The truth about MrFreeze2244’s Discord Server

Hey, Reddit,

we’re publishing this to shed light on what’s happening in the community right now from Mr. B. Freeze2244 is busy.

Some of you may have heard of it, others may not: Famous Youtuber MrFreeze2244’s Discord server was suspended for the evening last night, and several of his fans were downgraded, banned, or expelled from his server. All problems that occurred between 7 p.m. and midnight have been resolved. So we don’t know exactly what happened. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what happened, and it appears that even most people on the server don’t know what happened. Let’s explain: It all started 4 days ago when a small group (6 people) of users planned a community event with MrFreeze’s permission (it was a tournament between the trilogy missions). Over 4 days, the group planned the event, programmed all the media and prepared the surveys. On Friday night, after two days of work, the voting began, and everything went smoothly. The ballot received about 80 individual votes and about 500 votes in total. But the problems started in the evening, when the results of the first round came in. The first vote in this round was between Situs Inversus and The Showstopper, who won with about 60% of the vote. Many have joked that Hokkaido is bad and that they like Paris much better, like MrFreeze. But his shenanigans got so bad that he told everyone on the server that your tournament is crap and that I will not allow any more links to your tournament on my server! When asked if he really meant it, he removed all links and threatened the group with a lawsuit against the tournament. When asked why he reacted the way he did, he said: Go fuck yourself. Showstopper is much better. Everyone on this server is a wimp! I’m going to post the same poll (Paris vs. Hokkaido) on Twitter, because people who follow me on Twitter aren’t that stupid….. Well, at the time a lot of people thought he was exaggerating and told him to calm down. (He really overreacted to this funny event.) The man then posted a screenshot on Twitter of a poll in which Hokkaido lost. As a result, Stfu’s text messages have been frozen. You can then configure the server to block. Then he demoted everyone who had organized the event and a few others for no reason (some were not even online at the time). But only text messages were blocked, and it was still possible to reply to a message with emotes. So some people responded to his Foo-Foo post with a salt emote. All these people have been kicked off the server. But that’s not all. He also started firing other people who had nothing to do with the case (including a paid member of his YouTube channel), for no reason. After everything he did, he cleaned up the mess of the last few hours so no one could see what happened.

The server went out of lockdown around 12, but hardly anyone came in, with the most active members being kicked out. This morning, some of those who had been kicked out wrote the moderators to allow them back in, and they were allowed back in. One of the attendees, who was also part of the group that organized the event, said that Freeze made a joke that sounded like your Hokkaido victory poll, which led to this conversation:

As a result, Mr. Freeze banned him and came clean again. Of course, the members of the server started asking a lot of questions about why so many of the most active members were gone, but he simply told them why he had banned said man. The reason is that he kept attacking and insulting her personally. And while the way he criticized Mr. Freeze was certainly not the most pleasant, the ban seems too harsh when you look at what Freeze did. He did not answer those who asked him why he was banned/destroyed/dumped, nor did he answer others who asked him what happened. Lots of people modded this, and all the responses they got looked like this:

That means Freeze even lied to the moderators about what happened.
Now that we’ve told you what happened last night, we need to explain who we really are: We are a group of about 20 people, made up of members and former members of his discount chain, who were really shocked by what happened. When we saw that MrFreeze had removed everything, we teamed up to find as many screenshots and other types of evidence of the toxicity surrounding him to share with an uninformed community. We all think it’s really scary how he treats people like they’re in a dictatorship and then censors everything, so we started to wonder how often these things happened without anyone knowing. So we started going through tons of old posts, contacting a lot of people who had been banned before, and did some online research. During this time we have come across many instances where he was very toxic, for example in this case he banned a very active member because he said the server was quiet enough: 55123d877c964a73a52ce570566c8b8

It was banned after the riots. When Freeze was asked why he banned it, this was the only answer we got:

Also, Mr. Freeze constantly insults his viewers with funny conversations like this one:

But as soon as someone jokes about going that way, he is threatened with banishment. We have found many more screenshots showing this behavior from him, and we will post more screenshots and status updates in the future.
TL;DR : Youtuber MrFreeze2244 was constantly insulting members of his discount server, and it all came to a head last night when he banned/banished/deleted several people for very little/no reason and blocked the server for 5 hours.
That’s all for today. We hope that all people who have wondered what happened will see this film and understand what really happened. And if you have experience with this toxic behavior, please feel free to leave a comment. I wish everyone who has read this so far (or just TL;DR) a pleasant Sunday evening and that you don’t have to deal with situations like this in the future.

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Post the truth on the MrFreeze2244 Discord server for the game Hitman 2.

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