality assurance testing is an integral part of game development. This guarantees that the product works according to the standards. Without this quality control, the company’s products may not meet the qualification requirements set by management. In the worst case, even a complete overhaul may be necessary.

It also takes longer to get it to a sale-ready state, which costs more money and time. Therefore, it makes more sense to conduct QA testing at each stage of game development.

frequently asked questions

What is QA in the game?

8. June 2019 – 5 minutes reading. Game QA is about finding inconsistencies, problems, or bugs in the software or game experience. Quality assurance is the documentation, reproduction and analysis of these deviations until they are accepted for shipment.

How much do video game quality testers produce?

According to Glassdoor, the average median salary for full-time video game testers is about $73,000 per year. However, most entry-level positions in the testing field are less well paid, and salaries vary significantly by experience and location.

Why do we need QA?

Most products require QA engineers to (1) establish a mature development process, (2) ensure the quality of the released software, and (3) prevent bugs in the system before users find them. QA uses a variety of methods to verify that the system meets all specified requirements and is functioning as intended.

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