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In the popular video game world of Minecraft, players often create maps to explore and build on. However, if a player has deleted their map or not entered it in time before they quit playing, then all that remains is an empty space where there should be terrain and structures. This can lead to frustration as some players may believe that all progress was lost when this happens during playtime.

The “minecraft map not filling in ps4” is a problem that has been present for a while. This article will explain why the map isn’t showing up in Minecraft.

Because the world of Minecraft is so large, utilizing a map makes it easy to keep track of everything. Understanding maps is more difficult than creating them. While trying to figure out this mechanism, you may have come across a number of blank or empty maps. 

Maps may be perplexing, particularly in the Bedrock edition, where you can create a map with or without a location marker. Is an empty map, on the other hand, a problem or is it operating as intended?

When a player builds a map in Minecraft for the first time, it is always blank. When you hit the utilize item button on a map, it begins to fill with information. As a result, having a blank map is quite normal; it merely requires two steps to activate. 

The “empty locator map” in Bedrock Edition and the “empty map” in Java Edition are the official names for such maps. Here’s how they go about their business throughout the making process. 

In Minecraft, how do you make a good map?

A compass may be placed in the middle of a map or not. A non-Map of the Compass lacks position markers but is less expensive to manufacture. In the later rounds of the game, you may add a marker by combining it with a compass. With that stated, here is the Minecraft map making recipe:

Map of the Compass

Simply use a compass in the middle of your crafting suite to add papers to the edges.


Paper Map

Once you’ve filled all of the blocks with paper, you’re ready to go. Later on, you may add an anvil or a compass to provide marking functionality.


How to Draw a Map of the World


It is necessary to complete the following in order to record a world:

  • In your hands, hold the map.
  • Travel throughout the globe.

During your travels, the globe will be documented as it is. Any changes will not be seen until the region in question is recorded again. As a result, it’s a good idea to create clones of your map to keep things up to date.

Is it Possible to Use Maps in the Nether?

In the Nether, a map may be accessed, however it will only display a red and gray pattern. Your markers will be visible, but the terrain captured will be worthless. In the Nether, compasses don’t operate as they should due to a variety of circumstances.

As a result, the cursor will spin fast in any direction, rendering it untrustworthy during exploration. 

In the Nether, it’s best to utilize a smaller map to find your footings in a smaller area. Large ones may quickly become perplexing and untrustworthy in terms of geography and direction. 

How to Get Maps in Minecraft Without Buying Them


There are more natural methods to get a map apart from the crafting approaches. The majority of these are luck-based. However, there are situations when you may get a pre-recorded map that leads to a fascinating location. Here’s how to get your hands on some:

How Many Blocks Are There In Minecraft? 

Drops from a Person’s Chest

In Minecraft’s vast sandbox, there are a variety of terrains to explore. Some of the landscape has chests where these maps may be found. The following is how it works:

Edition in Java (Empty Map)

Structures Container Qty Drop Rate
Shipwreck Map Chest 1 7.7%
Stronghold Chest of books 1 10.9%
Village The chest of a cartographer 1-3 46.2%

Bedrock Edition is a special edition of the game (Map)

Structures Container Qty Drop Rate
Shipwreck Map Chest 1 7.7%
Stronghold Chest of books 1 10.5%
Village The chest of a cartographer 1-3 46.2%

By use of the Cartography Table (Bedrock Edition)


The Bedrock version allows you to make an empty map out of a single sheet of paper. To make a location map, you may also include a compass. It is considerably simpler to create and the cost of manufacturing is greatly decreased. 

Creating a Cartography Table

The table is available from cartographer villager households, but it is also simple to make via crafting. Here’s how to make it:


Using the Option to Begin with a Map (Bedrock Edition)

In the Bedrock Edition, a player may choose to start with an empty location map. During the world construction process, just choose the “Starting Map” option. The map, on the other hand, will only be updated if the player retains it and utilizes it. 

Trading with the locals


You have the option of starting a transaction with the villagers in order to get single empty maps. A Novice Villager should be able to get a single map for roughly 7 emeralds. However, depending on demand, this number may rise. 

This implies that if you exhaust a villager’s map supply, you may have to deal with a price hike. The prices will be somewhat higher whenever it is refilled, and this impact will be shared by all villagers in the hamlet. 

With that stated, cartographer villagers may also bestow the Hero of the Village effect on an empty map. However, this functionality is only available in the Java Edition.

How to Insert Player Markers onto a Standard Map

Normal maps in the Bedrock Edition are unable to display player marketplaces. However, with the assistance of an anvil and a compass, this functionality may be implemented later. The following is how the recipe is made:

  • To access the Repair and Name section, place and click on the anvil.
  • Fill in the blanks using the Map and Compass.
  • Once you’ve pressed enter, you’re ready to go!

This is how it will appear:


In Minecraft, how do you clone a map?

Map cloning is a fundamental function in Minecraft that enables a player to duplicate a map. Here’s how to use an anvil to clone maps:

  • Open the Repair and Name section by clicking on the anvil.
  • Fill in the blanks using the original map and a piece of paper.


  • When you press Enter, your map will be copied into two copies. 

A blank map is not, in general, a problem or a mistake. It’s a deliberate mechanism that makes you register an area on the map before you may utilize it. Both map types employ the same logic, and using them in the Nether, where everything is a jumble, is not encouraged. 

The “locator map minecraft” is a map that shows the location of every player in Minecraft. This is why your map is blank in Minecraft.

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