The problem with Casual Crucible: There isn’t a real Casual Mode.

Casual mode is a well-known staple in games like Fortnite, PUBG and LoL. In these modes players can enjoy the game without the pressure of high-stakes competition. This feature has been requested by many gamers since its inception but Bungie hasn’t implemented anything similar to this yet. The most common solution for this problem would be an alternate playlist or lobby that would allow players who aren’t serious about PvP to play with other non-competitors as friends on their team instead of facing off against each other across the map.

I’m an above-average player that lives and breathes Crucible, and as the skill difference in this game widens, I’d want to draw attention to a real issue with PvP for fun: There is no PvP for fun in this game. The closest thing we have to “PvP for fun” is “Fuck Around” modes like Mayhem, Momentum Control, and whatever else shows up on the rotating playlist, but even “Control” is a non-PvP for fun mode due to the map design, where action happens at a high speed at all times and how quickly snowballing can lead to a single team being spawn camped or spawn flipped before they can even start fighting back. This is a prevalent issue in PvPvE MMOs, and maybe in any games where the skill difference widens as the game progresses… So, how do other games deal with this issue? Fuck-around PvP on a Bigger Scale.

  • Big Team Battle in Halo: A big clusterfuck with vehicles and imbalanced weaponry pitted against one other. You just blew up a Jeep with a sticky grenade, therefore it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.
  • Globe of Warcraft – World PvP: You’re completing missions across the world, but every now and then a great combat breaks out, and you join in. There are no loading screens or lobbies, so you may come and go whenever you want. If you cease having a good time, leave the location and go somewhere else.
  • Epic Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft: 20 versus. 20 – 40 vs. 40 PvP. It’s simple to relax and simply go with a zerg instead of overthinking the combat since you’re such a little part of it. However, your inability to have a significant impact on the combat as a solitary player is what allows you to join securely as a novice player.
  • Guild Wars 2 – World against World – A gigantic PvP subserver with 100 vs 100 vs 100 players that you may join, walk about, ruin enemy times, or join a big zerg and instruct someone what to do. Some individuals initiate small-scale duels in the midst of a battle, but it’s that laid-back attitude that gives new players a safe area to practice PvP without the stress.
  • Guild Wars 2 offers a PvP lobby where you may enter an Arena and become hostile to any other players in the arena, turning it into a large FFA battle. It’s a risk-free environment where you may test damage and builds without jeopardizing a match.

It’s tough to avoid feeling stressed in a 6 v 6 mode. Have you tried playing Overwatch 1’s Casual Match? It was a sham, you were only a sixth of your team’s size, and depending on how good or horrible your team was, you felt like the whole game was on your shoulders at times. Have you come across somebody who enjoys playing Battlefield games? They’re more interested in blowing up a building or C4ing with a Jeep than in winning or losing since it’s difficult to make it seem like it’s all on your shoulders while playing 32 against 32.

Final Thoughts

  • Destiny’s PvP needs to break free from its 6 v 6 constraints.
  • The new map is enormous. Why aren’t we able to utilize our Sparrows to attack it? Why can’t we play 12 versus 12 or even 8 v 8 as in the earlier Halo games with Big Team Battle?
  • Before you jump down my neck, I’m alright with SBMM being included since I’m sick of playing with new guys on my team, and it’s not enjoyable for me either. I don’t learn anything.
  • “Fuck Around” modes like Momentum Control and Mayhem merely add to people’s distaste for traditional PvP since they don’t offer them a taste of anything worth improving at; it’s just a minigame they play and then avoid PvP outside of it.
  • We won’t have a secure place for new people to join until we obtain a proper “PvP for fun” solution.

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