Three champions who were buffed in 11.8 are being nerfed on patch 11.9

I know it’s always a bit silly to talk about what’s acceptable for free agency, and I love the competition, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. But now, when I play Morgan (Jungle), Diana and/or Vladimir, I feel like I’m laughing at the time I invested to get good at the game.

One thing I follow closely is championship stats and win rates, and while I imagine Riot has access to more accurate data than I read on lolalistics, for example, I can’t imagine the publicly aggregated stats are much different than the information Riot has. And when I read them, I have a hard time understanding why these champions were put in their place.

  • With patch 11.7, Morgana’s win rate across all ranks was 49.10%, which is essentially an equal (theoretical) percentage. Not high, but in a fantasy world with perfect balance, no champion wins. And still above the countless choices that should be junglers like Lee Sin, Cain, Rengar and more. I know some of these champions are hard to set up, so even with lower odds, they are balanced in their own way. And I understand that Riot really wants to promote the ability of more and more champions in the jungle, but does Morgana really need to be improved in that regard?
  • Vladimir is even less clear to me. His winning percentage of 11.7 is 50.07%: not great for a midfielder, but very good given the chance to play. I can’t put my finger on what it is about him that made him a favorite over the large number of traditional mid-rounders with a lower winning percentage than him, and I’m especially confused about what kind of favorite he was assigned. Vlad is a hyperscaler: He’s safe early, but not strong, and a huge threat late in the game. This was offset by the fact that window opponents had to overcome his early weakness, and the ease with which they could exploit him when they didn’t. So why did he get an immediate dose of power late in the game? Now he looks like a nigger, unable to take down late game, terrible stat block, like in Mith’s 350k game. Morgan. It’s not easier for him to get there, it’s worse for his opponents to get there, and this lack of action for him or counteraction for his opponents seems so counterintuitive that I can’t balance it.
  • And finally there is Diana, who unlike Morgana was a very bad jungler (11.7). Her win percentage was 44.81%: piss poor, and she certainly deserves an amateur if a competent jungler is important to Riot. However, her win rate in the middle was 52.75%: incredible, and when she plays above 5%, she tends to get seriously unbalanced! WHY THE SPEED OF YOUR PASSIVE’S LEVEL 0 ATTACK BONUS HAS DOUBLED! ?!? How did it not occur to Riot that this change, which isn’t even mentioned in the 11.8 rank change count (because apparently it was just a QOL for their obvious speed), wouldn’t be healthy for an already potentially strong mid game? Combined with doubling the passive damage of monsters (which, as a jungle fan, turned out to be perfect on its own), it climbed to a 53.89% gain rate in the jungle at ~10% effort. It’s too high. And while it wouldn’t be unreasonable to me if they went overboard to save Diana as a Jungler, I don’t see how/why they (unintentionally?) eliminated her as a Midlander as well.

I know Riot is probably thinking about MSI right now, and by using the win percentages for all ranks, I seriously skewed the data in favor of the lower elos (where I live D :). If I had the time to analyze the data for each grade, these changes might not seem so noticeable. However, it’s not often that a champion is improved to the point where it needs to be reworked in the next patch. This means that a serious mistake has been made. It’s hard for me to understand how this could happen with three champions at the same time.

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The post Three champions that were upgraded in version 11.8 will now be weakened in League of Legends patch 11.9

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