Tier 9 BB tier list

Well, since the last message about BB level 8 was generally well received, I thought I might as well continue. For that list, I’ll cover the level-9 battleships. Level 9 as a whole is generally quite inconsistent, with many large differences in performance emerging as lines begin to form at this level. Some ships are very powerful and look like level 10 ships, while others look like level 8 ships with additional consumables. Level 9 armadillos are no exception, and many of them (read: bonuses) score much higher than their peers.

The system I use has changed a bit: Level A consists mainly of robust vessels, while level B consists mainly of medium-sized vessels. As a result, most vessels will fall into this level, and it is likely that more C-level vessels will come from there. Anyway, let’s get started.


Level descriptions

Level S : Ships that are the best in their class and have few weaknesses; only the strongest of the strong will succeed.

Step: Large ships that distinguish themselves from many of their competitors, but are not strong enough for the S level.

Level B : Average ships that do not really stand out as above average or average. Most ships are likely to reach this value.

Level C : Ships that are significantly inferior to their competitors. These ships may still be good in the situation, but they tend to perform inconsistently or simply under the competition in most situations.

Level D : Ships that are simply worse than their counterparts and have remarkable assets. The bottom of the barrel.


Final score

Level S : Georgia, Musashi, Jean Barth

Step: Union Councils, Izumo/Baige,

Level B : Iowa, Missouri, Leo, Owls. Russia, St. Petersburg, m.V., m.V., m.Kiev.

Level C : Minnesota, Heesen (?),

Level D :


An orderly arrangement of nationality.

Iowa, upper level B: Iowa is certainly a good representation of what an average ship is. With solid general statistics, but without any significant benefits, Iowa stands out as an average ship. However, it should be noted that Iowa is probably at the top of the power spectrum at B level and would probably be at A level if it wasn’t …

Missouri, level B: Actually, Missouri’s a little better than Iowa. It is more or less statistically identical to Iowa’s, but exchanges access to the catapult plane for USN CA radar. For obvious reasons, access to the radar is much more valuable than access to the observer (in most cases), so an additional force will bring an already strong ship from level B to level A.

Minnesota, level C: Minnesota is in the same place as Kansas. Although this is the best ship level, it’s still not good enough to compete with the direct competitor, although the improved accuracy compared to Kansas at least allows you to even out the ships. Nevertheless, the many weaknesses outweigh the strong points, giving it a solid place in the C-ranking.

Georgia, level C: The Georgia, which complements the American BB, is clearly a level S ship. The combination of his mobility, firepower, survivability (to a certain extent) and high secondary strength easily distinguishes him from the competition. Despite its questionable durability under constant fire, its astonishing firepower and mobility make it a deadly craft that in most situations is simply stronger than most of its competitors and has earned a solid place in the S-Class.

Leo, level B: Although I tend to throw this ship into the C-wells because the sharpening of the stump is so bad, I have to say that this ship is not as bad as it has been completely modernized. In principle this ship is just a monarch, but it has been improved in most respects and a number of important weaknesses have been eliminated. He can survive decently thanks to his very high temperature, has a decent firepower thanks to his powerful NAO and is decent agile. All in all, despite some boredom, the Lion is certainly not a terrible ship and as such deserves a place in category B.

Councils of the Union, lower level A : This ship only wanders the plain because of its slowness. Although the Union has little firepower and very slow mobility, it has the advantage of being incredibly difficult to kill if properly positioned. However, the lack of effective firepower can sometimes be a serious drawback, and the lack of anonymity is a major problem in autobiographical games. Therefore, I will say that this ship is a temporary level A ship and is not quite on the same level as some of the current level A ships.

Advice to Russia, level B : Russia is only a Union with a normal distribution curve and 8k less horsepower. It may be decent if it has a higher sigma, but as it is now, improving dispersion is not relevant at all, as it allows effective control at optimal distances. I’m inclined to put this ship on level C because it’s so superfluous, but I think that would be too difficult, so it stays on level B.

Izumo, beast: Despite the bad reputation of these ships, the Izumo is currently a very good ship. It still has reduced mobility and is still pretty easy to grow to death, but it has one of the best BB firepower in the game. The 410 mm guns are among the 16 best guns in the game and are

comparable to Glory’s 406 mm pistols in terms of penetration and ballistics. It also has a sigma of 2.0 (which is interesting on all 9 levels of BB) and a solid spread curve. This level of firepower easily compensates for the remaining deficiencies of the Izumo and places the ship in Class A.

Bye-bye, beast: Although technically not a Japanese ship, the Baige is in every respect an Izumo with better weapons. It has a better Sigma (2.1 versus 2.0) and a better range (25 km versus 21 km) in exchange for a slightly worse load. In general, this ship is in most cases slightly better than the Izumo, but it is not a big difference to place the two ships on different levels.

Hizen, C or B: The relatively new Hizen is unfortunately a rather eccentric ship. In the development process we used a long series of nerves. The end product we now have is essentially a level 9 Amagi with two extra weapons, worse reload (30 seconds versus 33.6 with the reload mod), poorer accuracy, poorer mobility and poorer chances of survival. Although they are never really useless, after all, 12 rifles are 12 rifles, it seems a useless addition and not worth playing for if there are other ships that do better than a sniper.

Musashi, upper level S: I don’t think that’s a surprise to anyone. The Musashi is actually a level 10 ship, slightly raised and sharpened to level 9. Everything about this ship is simply overwhelming, making it a ship that outperforms most of its competitors in almost every situation. For this reason Musashi is undoubtedly the best 9 BB level and certainly deserves the title of Top Level S.

Ф. Rough, level B: Like the Izumo, this ship has always had the reputation of being inferior to its kind. Although the FDG did not rise above it like the Izumo, the multiple buffers for basic battery power (scatter curve buffers and charging buffers) made it a somewhat decent weapons platform. She may never be as good as the Bismarck, but she’s certainly not a terrible boat anymore.

Pomerania, level B (provisional): Essentially an FDG with an Alsatian main battery and torpedoes, this ship is certainly an appendix to the FDG. Although the ship is generally not as reliable as its competitors due to the terrible accuracy of the main battery, the extra alpha-kick can be useful, and torpedoes are nice to have in short-range situations. In general, however, this ship shines best when using full secondary superstructure, as the main battery is often ineffectively armed. The greatest threat to this ship is the imminent change in the Commander’s skills, which will significantly reduce the actual damage to this ship without doing much good (none of the new skills, such as the FDG, are on this scale). That’s why I classify this ship at B for the time being, because at this stage it is still a decent ship, and its rank will probably drop to C if the secondary batteries change as impressively as they do now.

Alsace, level B: Alsace is a difficult ship to handle, because I know a lot of people who really like this ship, even after Nerfs. Having said that, I have the impression that the Alsatian has lost some of its former glory due to several fire neuroses and the predominance of high DPM cruisers in the races. However, this ship can still absolutely dominate if things go as planned, and get a place in the Tier B.

John Barth, lower level S: This ship may not be as powerful as the other S-Level ships, but it is certainly superior and surpassed by almost all other S-Level ships. The fact that this is a Richelieu with an MBRB and an improved base reset is enough to make this ship a very powerful option that can handle most threats. Although the inability to overcome the 27 mm bow plating and the poor survivability prevent the ship from being completely overpowered, the above strengths are sufficiently important to place this ship in category S.


It was a fairly simple list, and I think it’s generally accurate, but if you disagree with the ideas expressed, please let me know. Straw if you want to sort it out.

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