Tips for using Thunderbird’s Kona Station in Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star

It’s been a while since I last played Rainbow Six Siege, but I have finally had a chance to get some matches back in. However, with the recent arrival of the Kona Station in the game, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the new gadgets.

[Synopsis] “Kona Station is an in-game location that acts as a hub for the Rainbow Six Siege’s North Star and is where you can keep track of your team’s progress and interact with the world. However, it’s really easy to overlook the details of this location and end up wasting valuable time wandering aimlessly around this hub.”

One of the most interesting features of the Kona Station is the ability to use it as a communication tool in tactical gameplay. Most of the time you are communicating with the other players through voice chat, but if there is a need for more communication, you can always use the Kona Station to send messages to the rest of your team.. Read more about rainbow six operators and let us know what you think.

The new operator for Operation North Star in Rainbow Six Siege is Thunderbird. She is a new defender with a powerful device that can turn the tide of a round for defenders and help attackers if used without hesitation. This guide contains several tips on using Thunderbird Kona Station, including when and where to use it for allies and enemies.

Depending on mode of play

Image via Ubisoft Our first piece of advice is to be careful about the type of game you play. If so, for example B. is a mine clearing game where you defend yourself from incoming attackers. You should place a Kona station almost immediately after the start of phase 1. Place it near at least one of the bombs, so your allies can camp next to it and get a bonus when the attackers come to throw bullets at them. However, if you are playing a hostage game, you will want to place Kona stations all over the game. So don’t tie yourself to one place with healing buffs. Instead, keep one or two Kona stations in reserve to use later when new obstacles appear in the game.

Seeking coverage

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8235 When placing the Kona station, look for areas that benefit defenders more than attackers. If the defenders, for example. B. have easy access to a neighboring shelter, ensure that the shelter is within range of the Kona station. This means your friends will heal themselves by covering doors and windows, something the attackers are not prepared for. Use the first steps of the game to find the places where you can place your Kona stations. Most players will set up a few barricades and wires, then take cover in their usual places. Capture as many players as possible within Kona’s guard radius in this short initial phase, and the matchup will likely turn in your favor, even if the attackers are hyper-aggressive.

Think like an attacker

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8236 Unfortunately, forwards can take advantage of Kona stations just as much as defenders. The device always treats the defender first, but if there is no attacker nearby, it will also treat the attacker. This means that your opponent will be looking for Kona Stations as he traverses the map. If you think this way, you will not put your Kona station in a place where it can be easily stolen by intruders. Only install the gadget in places where Defenders have power. Any space where there are two or more of you is ideal, because the forwards have to work hard to take space away from the defenders, while the defenders don’t have to work as hard to control the space.

Write down the timer

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8237 Kona stations are equipped with a timer. Once they have healed someone, they cannot be used again for 30 seconds. If the Kona station is in a busy area, this is an advantage, but players should also agree who gets to use it next time, and make sure they don’t use it if it’s not their turn. Instead, try placing Kona stations near high-traffic areas. This way you ensure that players can get in and out when they need to heal, and that they don’t turn on the device without thinking about it.For those who don’t know, Kona Station is a location in Rainbow Six Siege that is in the middle of a mountain valley. It can be used by terrorist as an infiltration point to attack the opposing side. If you want to use Kona station to your advantage in the game, it will take you a few minutes to familiarize yourself with its layout and how everything works.. Read more about tom clancy rainbow six siege and let us know what you think.

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