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When the weather is right and the Sims are in the mood to get together, the possibilities are endless.

You can have a small party inside with the air conditioning set to maximum. Or you can let them enjoy the sun while you cook.

Whether you want to make it easy by preparing their yard for the event or you want to liven up a park in your town so all the neighbors can attend, you need custom content to create the right atmosphere.

It talks about grills, accessories, leftovers, seating for your visitors, etc. For all your grilling and cooking needs, discover this incredible TS4 CC.

13. Barbecue set

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To get the best grill for your sim, you need to start with the basics.

Of course, you’ll need a grill to start your meal. But how else can you cook without practical tools?

Clutter makes your Sims’ space more realistic. Complete with tongs, a spatula and a cloth for when things get dirty on the grill, this barbecue set will help you bring your gathering to life as if your Sim was already born to take care of the grill.

In addition, you can customize this set to the theme of your Sims garden by choosing from the 3 available models.

12. Terrace barbecue

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Don’t let time get in the way of your barbecue simulations!

With Terrace Barbeque CC, you can have all the fun of preparing your favorite Sims family meals in the comfort of your own kitchen – and that sounds great too!

They remind me of a whole bunch of brick kilns from The Sims 3, with the same material and curved shape as before. But instead of baking pastries that will make your house smell like a bakery, you’ll end up with delicious burgers.

Choose a red or white brick and keep grilling whether it’s raining or snowing outside.

11. Meat on demand – grilled 4

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Season what you serve sim! We all cooked the same dishes, over and over, for our guests.

Isn’t it time to change the menu?

With this CC Grill Meat, you’ll discover a whole new assortment of dishes that your Sim can prepare fresh on the grill to serve at your next backyard barbecue!

New dishes include grilled picana and chichkabob, dishes inspired by Brazilian cuisine. Don’t forget to invite your friends before you cook them – they can only be cooked in party portions – it’s too much for one person!

10. Outside dining room

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You’ve chosen the food, you have a new grill, you can’t wait to eat…. What’s missing from your perfect Sims kitchen?

You need a place where your guests can sit and eat what you have prepared for them!

Small tables are not the most efficient way to deal with large crowds. And let’s face it, the outdoor tables offered by the base TS4 game are not very useful.

Give your Sims’ yard a new look with this outdoor kitchen set from designer WondyMoon!

This beautiful wooden table is suitable for about six people. So if you buy two for your big event, you should have no problem adapting them to everyone. Combined with a large umbrella and a fun selection of placemats, it will tie the party together.

9. Barbecue conversion

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In two colors, we have the CC Grill conversion for the barbecue, which incorporates elements of The Sims 2 into The Sims 4.

This grill looks a lot like the patio grill we saw before…. but this time all the action is outside!

This stone oven-style grill will turn your sim into a professional chef. But whether that really reflects their level of competence is another story.

8. Outdoor bar & grill 2016

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For many of us, outdoor cooking is more connected to our closest friends and family.

However, if your Sim is naturally drawn to cooking, this could be a great opportunity for him to show off his skills and show all his friends how well he can cook.

This 2016 Outdoor Bar & Grill mod brings the kitchen right into your Sims’ garden!

Everything they need to prepare the best and most complicated recipes is at their fingertips while enjoying the outdoors.

With a grill, sink and even a bar for all your guests’ culinary needs, that’s about all you can cook outside!

7. Charcoal grill with recipes

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Hey, remember the good old days of The Sims, when you could actually test what you could do in the game? To wreak havoc like you never thought possible while mocking all the sadistic things you could do to your poor Sims?

What does that have to do with this roundhouse grill, you tell me?

Because that’s one of the main features of this room. You can relive your younger years when you and your friends found a way to torture the whole family by bringing a roasted baby.

It’s a little dark, but it’s probably one of the greatest jokes in mimes of all time. And it took us a long time to get over the strange errors that sometimes occurred.

If all this sounds appealing, then this mod is a must.

6. Menu outdoor grill kitchen set

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All your outdoor entertainment needs are in one place to make your search for personalized content as easy as it is for your Sims to accidentally set their house on fire.

It’s equipped with everything you need, including a grill, extra counter space and a charming round table for everyone to gather around.

Like the grill itself, this CC set comes with some sauces to give the impression that the skewers and sauce are ready to cook. Just to keep the party atmosphere even after everyone has eaten enough for the night.

5. Home BBQ CC Set

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Did someone say they want to try more food on the next barbecue of The Sims?

With this set, you can add classics like garlic bread and salad to your event. As well as grilled meats with a variety of skewers of your choice.

The grill itself comes with 5 samples, and you can place all the food on tables in the garden to show your guests what you have in store for the party.

4. Ingredients not required

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Events, especially those related to food, can quickly become more expensive.

Think about it: All this food has to come from somewhere. And the food is not free!

But if no ingredients are required, your sim can cook to your liking without revealing the bill.

Perfect for gatherings such as. B. Kitchens and barbecues, because they don’t require ingredients to prepare meals and feed the crowd. Now your Sims don’t have to worry about running out of money when they want to spend time with their friends over dinner.

3. Barbecue hour kit (in luxury version)

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It includes everything you need to get the most out of your grill decor, including tables, chairs, lights, a charcoal bag, and of course the grill.

Choose from 14 different shades of wood for your furniture and give your Sims’ yard a finished look without having to spend hours searching for everything.

Comfortable, simple and welcoming, that’s how every culinary experience should be.

2. Grill time (in 24 hour mode)

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Don’t be fooled: Even though this set has a similar name to the previous set, it is different!

For starters, the decor of this set is much more colorful and includes the lampshade around the table. But what really sets them apart is the mess that comes with it.

Here you’ll find everything you need for a Sims barbecue, for example. For example, kitchen utensils, charcoal bags, grilling tools, and even spices that your guests can use to prepare their burgers.

You know what they say: the messier the better.

1. Hot Blower Kit

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Most of the furniture sets we’ve seen so far for the Sims’ kitchens are casual and relaxed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad.

But like I said, there’s always room for improvement. Hot Wind gives a new dimension to the decoration of your barbecuesims.

Refined, modern and elegant are all words I would use to describe this set of CCs. With unique shapes and a discreet color palette, your Sims are sure to be fashionable, even if they’re just making hot dogs for the family on the grill.

This kit comes with two grill options, one of which comes with a fancy dome.

And the other is such an unconventional design for a grill that it may not look like it at first glance. Very modern.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting for your outdoor Sims entertainment space, this CC is the best place to start.

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