This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

This week, Bungie released the final free update for Destiny 2. The game had its ups and downs since release but finally received a critical update which brought players back to the game as well as generated more revenue through microtransactions.

The “bungie twitter” is a popular website that posts updates on the latest news and happenings in the gaming world. This week at Bungie, they announced their new game, Destiny 2.

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We’ve returned, baby! TWAB is still going strong, and we’re looking forward to the release of The Witch Queen. Only another month till we discover more about Savathûn’s impact and what it means for Guardians and our beloved Osiris, as well as some fun gameplay improvements like crafting and pokey-pokey Glaive deliciousness. While we want to share some information with our players, we also want to keep other things under wraps since there are a few unique surprises along the route that we want you to discover for yourself.

Also, can we just take a minute to admire the new Witch Queen teaser, which included Savathûn’s Throne World? Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m still giddy with anticipation, and the whole Bungie team is looking forward to seeing your responses to what’s next. Friends, fasten your metaphorical seatbelts because it’s going to be a crazy journey.

We’d like to provide a minor caution to gamers before diving into the new teaser, which can be seen below: spoilers are coming. Be advised that in the weeks preceding up to the release of The Witch Queen, there will be material that people who are sensitive to spoilers should avoid. Guardians, just be cautious out there. maxresdefault - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022


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  • Exotic Emote: Pyrrhic Victory
  • Exotic Ghost Shell – Hissing Silence
  • Exotic Sparrow is yet another brilliant idea.
  • Legendary Ship Astera Blade

No one ever inquires about PSR’s whereabouts.

D2 DPS Gif - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

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Our Player Support Team is made up of super-powered individuals. They work tirelessly to maintain the game’s integrity, monitor concerns reported by our fantastic players, and write outstanding guides to supply Guardians with the information they need.

This is the outcome of their investigation.


360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN List | ?tg=Help&tSort=0&tType=0&d=0&lang=en - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022 Help Forums | BungieHelp - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022 Bungie Help Twitter


We are currently investigating issues with colors becoming harder to distinguish across multiple MODES WITHOUT COLOR after


The problem that caused huge negative Silver balances and negative Silver purchase histories to be shown inaccurately on Steam has been fixed. Players who had this problem should log out and back in again to get their Silver balances adjusted properly.


This week, the globe received Hotfix Several problems were fixed as a result of this patch, including:

  • If you accidentally erased Xur’s Xenology quest, you may now retrieve it.
  • Players may now access Challenger’s Proving V after completing Challenger’s Proving IV.


We have fixed the following problems with the Destiny 2 Twitch Extension bounties with the release of Hotfix

  • In Collections, you can now find the Dreissigste insignia.
  • After completing the Gift Sub Bounty, the Watcher’s Shade shader will now be available.

Players who completed the Gift Sub Bounty after the 30th Anniversary Pack was released but did not get the Watcher’s Shade shader will be able to obtain it from Amanda Holliday in a future update.


While we continue to look at other options, 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022 #HelpForum:

  • We’re looking into an upsurge in MARMOT errors right now.
  • We’re looking into complaints that some players were unable to obtain the Wicked Overgrowth Shader in Collections after the patch.

Players may consult our guide for a complete list of Destiny 2’s current difficulties. 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #HelpForum.

MOTW: The Emperor’s Groove

TWAB MovieOfTheWeek 2020 Animated - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

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Grab some popcorn and get ready for some Destiny 2 movie fun, because one of our most recent MOTW choices features a side of Calus we never expected to see. But, hey, he’s got those sweet, sweet dancing skills, so give him credit where it’s due. Thank you very much. A gallant homage to those who helped preserve New Lights in Dares of Eternity rounds out this week’s choices. Enjoy!

Calus Stays is this week’s movie of the week.

The following song contains moderate profanity, so be aware.

Operation New Lights is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving new lights. is the film of the week.

New Year, New Work of Art

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Sam: Guardians, have a wonderful month of January! I’m thrilled to be back this week to share some of the amazing finds we made over the holidays. Despite the fact that most of them want to chew my face off, something about these lovely little infants simply makes my heart glad…

Week’s Art: “Lost Boi”

A stray boi.

Would you be willing to assist him? #Destiny2Art #Destiny2 #destinythegame #Destiny2Art #Destiny2 #destinythegame

PedanticAuspice (@StellarStateLogic) January 10, 2022

Juvenile hive is this week’s featured piece of art.

So, now, I’d want to discuss… the juvenile hive.

…wouldn’t they be really adorable?

That’s it GUlbL6Rv0J #Destiny2Art #destinyArt

G.C. Ink (@GenericcityInk) (@GenericCityInk) (@GenericCityInk) (@GenericC 1481014618264768514?ref bad-src=twsrc%5Etfw - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022

11th of January, 2022

Starhorse, this week’s art, demands your involvement.

#Destiny2Art fresh lights being pushed into Dares of Eternity is really rather amusing#Destiny2Art

January 5, 2022 — elesir (@ElesirArt)

Remember to use the hashtags #AOTW and #Destiny2Art to show us your cuddly, sorry… fantastic creations!

Operation New Lights is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving new lights.

Another shoutout before we go riding off into the sunset with Starhorse. Dares of Eternity caused some unforeseen mayhem when it pulled New Lights into the activity despite lacking the required Power Level. The Destiny 2 community blew us away when everyone came together to help new players by kicking off Operation New Lights is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving new lights.. Higher-level players were lowering their gear levels to get into instances with our precious blueberries, only to re-equip the gear they know and love to kick those foes in the face and make that treasurable horse proud. We even jumped in ourselves!

Kindness, selflessness, and strength are the qualities that define a real Guardian, and everyone who provided a hand demonstrated that they have earned and proudly wear the title of Guardian. It was wonderful to see the community join together and do some good in the world, and we wanted to express our thanks by giving you the Circumflex Diacritic symbol. If something like that was dependant on a snarky space horse, it was almost like global peace.

Image Link dlkEJuy - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022 imgur

Finally, I apologize to the New Lights for having to see me continuously exploding with 1K. Don’t judge us since we all have weaknesses.

For those who are curious, our Threads of Lost quest to look nice is still going strong (it’s called fashion, darling, check it up), and we’ve already had some fantastic contributions. Soon, we’ll announce the winners of our next round of contests. But, for the time being, keep encouraging us with your ‘lewks.’ To participate, post a photo of your Guardian’s appearance page to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ThreadsOfLight. You may also increase your exposure by tagging @DestinyTheGame or our account for your area.

Over the coming several weeks, we’ll have more to offer, including more on Gambit, weapon making, and a few more surprises that we can’t wait to show off. Keep an eye out for updates, and in the meanwhile, remain well and nice. We’ll talk again shortly. maxresdefault - This Week At Bungie 01/13/2022


“I should go” <3 Hippy

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