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Having trouble downloading on Steam? Let’s get this sorted out!

There may be a lot of reasons for your Steam download speed to be sluggish. Most of the time, it’s a background job using up all of your disk space that causes downloading problems, resulting in slowed download speeds. However, there are a variety of additional factors that may contribute to poor Steam download speeds, including but not limited to:

  1. Drivers for network adapters that are out of date or cables that are malfunctioning (if you are hardwired to the router).
  2. Your Steam downloads are in the incorrect region.
  3. A misconfigured firewall is creating problems with not just Steam but also other applications.
  4. An antivirus software incorrectly classified Steam downloads as harmful, creating download problems.

Whatever the cause of your Steam download speeds not being as fast as they should be, here are the measures to take to get them back on track. Make sure you do these troubleshooting steps in the correct sequence. Try not to skip any of the stages that have been properly described. If you get stuck on any of the steps, let us know in the comments and we’ll gladly assist you.

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Getting Rid of Steam is the first step. To Improve Download Speed, Use a Download Cache

Clearing the cache is often the only thing that has to be done to bring Steam’s sluggish download speed back to normal. Here’s how to clear Steam’s download cache:

  1. As an administrator, start the Steam client. Choose ‘Run as Administrator’ from the drop-down menu when right-clicking on the app’s icon. In the popup that displays, choose ‘Yes.’
  2. Use the ‘Steam’ tab in the top left corner of the screen to access Steam’s settings. Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu on the ‘Steam’ tab.
  3. Within the list of things on the left pane, choose ‘Downloads.’
  4. You’ll find a number of choices for customizing game downloads under the ‘Downloads’ section. Select ‘Yes’ in the popup that comes after clicking on the ‘Clear Download Cache’ box.

Steam will resume after flushing the download cache. Check to see if your download speed has increased. If that’s not the case, go on to the next step.

Steam is the source of this image.

Step 2: On Steam, change the download region to fix the slow download speed.

It’s possible that the server from which you’re downloading your game files is having problems right now. Whether you want to test if your download speed improves, try changing your download region. It’s possible that a server’s download speed is slow because it’s overcrowded or due to planned maintenance. Choose servers that are near to your physical location at all times.

  • As an administrator, open the Steam client and go to the ‘Settings’ tab (upper right corner of the app’s window).
  • Find the ability to change your client’s download area under the ‘Downloads’ page. While Steam will automatically pick the server closest to your actual location, you may always select a different server.
  • After clicking on the tab in the ‘Download Region’ section, choose a new server from the drop-down menu that displays.
  • To complete your choices, click ‘OK’ and restart Steam to see the changes take effect.

Is the issue with Steam’s slow download speed still not resolved? Continue reading to learn how to resolve the problem!

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Step 3: Complete tasks that use a lot of disk space (This Fix Almost Always Works)

To put it another way, downloading involves getting things from the internet and saving them to your hard drive. However, if your drive is already being utilized by background programs and the OS is unable to provide disk resources for writing downloaded data, your download speed will suffer significantly. Open Task Manager and delete any programs that are using up too much space on your hard drive.

After opening up ‘Task Manager,’ click on the Disk column to arrange programs in increasing order of disk use. For system-based procedures, however, do not click on ‘End Task’ (those appearing with a Cog icon). Ending the process tree of a program that is consuming the majority of your disk (for example, Google Chrome) will not damage you (except for it will be closed).

Step 4: Update the Network Adapter Drivers

This is an uncommon occurrence, however obtaining the most recent upgrades for your network adapter may assist improve download speeds in not just Steam, but all of your other apps as well. In the ‘Device Manager’ area, look for updates for your network adapter. In a subsequent tutorial, we’ll go through this in more detail.

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