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The anime and manga industry has a wealth of bad guys. Machiavellian masterminds who gather evil armies, self-absorbed slimeballs who are just trying to look cool, and even world-dominating villains who want to rule the world. And that’s just a fraction of the bad guys we’ve seen. So, which characters are the most greedy? And which ones are the worst?

Anime has become a bit of a staple in the gamer community. There’s something about the characters and their personalities that draws in us, making us want to invest our time in them and their stories. So without further ado, let’s see just how greedy some of the characters in anime are when it comes to their characters and their possessions.

Let’s face it, anime characters are greedy. They may not be on the same level as the characters in the real world, but when it comes to wanting more money, more power, more stuff, anime characters are not holding anything back. Here’s a list of the most greedy anime characters, ranked by the amount of money, power, and material goods they want.. Read more about greedy characters and let us know what you think.

You know what’s bothered me for a long time?

The fact that The Sin of Greed is declared to be Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins. That guy doesn’t even come close to fitting that description!

He’s never appeared preoccupied with power, never attempted immortality, and doesn’t seem to care about money in the least.

I’ve prepared a list of anime characters that are much more fit for that greedy appellation.


Gramps is ten.

To Your Eternity, Anime

I’m going to start with this one since it’s short and sweet.

Maybe not quite so sweet.

Gramps seemed to be quite laid-back at first. He rescued Gugu and even provided him with a roof over his head in return for Gugu performing some housework.

Okay, I say “some tasks,” but the elderly guy insisted on making him do everything. But it wasn’t the thing that made me suspicious of his avarice.

Gramps had just poured alcohol into Gugu’s stomach in order to utilize him as a distiller.

Mind you, he never inquired or told Gugu about it.

He simply went ahead and did it. What do a boy’s emotions truly signify when compared to a rare alcoholic beverage?


9. Rachel

Rachel in Tower of God anime

Tower of God is a Japanese anime series.

Rachel is a devilish woman who would sell off her own grandma to achieve her objective.

She is so preoccupied with reaching the top of the Tower that she has abandoned all human decency and twisted her way to the top.

Her greed was on full show at the conclusion of Season 1 when she shoved Bam over a cliff simply to fulfill her own selfish desires.

For doing this to Bam, of all people, you get bonus jerk points. The guy who has actually rescued your rear numerous times and has only shown you kindness.


8. Honest

Honest Akame ga Kill anime screenshot

Akame ga Kill is a Japanese anime series.

The majority of king-type villains are very greedy. I picked Honest as their representation since I didn’t want to load the whole list with those big crown-wearers.

He has all of the characteristics that you despise but never adore.

He manipulates a small kid before posing as a wise and capable leader.

He is always surrounded by ladies who don’t have much of a choice about being in his company.

And, of course, anybody who even remotely disagrees with him is promptly executed.

We can’t possibly have all those pesky intellectuals, can we?


Ishihara, no. 7

Ishihara from Rainbow anime

Rainbow (anime)

This sad excuse for a guy would be the poster-boy for corruption.

His morals has deteriorated to the point that even experienced criminals are disgusted by him and refuse to taint their hands with his blood.

For some extra cash, he sells impoverished prisoners to a similarly nasty friend – and is even willing to harm his own coworkers if it meant safeguarding his company.

When his victim commits suicide, he displays no compassion and is known to violently attack anybody who dares to smile in his company.

He’s a walking piece of trash.


Eva Heinemann, no. 6

Eva Heinemann in Monster anime

Monster Anime

Eva is one of those characters who is so far up their own arse as to be unrecognizable.

She has the audacity to proclaim that some lives, especially those of the wealthy, are inherently more valuable than others.

When a guy catches her eye, she acts as though the whole world must bow to allow her to have him all to herself.

Her gardener dared to visit his ex-wife, and she actually burnt down her own home.

Let’s not even talk about her connection with Tenma.

Eva just feels that she owes the world and everyone in it something for simply existing.


Laurent Thierry is number five.

Laurent Thierry from The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender (anime)

If you want to make it in the robbery industry, you must be very greedy.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earned; there’ll always be the next great robbery to make you even more.

Laurent has been stuck in this cycle for so long that it’s become unproductive.

He’ll spend so much money on a robbery that he won’t make a profit.

Despite this, he continues doing it, thinking about the next big deal and the millions he’ll make. It honestly seems more like a curse than anything else.


4. Freya

Freya in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Anime: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Freya is the kind of character that needs everything.

She’s the most impressive puppeteer I’ve seen in a long time. And her impact may be felt throughout every tale.

She has to have her way all of the time.

So, if she points at a guy and says she wants him, it will take months of scheming, manipulating, and battling for her to “get” him.

I think this will become more apparent in the future seasons, but she’s already absurd.


3. Nami

Nami from One Piece anime

One Piece is a popular anime series.

Of all the Straw-hats, Nami is the most pirate-like.

She simply wants to bake that bread and float in riches like Scrooge McDuck.

Given that she grew up in poverty, it’s understandable.

In fact, it might be beneficial to the team since she will prevent them from squandering all of it right away.

But it doesn’t change the fact that once money is involved, her whole face lights up.

However, I would admit that she is the most lovable character on this list. So her greed is appealing rather than repulsive.


Shigekiyo Yangu is number two on the list.

Shigekiyo Yangu in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable is an anime series based on the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

This guy seems to be two individuals at the same time.

He’ll be fairly calm the most of the time. He’ll act silly and have no idea what’s going on.

However, the moment he learns there’s money to be earned, he transforms into the most obnoxious living embodiment of capitalism.

Even if it was a group effort, he’ll always want to grab the largest piece of the pie, even if it means fighting his buddies to get his filthy profit.

Even his Stand shows this, since it is mostly used to collect money from all around town.


1. Greed

Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a Japanese anime series.

I had to finish with Greed, of course.

After all, that is actually his name.

Money, women, and turning off Father are the only three things Greed need in life.

He considers everything around him, including people, to be his property, and would take great offense if you attempt to take away his vast fortune.

You have to like how the series described his greediness — it’s extremely realistic and down-to-earth.

He would even go to the lengths of conquering the globe in the futile belief that it would fill the void in his heart.

He want everything because he believes he lacks everything.

That, not my guy Ban, who simply wants his wife back, deserves the title of Sin of Greed.

Anime is a beautiful thing. It features the talent of some of the most talented animators alive, but what makes anime great is the fact that it’s been able to show off their skills in big budget animation for decades. The result is amazing, but it can sometimes be a little difficult to tell the good from the bad. That’s why we’re ranking the most greedy anime characters of all time.. Read more about anime characters that are 5’6 and let us know what you think.

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