Things I’d like to happen in Diablo 4

  1. Diablo is an expansion boss. Diablo has always been our worst enemy. But in 2 and 3, he was removed from the game when Bhal and Malthael were given the role of final boss. I think Diablo should get the role.
  2. Some options to customize the class. You can give your character the look you want: Hair, eyes, nose, face, etc.
  3. Mephisto plays the role of Big Bad in a vanilla game. Diablo and Bhaal like to sow destruction and terror, but sowing hate and corruption and bringing out the worst in humanity is what I fear more than terror and destruction. Especially when Mephisto shows that he’s not really corrupting humanity or making it do terrible things, but just reaching out to it.
  4. Get the player’s character more involved in the story. There is no PC that is constantly on the screen. I want the police more involved in the story.
  5. The plot varies according to the character, just as in ROS, PCs meet different souls according to their class.
  6. Character development for Empire. I can’t confirm it, but I have noticed that Imperius is trying to hide a vulnerable side of him in ROS. If Worth’s grumpy archangel is going to let his emotions ignite, he needs to let them out. Ultimately, bravery is about admitting mistakes and expressing emotions, not fearlessly defying evil.
  7. To show that demons can become angels under certain circumstances. Angels are not above the wickedness of the Burning Hells, and Izual and Malthael are classic examples. But there is no good without evil and no heaven without hell. So I think it should be openly stated that demons are not above the goodness of Heaven, and that they can become angels if they give in to it or feel remorse for their actions.
  8. We go where souls go when they die. Contrary to what mortals believe, the high heavens are not a resting place for the souls of mortals. All we know about the life after Diablo’s death is that it’s beyond the reach of the angels. If I could write it down and make a place for four, I would call it Higher Heaven. The good people, animals and angels who died fighting demons lie here. It is also the place where Anu went after she died. Maybe the role in this story is to make sure Leah gets there if one of the missions is to save her soul, because I read that she might come back.
  9. Let Inarius play the part. Lilith is definitely there, but I also want to meet Inarius, after all they are the creators of the Sanctuary and I think it would be wise to call them gods, since they gave birth to humanity when they had their first human/nephilim children.
  10. Pleasant moments. What surprises me in Diablo is that there are surprisingly strong moments of humanity. First of all: Have you ever noticed that many NPCs are actually decent and friendly people? I think the point is to love them so you want to protect them from evil. But when I got to three, the computer did something that made me nervous. Free the souls of those unjustly imprisoned in the dungeon of Leorik, mercifully kill the masters of Diablon and the angels sealed in heaven, and tell others that they are better than they think. We need more of that. Hacking and slaughtering demons is fun, but I like a break. Speaking of breaks…
  11. Puzzle moments. There are sections in the steps where you need to solve the puzzle to proceed. That would be a nice change from all the fighting.
  12. The new classes, speak for themselves.

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Post things I want to see happen in Diablo 4 before the Diablo 3 game.

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