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Final Fantasy IX came out in 2000 and marked a celebratory return to the fantasy roots of the series. And its popularity would lead to several reissues nearly two decades later, allowing a new generation to experience the adventure for the first time, as well as allowing veterans to reunite with their old friends.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, Final Fantasy IX can be tricky.

Let me help you with some practical tips to make your adventure easier.

10. Configure.

I know it sounds simple.

However, the configuration option is often ignored. Which is a shame, because the options are very useful.

The vibration helps you find the right things, and switching the default movement from walking to running is extremely useful.

Final Fantasy IX is known for its slow pace. Therefore, increasing the speed of the fight and communication on the ground will move things forward. All that time adds up!

Also switch to the blue background.

Your eyes will thank you.

9. Impressing the nobility

In the beginning, Zidane and his partner Blanc are on stage fighting in front of the audience. This fast-paced mini-game can lead to different cash rewards depending on your performance.

You have an unlimited number of draws, so take the opportunity to fully impress the 100 nobles and Queen Brane by getting £10,000 and (if you check Steiner soon after) a moonstone from the queen herself.

8. A tent can be a weapon.

The humble Final Fantasy tent is a little different in FF9. How so?

It can be used in battle.

Using a tent in combat gives the same full recovery as in the field, but it has a 50% chance of poisoning, blinding and silencing a member of the party.

This risk may be sufficient to discourage the use of tents on the site. However, if you put the item on the boss at the beginning of the fight and instruct the snake tent to apply a bad breath bite, the team will gain an advantage in the fight.

This tactic is especially useful against the boss Gisamaluke, who becomes much easier when blinded and silenced.

7. Don’t let the ability to learn hold you back

Final Fantasy IX has a lot of skills – over 60, to be exact.

You can reach a point where acquiring weapons surpasses acquiring skills.

Don’t worry about it!

You can learn the same skills from many different items, so you can upgrade to more powerful gear without fear of missing anything.

If it’s your first time, you’ll easily be overwhelmed by the balance between learning the skills and using better equipment. But it doesn’t matter.

Of course, if you like the skills, take the time to learn them.

But nothing will be lost forever if you change it to move forward.

6. Hot and Cold Chocobo is worth the trip for

Chocobo Hot and Cold is playable in Chocobo forests all over the world.

The first location can be visited one or two hours before the start of the game.

The idea is to scour the environment for items to earn points and make your Chocobo stronger, who can then explore the world in search of treasure.

While it’s easy to think of this hobby as something you only do when you’re in the woods, you need to take the initiative to find your way back to the woods if you can get much out of it.

A good rule of thumb is: If you have access to a world map, try returning to the forest to see if your trusty bird can discover new treasures.

5. Cotton bathrobes can make you rich.

Synthesis workshops take two specific elements and merge them to create something totally new.

Over the course of the game, you can obtain very powerful weapons and equipment. But in the early stages, it can make you rich.

When you arrive in the first village, Dali, buy as much wristwear as you can (it will be easier if you impress the queen and her nobles earlier).

Some time later you will arrive in Lindblom, where you will have access to Stiletto’s headgear.

A cuff and a round hat make up Cotton Rob, which will fetch you 610 Gil when sold.

If you have 99 cuffs and decorate them with needlepoint hats, that’s over £60,000. That’s a great start for the future.

4. Buy a copy of everything

One of the unfortunate aspects of Final Fantasy IX is that some things are easily overlooked, one of the simplest being material fusion.

Some weapons and armor can only be purchased at certain times and places, which puts the player in a tough spot if they are not in the game when they have the opportunity.

Cotton Rob’s tip mentioned above helps a lot with this mindset in the beginning.

3. Do not sell anything.

It can be tempting to sell your old equipment, but resist the urge and keep it in your pocket.

You’ll be happy.

FF9 consistently makes the best equipment of the old – it’s a constant thing.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a new synth store and realizing you don’t have the right ingredients and can’t get them anymore.

Don’t worry about money either.

There are still plenty of gills to be found in the chests, monster hunter or Chocobo adventures and general exploration.

2. Secrets Everywhere

In the same room where you first take control of Zidane, there are three other points of interest in the back of the room right after the game starts.

This is a great example of how the game hides things everywhere.

By exploring Alexandria as Vivi, you can get some drinks, a substitute language, some maps and lots of interesting people and facts about the city online.

Check every nook and cranny and you’ll come out much richer.

Even avoiding a target on the world map and going freelance can be very lucrative.

A good rule of thumb for this game is: The plot can wait. I have a treasure to find.

1. Fly, fly and fly again

One of the biggest changes in Final Fantasy IX is that each member of the party has unique abilities.

Zidane’s leadership is golden, and it’s one of the most useful skills in the game.

Every enemy has something. And it’s always something useful, whether it’s stealing potions from goblins or eye drops from spiders.

After all, nothing is cheaper than something that is free.

You’d be surprised how quickly and completely you can line your pockets if you steal a routine in any fight.

The best targets are the bosses.

Each critical enemy has two or three items you can steal, and the stolen items are always either unique to them or can only be obtained later.

It’s better if Zidane steals from everyone first before he takes the plunge.

This mentality is further enhanced by Zidane’s late game flying ability, which deals damage based on the number of times he has used his unique ability. It can do damage to a 9999 home if stolen enough.

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