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So, before this post continues, I want to say that this game totally won me over and, not to be too dramatic, stole my heart. It’s October 2018 and the 4th. The Black Opera is coming out. I’m still smitten with BO3 and will be playing this game before the start of 2020. When I heard the game didn’t have a campaign mode, I decided to wait until the game was cheaper, but that never happened. At the time, I had just started college and was broke, so I decided to buy IW to take a break from BO3 and found it for $11.99 at Gamestop in late 2018. That game kept me going until I got bored, then I switched back to BO3 until early 2020. I didn’t have much time to play video games at school, so I forgot about Call of Duty for a while. I was always late for COD because I literally won it. I totally missed World War II. April 2020 is coming up and I’m sitting at home with a few $$$ in my pocket, so I’ll take the 2019 MW. I loved this game and still do. Even more than BO3 (as far as multiplayer goes). I played this game from April 2020 to December until they were absorbed into the Cold War. I would open MW and get a CW screen (which still looks like that, lmao) and just turn off big. Especially since there hasn’t been any new content added lately, except for a few new maps, but then I’m mostly talking about the Battle Pass. I own Cold War, but this game screams corporate and Activision is trying to shove unfinished money down the throats of players. I’ve been playing MW for almost 10 days now and I still like it better than CW. After switching from MW to CW, I got bored and decided to play MW anyway. So, looking for a new deal, there was a June 2020 COD sale on the Microsoft Store, and BO4 was $29.99 and included a Black Pass, which I thought was a good deal. Of course, I was still in my MW phase at the time, so I only played BO4 for about 20 hours before I put it away and forgot about it. I had no idea that after 6 months I would fall in love with it and play with it much more than with the CW I paid full price for. There was always a stigma about BO4 that I inevitably assumed. So much so that I was playing this game and thought: Wow, this game isn’t that great, it’s one of the worst titles, and yet I keep playing it. I gave up on that idea and played multiplayer and zombies for 3 months, so I currently have a prestige 5 in multiplayer with almost all masterclass weapons. For me, the Mastercraft weapons were such a reward for grinding that you literally earn through the game you buy with spare boxes, which I love. With Prestige 2, I think maybe this game isn’t so bad after all, because I enjoyed playing it. Which, in my opinion, trumps any kind of stigma or nonsense I’ve tried to say about the game. I’ve tried to tell myself over and over that this game sucks, and yet I still love it. Two years after its release, it continues to surprise and excite me. Every time I try to convince myself the game is bad, it reminds me why it’s such an underrated gem and one of (if not the) most underrated CODs of all time. BO4 has some of the coolest weapon options, weaon options and mastercraft weapon options. Sure, it’s a big arcade and anime that I didn’t like at first, but that’s been Treyarch’s style for a while. Sure, it has its problems (yes, the specialists and that damn VMP drivel), but during my MW phase I was a big Warzone fan and still am somewhat, but I didn’t realize how NOT GREAT Blackout is. I started Blackout two weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it. Because I focused on the multiplayer, I neglected Blackout altogether, and that’s a shame. If Treyarch really improves the game with CW (which I doubt), I’ll spend the summer of 2021 enjoying Blackout and grinding multiplayer to get more masters and weapons. I didn’t even know Matt Shads, the lead singer of A7X, was a playable character in Blackout, and that band has been one of my favorites for years. I had so much fun in my spare time with BO4 that I didn’t see it coming. Knowing that this Mass is going to produce this year’s cause of death, it will be a big no-no for me. I plan on spending the rest of the year enjoying Black Ops 4, a game that not only continues to prove me wrong, but also commands my attention and appreciation, to say the least.

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Experience on BO4 with bad grades. to play COD: Black Ops 4.

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