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The Zodiac Age is a game which is set in the ancient world of Mythology. You take on the role of a Greek or Roman God and explore the world around you.

What is the Zodiac Age and how does it work? Well, the Zodiac Age is a system that is used to determine the relative ages of the 12-year cycles throughout the year, according to the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese Lunar Calendar, also known as the Chinese zodiac, is a 12-year calendar cycle, with each cycle lasting 12 years. It is also the oldest calendar in the world, with the first year in the cycle dating back to 2,716 BC. The calendar is based on the movements of the sun, moon and five visible planets.

This year marks the first time ever that a new age cycle has started, based on the Chinese zodiac. So what does this mean for you and your friends? Well, it’s time to start planning your next year in style, with your very own Zodiac Age.

Daggers are the game’s quickest weapons, making them a very valued weapon option.

They have the quickest charging time as well.

The Shikari class is the primary dagger user in Final Fantasy 12. (with some exceptions). The Orichalcum Dirk and the Platinum Dagger are two weapons that your White Mage may employ, and we’ll go over them both in this list.

Rest assured, we’ll go through every dagger in the game (including the legendary Ultimate Dagger) and rate them to find the finest choices for your group.


Dagger No. 12

As its name suggests, this is the simplest basic dagger.

It has no special effects and has a relatively low power. As a result, it’s a standard initial entry for the weapon group.

The Dagger has an attack power of 14 and an evasion value of 5, which is standard for most other daggers.

You won’t have to work hard to get this either, since it’s handed to Vaan and Penelo as a free beginning weapon.

Daggers 1 requires a license. How to acquire it: – Purchased for 390 gil in Rabanastre, Giza Plains, and Barheim Passage. – Found on the Giza Plains’ South Bank area. – Seeq Thief has a 25% chance of dropping The Dry.


Mage Masher (#11)

Mage Masher Dagger from FF12

A noteworthy first upgrade weapon is the Mage Masher.

It has appeared in previous Final Fantasy games on occasion, so you may be familiar with the moniker.

This dagger has an attack power of 18 and a unique ability.

Your opponents have a 15% chance of being silenced if you strike them.

If you’re fortunate enough, silence may be very helpful in early dungeons. Although the Mage Masher’s damage isn’t very impressive, it’s still respectable early on.

Daggers 2 requires a license. How to obtain: – Purchased for 640 gil at Rabanastre and Nalbina Fortress (after Barheim Passage), as well as in Barheim Passage itself. — Found in Barheim Passage’s Op Sector 37


The Assassin’s Dagger is number ten.

Assassin’s Dagger render from FF12

You may have noticed that the daggers have so far been associated with several intriguing powers.

This is true of the Assassin’s Dagger as well.

The assault strength of this weapon has been greatly increased, now sitting at 31.

It also has a tiny 5% chance of KOing your opponents on hit, as its name implies.

Because of the damage, this weapon is practically a must-have upgrade for the Shikari.

There will be no stopping you if you start getting fortunate with the KO ability as well.

Daggers 2 requires a license. – Found in the Site 2 region of Lhusu Mines for 1,920 gil – Purchased in Rabanastre (after Lhusu Mines), Bhujerba, and Dreadnought Leviathan for 1,920 gil


Chopper (nine)

Chopper dagger from FF12

Another good damage upgrade with a fantastic special ability is the Chopper.

Actually, this is a fantastic way to get you into the middle of the game.

The Chopper has a 40 attack strength. It also has a 10% chance of inflicting Sap on your opponents.

You’ll have a lot more opportunities to Sap if you have the speed of a dagger.

Remember your Gambit options for swapping between opponents to Sap them all.

Daggers 3 requires a license. — Purchased for 3,200 gil at Rabanastre (after Belias), Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Raithwall Tomb, Jahara, and Balfonheim Port. — Found in Nam-Yensa Sandsea’s Simoon Bluff area and Ozmone Plain’s Switchback


8. La Grande Gauche

Main Gauche dagger render in FF12

The Main Gauche is a contentious weapon when it comes to where it belongs on our list.

It’s a little damage increase, but it decreases your combo rate.

It has a 46 attack power, but just a 5% combo rate, compared to the 12 percent combo rate of most other daggers.

It does, however, have a huge evade of 50 compared to most daggers’ 5 evade.

This unusual mix of characteristics makes it an intriguing choice that you may want to consider switching out depending on the situation.

Daggers 3 requires a license. How to acquire it: – 4,230 gil in Jahara and Mt Bur-Omisace – Found in Giza Plains’ Tracks of the Beast region and Zertinan Caverns’ Halls of Ardent Darkness


Gladius, number seven

Gladius Dagger from FF12

There are a number of fascinating consequences associated with this dagger, as is the case with most daggers.

The Gladius is a mid-game dagger with a significant damage boost.

It boasts a 56-percent boost in attack power, as well as a Wind elemental effect.

The Wind effect may be a big help to your group depending on where you get this weapon.

Fortunately, purchasing this dagger outright is also simple.

Daggers 4 requires a license. – Found in the Yoma region of Dalmasca Estersand and Silverflow’s End area of Paramina Rift – Stolen from Lindbur Wolf – Purchased in Mt Bur-Omisace for 6,270 gil – Purchased in Mt Bur-Omisace for 6,270 gil – Purchased in Mt Bur-Omisace for 6,270 gil – Purchased in Mt Bur-Omisace for 6,270


6. Defendant

Avenger dagger render in FF12

The Avenger is another another divisive blade in Final Fantasy XII.

It has a chance to give your foes the Berserk bonus.

At 66, it has a significant increase in attack power.

The 10% probability of inflicting Berserk on opponents, on the other hand, may be problematic and should be considered.

Losing control of enemies isn’t the worst thing that can happen. However, in certain instances, the enhanced attack strength when in Berserk state may be enough to overwhelm the group.

Take it slow and steady.

Daggers 4 requires a license. How to acquire it: – Purchased for 8,700 gil in Mosphoran Highwaste (after Judge Bergan) and Phon Coast. – Found in Mosphoran Highwaste’s Rays of Ashen Light region and Tchita Uplands’ Realm of the Elder Dream


5. Dirk’s Orichalcum

Orichalcum Dirk dagger / FF12

The Orichalcum Dirk is another another massive assault enhancement.

This is a strong dagger that can help you get to the end of the game and even defeat it.

It has a 79 attack power, and its unique ability is to inflict Slow on opponents with a 10% chance of hitting them.

Slowing down your opponents is a highly lucrative debuff.

This dagger’s enhanced damage output should help battles go by quickly.

Daggers 5 requires a license. How to get it: – Found in the Highlands area of Tchita Uplands and the Hall of the Ivory Covenant of Necrohol of Nabudis – Stolen from Feral Croc in Archades and Balfonheim Port for 11,700 gil – Purchased in Archades and Balfonheim Port for 11,700 gil – Purchased in Archades and Balfonheim Port for 11,700 gil – Purchased in Archades and Bal


4. Dagger of Platinum

Platinum Dagger from FF12

The Platinum Dagger is a little improvement over the previous entry in terms of attack power.

It also has a fantastic special ability that you should certainly investigate (Immobilize).

However, it has an attack power of 83 in terms of stats. Inflicting Immobilize on your opponents has a 10% probability on hit, allowing you the opportunity to finish them off from a distance.

Keep in mind that the White Mage can also unlock the Orichalcum Dirk’s and the Platinum Dagger’s license board slots.

Daggers 5 requires a license. How to acquire it: – Purchased for 13,700 gil in Balfonheim Port – Found in Feywood’s Edge of Reason area – Stolen from Shambling Corpse – Reward from Great Cockatrice Escape


3. Crossblade Zwill

Zwill Crossblade from FF12

The Zwill Crossblade is one of the most attractive daggers in Final Fantasy 12.

It’s also a strong improvement, but it’ll take some time to get.

It has an attack power of 87 and an evade of 10, which is significantly higher.

It also has a Wind elemental impact, making it a powerful weapon.

This dagger may be obtained in a variety of methods, however it is the first on the list that cannot be bought.

Daggers 6 requires a license. How to find it: – It may be found in the Lhusu Mines’ Site 11 region and the Cerobi Steppe’s North Liavell Hills. – Taken from Deathclaw – Dropped by Vampyr – Purchased as Double-bladed Knife via the bazaar system


Shikari Nagasa is number two on the list.

Shikari Nagasa & Mina Render in FF12

These are the most powerful daggers in the whole game, according to our rating.

They also share a unique license board position.

To begin, the Shikari Nagasa has a 90 attack power and a 10 evade power.

It does, however, have no unique powers, making it one of the few daggers without an effect.

However, this weapon’s enhanced attack power makes it an easy option for your Shikari.

Due to its elemental impact, the Zwill Crossblade is also a strong candidate for this spot (situational as it might be).

License needed: Shikari Nagasa & Mina How to get: – Found in the Northsward area of Cerobi Steppe – Stolen from Vagrant Soul


1. Mina

Shikari Nagasa & Mina Render in FF12

The Mina is, without a doubt, Ivalice’s Ultimate Dagger.

This is not only the most powerful dagger in the game in terms of damage output, but it also has a fantastic impact.

Mina possesses a huge 104 attack power and a 25 boost in dodge.

It also has a slightly higher combination rate of 15%.

The 70 percent probability to KO opponents on impact is the weapon’s most potent effect.

This is an insanely high probability of KOing without exerting any effort!

There’s just one location to look for this ultimate dagger for your Shikari, and it won’t be easy:

This weapon will be dropped by the Larva Eater, but it will take some time and patience to get them to spawn.

License needed: Shikari Nagasa & Mina How to get: – Drops from Larva Eater at 5% drop rate

The Zodiac Age is a series of games coming soon from publisher Playdek ( They are a series of games designed to be played over a series of nights, each day representing a single Zodiac sign from the Zodiac Age. Each game plays in the same way, but is themed for each individual sign.. Read more about final fantasy xii the zodiac age walkthrough and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Zodiac age a remake?

The Zodiac Age is a remaster of the original Final Fantasy 12.

Is the Zodiac age worth playing?

The Zodiac Age is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 12, and it has been remastered for PS4. Its worth playing if youre a fan of the series.

Why is ff12 called the zodiac age?

The Zodiac Age is a name given to the remake of Final Fantasy XII.

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