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As a low level player, I’m curious about the different skills of people with different grades.

I found this, dated two years ago. Is it always accurate or are there things that are outdated, changed, etc.?

I also know that you can’t generalize that easily, and that there are still differences, but if you try to generalize without discussing how not to do it.

Thank you very much.

An old track copied on this red one by Phoenixad:

  • Bronze is a wonderland – everything you can imagine exists there. You have no idea how the game works. You have people who haven’t gone upstairs, who stand quietly in the middle of the driveway, who don’t know what the targets are, who take a dive, who camp, who have assholes or whatever. It’s just random noise and chaos. Usually Twitch plays HotS.
  • Silver knows to a certain extent how the game works, but they play as if every element of the HUD is turned off. So no health bars, no minima, no levels, no timers, no coolers, no talent descriptions. You don’t know how to count to five either. While bronze does not press any buttons, silver presses each button as soon as it is available.
  • Since gold is average, there’s nothing to tell. It looks like they’re trying to play the game well, but failed miserably. They have HUD, but most of the time they don’t know. I have discovered that gold also tends to focus on one thing and forget everything else. Someone will be aware of the dip not to leave the track (like a tank). Someone will learn to camp, never to leave the jungle (to get help). They don’t see the big picture and don’t think about value, compromises or long-term consequences.
  • Platinum is the worst. Because this is an above average competition and there are people watching the streams or reading the guides, they think they know everything. They are also huge meta-slaves, which means that if something goes wrong, they immediately look for someone to blame while doing the right thing themselves. They try to imitate the pros, but end up doing badly. They get their way, but at the wrong time, in the wrong order. They choose flashy concerts and chords that are not worth the risk. They take meta-heroes or talents with them, even if the situation or their abilities are different. If you ask them if they are so good, why they are platinum, the answer is that the nonsensical troll/talent team members drag me down.
  • Diamond starts to look like the optimal game, you can start stuttering, see body blocks or wobbly CCs. There is not much to say here, except that they are like the masters and make more mistakes and are slower. You can rotate 4 people between 2 lanes, but it will soon collapse.
  • The Master is the highest 1%, but there is a big difference between the bottom and the top. The bottom hooks are no different from the diamond hooks, while the top hooks + GMOs play the game optimally. Basically, they are constantly calculating where they can maximize the value. Any stock not taken loses its value. Any subordinate that is not displayed loses its value. Any unrealised share loses its value. If an opponent in a large group is sidelined, players with a lower rank will panic and start defending themselves. In the meantime, the senior masters will keep a cool head and push the other way to trade, because you don’t have to defend yourself – by the time you arrive, the fort will be gone. Everyone knows his role and fulfils it. You don’t have to say it: Sollongs with Sollongs, Gankers with Gank or Junglers with Junglers. People examine levels, drops and hypothermia before they do anything. There are bush traps, camp invasions and coordinated pumps.

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  • Intermediate levels of the Storm League MMR.

I want to impose a lighter theory on the storm league using North American statistics as an example. We use the current ranking of number 1 (from 02/03/2020), which is the Vespertine. RP (Ranking Points) : 10,032 GP (Games Played)244 W (Wins): 145 WR (Win Rate): 59.4% #Wesertine Shout A graph of the average MMR can be found at 112

  • the highest quality in the production of ceiling panels

Which characters do you think have the highest skill ceiling in the game? It would be best if you would list your top ten characters and give reasons why. As a Mafia fan, I’ve always liked characters with the highest skill ceiling, from DOTA to HOTS, that you think you can reach if you play them …

  • Heroes I hate in my team as a skilled chain shooter/thrower.

Just a ventilation pole. It’s not about anything… It seems these characters tend to go through HOT for years…. Saving enemies from their fickleness when they are dead or interrupting my combo puts me in a world of pain. Okay, here we go: -DiabloQuit brings out the opponents…

Skill differences between the function levels in the game Heroes of the Storm.

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