The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Science Weapons Guide

This Outer Worlds Murder of Eridanos Scientific Weapons Guide shows you how to get all the new scientific weapons in the game. Killing on Eridanos is the latest DLC for The Outer Worlds, bringing new weapons with new story content.

The new DLC includes three new science weapons that you can find. Everyone is bound to a secondary mission or assignment during a particular mission. Scientific weapons are pretty deadly, but only if your scientific skill is high enough. That said, all the new weapons are very good, especially Needler and Spectrum Gateway.

Scientific Weapons Manual Outside Murder in Eridanos

We have detailed below how you can get all the new science weapons in the game.


You can get this new weapon in the quest Naked Intuition, which you get from the administrator Ludovico. This is a quest you get after you hand over Ludovico’s killer. For this quest, you must go to the Rizzo Distillation, where you will meet Halcyon Helen after you reach the area.

You can make two choices here: Side by side with Hélène or side by side with Ludovico. Whatever you choose, you get the needle, but it may affect your story.

If you choose Halcyon Helen, you’ll need Persuasion level 40 to convince her to give you a weapon. If you’re doing well on this front, head away from the complex until you get to the Great Colonial Penthouse. Talk to Helen and choose an option to borrow her weapon, the Needler. The dialog option is indicated by the Persuade 40 icon. Choose an option, then choose the one where you have something to say: I’m doing all the work. This will convince them to give you the gun.

If you decide to give up Helen now and stay with Ludovico, you will have no choice but to fight him and kill him to get the weapon. This is certainly not a problem if you are sufficiently prepared and have proper equipment.

Udder mats

This weapon is part of a side assignment where it was obtained as a reward for completing the assignment. This is the Quest for Lost Milk, which you can get from Mildred Lenox at the legal hunting supply point in Eridanos.

The first step is to go to Legal Hunting Supplies and talk to Mildred Lenox, who will give you the quest. Your task is to get to the indicated target, where you will find Betty the milkman surrounded by fangs that you must kill. Eliminate the fangs and return to Mildred to receive a weapon for this task.

Spectrum detection

You can obtain this scientific weapon in the quest At the End of the Spectrum, which you find when you reach the Purple Berry Gardens. The quest is unlocked when you help Dr. Blossom in the RR&DD lab to free the lab workers. In the labs, you’ll find weapons locked in a display case, with a control panel on the outside that you can work with.

The challenge is to find and bring back eight different types of Spectrum vodka. All eight options are available at Rizzo’s distillation station, where you can choose one of these bottles. Or you can find them around the purple garden. If you have trouble finding the Spectrum Vodka Violet, you can get it from Dr. Blossom’s office, who needs his keyboard to unlock it.

Return to RR&DD Labs with eight vodkas, interact with the console, and Spectrum Gatling Science weapons will be released.

If you need more help with the game, check out the Outside Worlds guides.

This is the end of our handbook on scientific weapons that kill the outside world on Eridanos. Post your comments below.

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